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Friday, August 24, 2007


Another week gone by with summer almost over :( sniff* sniff* didn't even get to surf, just kidding, lol, Delaleu don't surf, heck I need to take swimming lessons in case Brooklyn gets invaded by a tsunami.

So here goes the Gratitude...drumroll please!

1. The day off I had on Monday was well spent by cooking, painting and dancing around the house in my PJ's

2. Having my eyebrows threaded...much better and cheaper than wax plus less painful

3. Yummy spelt scones at Whole Food, have you ever had them? I'm addicted, i'll have to take pictures to show you guys

4. The inspiring boost I got from Aminah Love, Getzapped and Ananda regarding my latest paintings, Aminah described my paintings as Urban with an India Arie style, love it!! Thank you ladies for the vitamin C = Confidence

5. Collabo with my poetic Prince, still gushing reading our creation

6. the flyers are done and ready to be passed out for next month's event, they look sooooooooooo good, thanks to collabo between myself and Aminah, together we are sisters on the rise, love ya!


Let your spirit filter through my fallopian tubes
Let me scream Jesus on a Sunday
and still shout out Lord have mercy on a Friday
I want to inhale your fetish impulsion
Like discovery in my lungs
Sing your masculinity on the lap of my celibacy

Leave your footprints on my torso
Give me an impromptu shiatsu rub
With the meat of your toes pressed against my spine
Fascinate me
Rain on me without modesty

Black Moses
Look…I’m waiting for you to glance my way
Free me from bondage today
Give me this transfiguration
So I won’t stray
I want to hum your lust on top of Mount Zion
Airgraph your scroll of love like a gospel message in my heart
Then maybe your brothers will notice
Take time to praise the texture of my kinks
And stroll their eyes on this African heritage
Hidden behind the curvature of my lips
Maybe they will notice my Roots from a mile away
And my Kizzy smile dedicated to you
© 2007 Cathy Delaleu
Painting "In My Own Splendor" by C. Delaleu


Ali's Zay said...

My flyer is prominently displayed outside my cubicle. I’ve picked two existing poems and I’ll be writing one for the occasion. :-)

Peace and Love
Ali’s Zay

Lyrically speaking said...

Cooooooooooooool...i'm psyched about the show, can't wait

Rethabile said...

Glad to be back reading my favourite writers. Nice. The painting's cool, too.

Soldier said...

1. could you please answer my calls ? lol

2. could you please let me know next time there's a PJ's dance at your place ? lol

3. swimming lessons to be scheduled very fast my friend, what will you do when we go to hawaii ??? :D

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

i promise not to be a stranger anymore!!! love the art, the gratitude the confession to black it!

the prisoner's wife said...

have a great time @ the reading. the flyers look dope. *sigh* times like these, i REALLY miss bklyn...i shall return for good some day.

hope you cool!

Lyrically speaking said...

Rethabile: Welcome back, good to see you here...we miss you

Soldier: I'll see you soon, you know you're invited to the show, you should try to make it :)

Gemini: Please come back again, I will also make the effort to stop by more often

Prisoner's wife: it's been a while...miss you here

Stephen Bess said...

Love it as always. I'll be in North Carolina, but I will be there in spirit. Watch!! I'm going to make it up there one day. :)

Writer on Board said...


mack said...

um wow!

I'm speechless. that I remain

Capucine C said...

Love Black Moses... what is getting your eyebrows threaded.. I guess I am behind the times... Glad I stopped by your blog again.. always something interesting to read

fallen angel said...

oooooooooo, threading! in grad school i had a pakistani friend who threaded her eyebrows so quickly, i had to hold her arm to see how it was done.

Lyrically speaking said...

Stephen: There's no doubt in my mind that you will make it there to NY someday

Writer on board: thank you

Capucine: thanks for the visit, threaded is better and cleaner, plus not as painful cause it's just a thread

Fallen Angel: it looks easy to me but I wouldn't dare try it on myself just like waxing you must know what you're doing :)