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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ok, I am finally touching the ground with my two feet, i've been literally floating on cloud 10 for the past two weeks. Labor day weekend and week I was in Ohio at my sister's, it was very relaxing not the usual rush here and there like New York then last week I was trying to finish some paintings for my Tavern of Creativity event. Let's just say it was a blast, the vibe, the audience which about 50 showed up was all worth it. I was overwhelmed with excitement and all 10 poets who read did a wonderful job.

Below are pics taken in Detroit. My sister, nieces and I drove there to attend the free Downtown Jazz Festival, it was great. The first pic is me enjoying some greasy catfish, but it was good although I didn't eat all of it, second pic with my sister, we were listening to some catchy, smooth music. We were facing the Canadian waters and of course Delaleu couldn't help to draw and write some poetry. The beauty of the music, people and water had me inspired. Also for your reading pleasure one of the poems I read last night at my event had people groaning and smiling, see it below.


Can I taste your music?
My feelings for you not at all generic
The genuine labor of my eyes speaks truth
At 2am
A poem was created while you slept on a bed of verses
My verses
Allow me to your muse
The dotten line of your heart
The base of your tune
The abyss of your pleasure
To find an easy way to touch your black keynotes
all at once up and down
To discover inner peace with the rhythm of your tongue
I want to hear African drumbeats as I march down your senses
I'll be the Do Re Mi Fa of your tender soul
The end of your song
So again I ask
Can I taste your music?


Soldier said...

Yes !!!!!! Zouk it up, Kompa' it up, baby !!!

I'm so glad you picked THAT song, love it...

U already making me happy, Welcome back :-)

Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks Soldier, it's great to be back...yeah that song is cool but i'm looking for more Zouk websites, let me know of any

Dancewithme2 said...

Oh how I miss Detroit's summers. You were about 5 min from my parent's house. Everytime I take someone to visit my hometown I take them to the Riverfront: Hart Plaza, the RENCEN and Belle Isle (I hope you made it there). Looks like you had a GREAT time. I'm glad. :-)

Jaja said...

Ah.. jazz vestival..

U r living out all my dream!

Literary Insight said...

Your poetry is beautiful, I would love to feature you on our site/radio. I'll be back to read more!

Lyrically speaking said...

Dancewithme: Thank you, as a matter of fact we were at the riverfront, we had an awesome time

Jaja: you need to make your dreams come true, start now :)

Literary Insight: thank you, I am very flattered and interested in being featured

Ali's Zay said...

Cathy!!! :-D
MWOUAH!!!! Gros bizou pour ma chérie! I had a great time Saturday night. Let's do it again.

PS: Your sister, she was a blast ;-)

get zapped said...

You look great! And the afternoon sounded good ;) Your poem is tantalizing, as usual and it's a joy to share a late summer outing with you.


Ty said...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Saturday night. And even though Luis' english isn't that good, he is still going on how much he enjoyed it. lol

Lyrically speaking said...

Xavier: Your presence at Tavern of Creativity was meaningful, you definitely need to make it for the next one in spring 2008

Get Zapped: Thank you

Ty: It was a joy to see you there on Saturday, thanks for the love and support

Stephen Bess said...

The poem was beautiful. Your poetry is so full of life and flavor. It's like fresh fruit bursting with flavor when you bite into it. I love the photos. You are both such lovely women. I can tell that you were having a great time. Peace~

Harlem Purl said...

I swear you two look like twins, And yall had on the same color shirt too!

I'm glad you had a great past few weeks.

Deb said...

coupla gorgeous sisters out on the town - sooo cool.

i do love the language of your poetry. thank you for sharing it.

Ugo Daniels said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm, dats all i can say, you look good though. Cheers!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Mr. Bess: Thank you, you need to stop by here more often, miss you

Harlem: Miss Purl that's all I heard over there, "are you guys twins?" lol, we kept saying over and over that we're not only 10 months apart

Deb: thank you, so sweet of you to say

Ugo: thank you :) (now i'm blushing)

iamnasra said...

That was really sweet comment. I have new poem in

Im just working on publishing my book so that it takes a bit of my time

fallen angel said...

"...Allow me to your muse
The dotten line of your heart
The base of your tune
The abyss of your pleasure
To find an easy way to touch your black keynotes
all at once up and down
To discover inner peace with the rhythm of your tongue
I want to hear African drumbeats as I march down your senses

WOW! must be nice to take a break and come back still hot as hell!

Lyrically speaking said...

Iamnasra: I can't wait for your book to come out, didn't know you were working on one

Fallen Angel: You're too much, lol, I did pick up on my writing while on vacation, a little break does help feed the soul

fuzzy said...

I need to get more artful, any suggestions? I try to appreciate what pops out at me but i just do not seem to have an eye or an ear for it. I NEED HELP!

Writer on Board said...

Yes please.

Fabrizio said...

This time I commented on Girly Longings...

Oh and... by the way... I'm back!!! :-D

See Ya


Rethabile said...

I echo Stephen about the flavour. Glad to see you up and back. Yay!

Lyrically speaking said...

Fuzzy: I will post something soon about how to get yourself inspired in the art department, I didn't forget

Writeronboard: thanks for the visit, how are you?

Fabrizio: thanks for coming back, I will check girly longings :)

Rethabile: Merci beaucoup

Chameleon said...

GIIIRRRLLLL!!!!.....I can hear the Congo drums now!