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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Why am I still hungry?My belly utters your name in a desperate manner
Your ceremonial kiss leaves me breathless
I want us to pick up where you left off
Wax your heat on my starved lips
Motivate my being with inclination
You are to me the purest gratification
(c) by C. Delaleu 9/2006

Do you believe lust can easily turn into obsession? What if he/she is good enough to have sex with but not enough to be in a relationship with? If you do express your lust to someone of the opposite sex and it naturally leads to the purest gratification, do you consider yourself in a relationship with that person? That is why I feel verbal communication is crucial, letting them know what to expect and what not to expect for there is always one person feeling more than the other and the obvious happens "disappointment".


fuzzy said...

If you do express your lust to someone of the opposite sex and it naturally leads to the purest gratification I consider myself in a relationship with that person. It will be considered a sexual relationship. It is very difficult being in a sexual relationship without developing emotions. When things occur then by all means voice them. Communication IS key.

Ananda said...

blessings sistalove. i truly adore the passion of your words as they dance across the screen. tyou for sharing what is deep within. you pose some dep meaning questions. like fuzzy, i agree that communication is key. another thing we all have to remember is that we exercise the freedom of choice when we enter the door of any experience. i hav learned that no matter what happens in the experience, we must all take responsibility for our choice. we choose what we experience. if we like what we choose, we can continue choosing it. if we don't we have the free will to make another choice. so if i choose to express my passionate lust in a pure gratification experience, i need to be clear that it is my choice. if i expect something more, then i need to communicate it to the person with whom i am choosing to share the experience with. if the response is something i can cope with and accept, then it is again my choice to move in whatever direction i see fit in that moment. if the response is something that i can't cope with then i can make a choice to forgoe the experience or assume responsibility for any risk i incur as a result of pursuing the experience. all in all it is my choice and responsibility. peace and love, ananda

ps: great questions

Harlem Purl said...

Thanks for that food for thought.

I also beleive that communication is key but deception is also a factor that can lead to disappoitnment.

Have a great day!

Scott said...

I don't necessarily feel that lust always leads to a relationship, there are many different kinds of relationships out there.

Communication is key for fairness to both parties though.


fallen angel said...

verbal communication is more than a PLUS! i can admit that i've had sexual relationships with people that i would NOT want to be in a romantic relationship with. sometimes it is all about the pleasure. i cant help it im a hedonist! ;-)

urban butterfly said...

I likesss the poem! =)

I agree with you. Communication is crucial for any type of relationship. It doesnt matter what type. Communication is key. And its good to be on the same page when you're indulging in satiating your lustful desires with someone, so that expectations don't turn into disappointments.

MagicalSis said... does seem that one of the two is usually more "into it" than the other and there is pain as a result EVEN if there was the no strings convo.
This is where it gets hazy, b/c lots of times people don't want to communicate honestly so that they may enter into a purely physically gratifying thing with no responsibility. I have been on both sides of the bed on that.
sex can be a slippery slope...but OH SO ENTICING!

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Hey Dela!

I just happened to watch this movie...

"Lie With Me"

Pertains exactly to your question.

My input... Communication is knowledge. Each knows where each others heart is (providing the Communication is Truth). Yet... Sex without words is "Ultra!"

Joy said...

WOW Delaleuverses, so beautiful!
And yes, communication is very important

TequilaGuy said...

Tough one! I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think one can waste quite a lot of emotional energy on a sexual partner when that really isn't necessary. When it comes to being honest, actions speak louder than words. *If* I'm NOT commited or willing to commit, you will have seen me with other "friends" before and you will continue to see me with other "friends" long after the sheets have cooled. (pls note the 'if')
Now I'm not saying that I never hurt anyone, I'm just saying that my motives (whatever they may be at a given time,) are always obvious in my dealings with the opposite sex and I think women appreciate this. At least that is my experience. I don't see why it should be any diferent with a woman.

I'm so glad to be back! :-)

FortuneCookee said...

Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgement.

Good morning sweetie!