Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love is the tip of his tongue
She knows he holds no truth to his words
Eyes disconnected from his heart
Swears he has seen the light
Thanks to her see-through dress
He sniffs her locs like vodka
Enchanted by her biography
Her footsteps causes thunder
Thunder turns to lighting
Lightning turns to lust
She gets on both knees
Eats his dark earth
Swallows his cum
Closes her eyes
Prays he is the one who will hold them together
She can finally paste her dreams in magazines
Sing this new tune dedicated to men
For this is their world
She waits with patience
When the pressure diminish between her thighs
She prays for more tenderness
Shivers his name like raindrops on martini glasses
He sips her slowly
Takes his time to leave no promises behind
Swims inside her without fingerprints
Pretends not to notice her hopeless lullaby
©2008 by Cathy Delaleu
art by April Mansilla "Please don't leave me"

Today, my brushes are clean, without a hint of color and i'm not sure about tomorrow. I haven't been inspired to paint lately, a lot has been going on with me medically and i'm struggling to stay positive with all the ups and downs i'm experiencing. Writing helps a lot, i'm juggling both art and words, they mesh well especially when you have a lot on your mind.


Perspective Imagery said...

In Time your Self will reCreate your World. Enjoy Your Time!

!LuV! Your World of Words...

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Your choice of words paint colors in my mind. Translations of not just beauty but deeper things, hard for me to pull up the right words. but then that's why YOU are the poet, right? (smile)

I'm just an author with the audacity to write novels.

Always a good feel when I stop in here.

Marvin blogs at Free Spirit:
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Kai C. said...

i am hopeless romantic..

stay strong and keep writing:)

new paintings will come
to you....

Kai C. said...

devika said she will visit you tomorrow.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

yes, they do mesh well.
People ask what I do. I say I'm an artist who writes or sometimes I say I'm a writer who paints.
I've followed your blog for a long time, first arriving here under a different blog name, but always enjoying my visit!

Devika said...

All romantis are 'Hopeless' when it comes to life...
i know because i too am, i feel...

but this is a very real piece..or may be i'm today prepared to see the reality...and the truth behind the reality...

love you so
whats your name? i didn't notice the profile...i'll see now

best of luck with your painting...
i will coming anyway, i love your blog as you

Devika said...

hey, surprise surprise...
i just used a word or a name 'katy' in regard to myself...

and you are 'Cathy' (Delaleu)!! :-)

you want to see the place - i used it?

see the comments there..'a certain kind of language' (south india's tamil) at the end...
i speak malayalam -- so tamil is certain kind to me.

love, love you for showing me the reality...i could have reahed here worries i will some day read your older ones...

Marvin D. Wilson said...

You've been TAGGED today at FREE SPIRIT.

Na-na-na-naaa-nah (smile)

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Libra/Caireen: Thank you for your kind words, you're also an inspiration to me

Marvin: Thank you, I try my best to make this space as poetic and relaxing as possible for my viewers

Kai: Thank you you're so sweet

Gel: I'm very flattered, thank you and come again

Devika: thank you, very sweet of you to come visit me

Marvin: I did go to your page, didn't see the tag with my name on it, will check it out again

Devika said...

i will come again..

Writer on Board said...

Write. Paint. Poetry. Cathy. Yes!

get zapped said...

I'm speechless, really. Letting your poem soak me, and then dry....

I hope your health improves and your yearning for painting returns.

Maybe with the positive events of our country, you'll gain some hope and inspiration. I'm still trying to digest what has occurred. HOORAY!

Hang in there woman!

Peace and love ~GZ

Nique said...

I love this post, hope that you paint again soon, well as soon as the wil comes, stay beautiful :)

Stephen Bess said...
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Stephen Bess said...

Wow! That's pretty hot. It reminds me of the Summer of '93. *I'm smiling in my private thoughts." Much love my sister. Much love. Peace~

paris parfait said...

Powerful poem, Cathy. Well done, you!