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Thursday, February 07, 2008

I wrote this poem below out of frustration, cause it's not easy dealing with Lupus. Many out there deal with various types of illness and rarely do you find doctors that care. I've seen too many doctors for Lupus and believe me, I have not met one that shows genuine concern or compassion. They are always in a rush to examine you, no time to listen. The one person that did show me some care is not even a certified doctor, she's a holistic practitioner who believes the body can be healed with natural remedies. The natural meds do take a while but they work, you just have to be patient, lots of patience is required.

The helpless runs for relief
ignores the smiles of doctors
who claims the skittles they offer
will cure her pain
watch how she runs
she stomps over bodies buried in steroids
don’t stop the drugs
the men in white jackets yell
let’s make sure we dump your flesh
with toxins
you’ll look better in a hospital bed
Good health not an option
we only support those who are mentally dead
Long-term care won’t save you money
You bring us joy when you beg for relief
We don’t specialize in compassion
Rather we profit more when you bleed
(c)2008 by C. Delaleu


Gerald Galindez said...

hi there, the last poem is a WOW!

i like it.
im of the the same trade.

mind if we exchange links?

Blu Jewel said...

Great expression of your frustration. My cousin has Lupus and has expressed her frustration too. She's a nurse, so I guess she does get a little preferential treatment.

Love the new look.

Piercing The Veil said...

i know you are in deep pain... your prose speaks all there is within you... maybe more than that... i just hope you feel better

gud am

Rethabile said...

I hope you feel better, too. The poem says "no," but still I hope you do. You're becoming the master painter, Cathy. Poetry and painting? What are we gonna do with you?

susan said...

Hi Lyrically,

I found your blog via Poefrika. Please stop by Black-Eyed Susan's and check out Color Online. Always interested in connecting with sistas trying to do something positive.

The frustration is clear in your piece.

Kai C. said...

awwww. i'm sorry to hear that.:(
but i will pray that you get better soon.

fuzzy said...

There is a book of natural remedies to common and not so common ailments. I am looking for it. That would probably be a help. Dr's are no joke. They are insensitive and sometimes tell you anything! It sucks!

Writer and Artist on Board said...

So sorry Cathy. Hope you're well today.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

{{hugs}} I hoping you are better today..NO I know you are are pulling thru and you have the power to overcome this
don't look back..just keep pressing forward!

fallen angel said...

hmmmm...i didn't know you had lupus too! i hear you on the diagnosis thing though. i was mis-diagnosed for the first two or three years. my first doctor kept saying it was ringworm!!!! old, incompetent bastard!!!

fallen angel said...

i forgot to mention, i love your new blog-dress!!!! :-)

Deb said...

yikes...some things you just have to take a day at a time

iamnasra said...

I have not hear of this illness ..Hang in there ..od does not give tests if he knows we can not handle ...

Fabrizio said...

Shit, lupus is a bad bad guy...
And so are some doctors, who probably think that graduate and phd allow them to be superior...

Take care.


Rrramone said...

Isn't it amazing how doctors can have such crappy bedside manners??

Mizrepresent said...

Wow, i have Lupus too...this was very real to me lady!

Kai C. said...

hey, i missed you!

Epsilonicus said...

This reminds me of my aunts who died of cancer.

Bygbaby said...

poor & non-compassionate health care sucks! I hope you are doing well boo!!!


Ty said...

I can't wait for another post Cath. Don't keep us waiting. lol

Mizrepresent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lyrically speaking said...

Gerald: Thanks for visiting my page, hope you come back again

Blu Jewel: It has been a challenge but i'm taking it one day at a time

Piercing the veil: Thanks for the visit, pain is an understatement, but writing helps a lot

Rethabile: You can put me in a museum hall of fame :)

Princess Kai: Thank you, I need lots of prayer

Susan: Thanks for the lovely visit, please come back again

Fuzzy: You are right, it does suck...that's the American world we live in

Lyrically speaking said...

Writer and Artist: Thank you, I am feeling a little better today

Gemini: Thanks

Fallen Angel: Thank you, trying to keep my blog style interesting

Deb: You are right, one day at a time

Iamnasra: Thank you

Fabrizio: Yes, lupus is evil, hate it then again I think maybe it's something I must go through as a learning experience

Rramone: Bedside manners? I would call it something else, lol

Mizrepresent: Didn't know you have it, we'll need to exchange notes someday

Miss Kai: I'm here, trying my best to keep you all informed

Epsi: Sorry to hear about your losses

Bygbaby:I'm doing better today, thanks

Ty Ty: I'll be posting more often, I won't keep you all waiting too long

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi C,
Your words speak loud and clear. This is news to me since I first disovered your blog.As one who has been there (but not with lupus), I sure do feel your pain and frustration!

I'm glad you found someone who DOES care and I hope that you find more compassionate people. It's awful when someone is in dire need of help and those who are supposed to help do not! You are in my thoughts.

P.S. I can't remember if we "met" in the blogworld when I wrote poetry under the name "SilvermOOn" or as my first blogname which I am using now? Regardless, I'm trying to reconstruct the circle of blogfriends. Glad I found you again!

Gel { * * }

paris parfait said...

Great poem - I think this is true about many illnesses and doctors - they don't have the time or interest to listen. Hope you have found someone with whom you feel comfortable and who pays attention to your words and you get treatment that helps. xo