Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lately, there is hunger in my thoughts. Hunger for words, not complicated ones, just the simplicity of life and true meaning of words, how they can move many mountains and even cause us to ponder on what captivates our heart and soul. Lyrically, i've been bound and must release this hunger somehow, not allowing it to simmer for too long. Therefore, I had to share them with you...and include a small appetizer of words from my dearest friend and poet, Sonia aka Aminah Love. Please take the time to read her beautiful garden of words in her blog when you get a chance.

On My Mind
Many thoughts
Creeping in my head
Thoughts of you
Toward me
Arms open
Heart exposed
Happiness transcending
Love encircling
The feeling of sitting
By a warm fireplace
Snuggled up close
The lingering scent
Of your body next to mine
The smile that illuminates
The darkest of rooms
Your tenderness
Your intense stare
Your amazing wit
Feel your lips on mine
Sweet nectar
Soft -- yet firm
Bodies pressing
Needing . . .
Fining . . .
Wanting . . .
See you soon.

Aminah Love
© 2009 Sonia Rom├ín

It’s a banquet
It’s a feast
Eyes locked in one open space
We stand still
Feet tapping on granite
Knife as sharp as the mind
Eyes see beauty of colors
Pink salmon
Green avocadoes
Brown rice
Ripen tomatoes
Green parsley
White sweet potatoes
Nose smells the creation of something new
Something unfamiliar to many
For most usually rush to fast food to tame this hunger
But I tame it with bare hands
With fingers I create magic
In the heat of the moment
Cilantro and garlic evaporates in thin air
Onions and olive oil
All executed in a pan
Texture created is heartfelt
Eyes closed
Senses are renewed
Organically made
To be eaten slowly
We are meant to savor this moment
In the kitchen
©2009 Cathy Delaleu

I was tagged by Stephen Bess to name 25 who have influenced my writing. There are so many on my list, more than 25, but I had to control the urge to keep it at 25...from watching movies, listening to music, poet, reading. It's hard not to admire the various artists who have tenderly kissed my path of inspiration. Here goes...

1. Sonia Sanchez
2. Ben Okri
3. Edwidge Danticat
4. Boadiba
5. Rob Bless
6. Chinua Akebe
7. Jill Scott (singer/poet)
8. Sandra Cisneros
9. Kenny Latimore (singer)
10. Alice Walker
11. Eric Jerome Dickey
12. SekouWrites (editor/writer)
13. Carol Taylor (editor/writer)
14. Emeline Michel (singer)
15. Black Orpheus (movie)
16. Sade (singer)
17. Chris Abani (writer/poet)
18. Saul Williams
19 Octavia Butler
20. Sarah Brightman (classical singer)
21. The Color Purple (movie)
22. Beloved (movie)
23. Eat, Drink Man Woman (movie)
24. Pride and Prejudice (movie)
25. Like Water for Chocolate (movie)