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Monday, April 14, 2008


I’m afraid of the dark
That’s when Daddy left
His dusty shoes in the foyer along with his favorite shirt
The wrinkled one soaked with mother’s tears
I managed to wash it with poetry
Mother says I need to stop dreaming
Daddy will never come back
He has no time now that he has 2 other boys to care for
I plan my escape with a backpack of goodies
Daddy’s shoes will take me to him
Take me to the place he chose as solace
Mother sleeps with books besides her
Counts pages of “I love you’s” like lottery tickets
No one will ever know how she stole those books
from my father’s side of the mattress
He was North of Haiti
She was South of Brooklyn
I found him in sunny Florida catching a tan with another woman
Mother swears the man I saw wasn’t my father
He is much lighter
More handsome in person
She identifies him as wasted fury of what could have been
Sniff his scent under her black dress
Obviously the wrinkled shirt cinched around her breasts
Is a reminder of his moonlight
The one he piled in Jacmel
Years before the slow-moving hurricane
I want this old man to come back
Retrace his steps to what he once knew as
©2008 by Cathy Delaleu
art by Karen Cougan


Blu Jewel said...

I so love that picture and I also love the supporting poem. Though I haven't experienced the depth of the poem as it's written, but I have experienced that pain from loving someone so much as your mother did. The amazing impact of men on our lives. *sigh*


Writer on Board said...

"I managed to wash it with poetry"


Copasetic Soul said...

beautiful piece sad, yet full of hope. the hope of children.

constance said... always!
Hope you will rest and recuperate well before you start work again June...Take care dear friend!

Stephen Bess said...

Yes, this is all very nice. I love the imagery. I can see so much.

cosmic clown said...

well there is nothing wrong in dreaming and being optimistic whatever the circumstances can always hope for the future....for a better tomorrow....

iamnasra said...

Lovely poem ....

Jac said...

This is superb cathy !
So simple but sentimental...simply superb!

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Oh Baby! This is beautifully sad.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

PS: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I am PASSIONATE about this issue and I’m determined to do my part to help educate as many people as possible. Please join me in spreading the word. Sexual violence must stop!

Lyrically speaking said...

Blu: Thanks

Writer on board: Thank you

Copasetic: Yes, there is hope

Constance: Thank you, yes, I will recuperate, i've been napping a lot

Mr. Bess:Thanks for appreciating

Cosmic: You are so right...

Iamnasra: Thank you

Jac: Thank you, come again

Xavier: It's sad but also comforting

Kai C. said...


Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Miss Kai :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the line where you said "I managed to wash it with poetry." Oh my goodness, that was so powerful. Beautiful work!