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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I want to thank you all for stopping by my humble blog and wishing me well. I am feeling better (with heavy duty meds of course) and thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I go back to work next week (boohoo), well bills needs to be paid, right?

So I wrote this sweet short poem and have no idea if it makes sense. I haven’t written anything new in a while so bare with me and let me know if it does make sense to you. Also, I had to share more of my latest paintings below. Enjoy!


There is a story to be told without commercials
Type it slowly in Wikipedia to find its meaning
Worldless on the lips
A negotiation of wordplay in a garden of foreplay
Stay in control with your proof
The diploma of stars applaud you
Show them you’re a woman of grace
Your femininity is what makes this dull life a beautiful crime
Show them your mentality
Packaged with sexual novelty
Hold on to your flesh even with pain
Wear the makeup of hope
Abbreviated with smiles
The paperback of your soul tastefully created
Like a manual art of composition
A refrain message of rejuvenation
That tells us your story
© 5/2007 by C. Delaleu


Rethabile said...

"Your femininity is what makes this dull life a beautiful crime."

Yes, it makes sense, honey. You've always made sense. Glad to hear you're almost on your feet.

constance said...

Oh LY, I'm so sorry to read about what happened...but am glad to know from this post that you're getting take care and rest well...

I really like all of your latest paintings, but I especially like the first one here in this post (pink background and colourful dress) and the 1st one in the previous post...she has got a sweet but sad expression, and that you've chosen to paint the back of a cat instead of the norm...really hope to see more...hey, what happened to the sketchbook? really hope to see your sketches too :)

Take good care ok....

Fabrizio said...

It's good to see you're doing better (hope my english is right... ;-)


urban butterfly said...

Of couse this poem makes sense, and I LOVE it! Wow, it's very well written. =)

get zapped said...

It's nice to see you back, but I am very sorry to hear about your health, it's such a scary thing to happen. I'll keep sending healing energy your way.

It's great, however, to see you've been painting! I love the bold colors you use and the expressions of the women. Your poem touched me deeply as always, your way with words entices the many parts of self.

Do take care, and keep the faith.


Writer on Board said...

"Wear the makeup of hope
Abbreviated with smiles"

Love that! (Typo? RejuvEnation?)

S* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S* said...

I just wanted you to know that I will keep you in my thoughts...and I'm going to go get the June issue of Essence!

mermaid said...

I need to put this one up in my office:) Thank you for this. I've been feeling a little down lately.

Lyrically speaking said...

Sir Rethabile: Merci, it means a lot coming from you

Constance: I've been drawing but when I try to snap the pics the glare is too bright, I have to figure out how to work the camera

Fabrizio: Si, your English is right :) I feel better, gratzie!

Miss Butterfly: Thank you, I was doubting myself since it's been a while

GetZapped: Thanks, it's therapeutic getting back on track, my writing and painting means a lot so I know I can't allow depression to set in

Writeronboard: Thanks for the heads up and for appreciating this piece

S: Thank you

Mermaid: Keep your head up :) I have those moments too but we need to uplift each other, right?

Kai C. said...

this is simply gorgeous!

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

nice poem....
glad you are feeling better

Stephen Bess said...

This poem is quite nice. This is why I thought of you went Geoffrey Philp tagged me. We are building a poem and I thought of you for the next line. Will you contribute? :) Come over and check it out.

Stephen Bess said...

Hello Cathy! No, you're not too late. If you can post the exact same post as this one (Copy and Paste) and add your line to the ones put there by Geoffrey, Rethabile and me. You would then tag one person just as I tagged you. :)

fuzzy said...

I need some makeup of hope! hope is always helpful... where can I buy some?

Sorry I been mia, but i am trying to come back... ease my way back into commenting. Please bear with me...

Kai C. said...

i missed you. get well soon!

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