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Sunday, November 30, 2008

POETRY CONTEST: stay tuned...this week I will posting the rules for this contest and the winner will receive a free art from yours truly.


A psychic once told her
That she’s a 7th Daydreamer
With promiscuous tendencies
Taught by the only man who molested her
At eight years old
She was grass-fed with lack of trust
Only learned to keep quiet eyes and legs to herself
In order to fool thuggish men who throw lies
Based on hormonal changes
They heard all the way from Port-au-Prince
To Harlem that she has the best black beans in town
And her fish will make them powerful
They assume she’ll make them lighthearted
With her innocent smile
Unaware that her grind is a cruel whip
Of salt and vinegar
I don’t love easy, she yells at them
Her kisses confuse their heart
With a tale of stale wine
She marches without solace
And chews on trauma until numbness
Reach over with tear dust
Hushing her to sleep
Their cock prayers wraps around her
as nutritional facts of life
Her bodega is sterling gold used as a doorknob
To cover her surface with their rainstorm
She carries her verbiage as mainstream
Unsentimentally she values some raunchy opinions
©2008 by Cathy Delaleu

Hello Blog World

I know I've been missing in action, but it's been crazy busy for me. I'm getting ready for my art show on 12/13, two weeks away. I'm excited since this will be my first art show in Arizona. So, if any of you live in the area, please let me know know and I will gladly send you an invitation or if you know any friends who might be interested in purchasing. The paintings on top are my latest ones, perfect holiday gifts, right? hint, hint, lol.

Well, regardless, enjoy the poetry and have a great weekend. Ta ta for now.


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Glad you are back. Missed you. And I could just kiss you for this poem/post. Brought tears, GF. Poetry is such a gift. You got it. Keep using it. And the artwork is too multi-dimensional for words, as graphic art should be, that being the very why it is. do it do it do it do it.

And don't stay gone so long.

Best wishes for your art show!

constance said...

It's been ages! How are you? I hope you're getting better? Really missed reading your works and wow! You're going to have your very own art exhibition! I am very happy for you! Too bad i'm this far away....but do do share with us pix and news on that when you can.

I'm still not that sure what to do with my blog...might create a new blog....i'm not sure.

You've been missed! Hugs!

Harlem Purl said...

Good luck with your art show. I can't wait to hear all the details but I'm sure you'll do well.

fuzzy said...

I will be staying tuned for this Poetry Contest! I always wanted to participate in one since High school and this will give me a reason to dip into my sould and bring something new and creative to the surface!

Kai C. said...

did u have a good thanksgiving?

Perspective Imagery said...

U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you positive vibrations and ALL the best to your show!!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Marvin: I am so grateful to have the strenght to write and paint, I count my blessings every single moment of the day. Thanks for your encouraging comment

Constance: wow, it's been a while, glad you are back here...I hope you won't give up your blog, you inspired the hell out of me, lol, all your work are beautiful, don't give up

Miss Purl: Thanks and I will be taking pictures for sure

Fuzzy: I might have to hold off until next week regarding the contest, i've been crazy busy getting ready for my art show...stay tuned

Kai: thanks for asking, yes, I eat turkey a lot, chicken or beef are not my favorite, so it's either fish or turkey when it comes to eating meat

Miss Libra Moon: Thank you much

Writer on Board said...

Healthy holidays, C! Congrats!

krystyna said...

I wish you the best with your art show!
Keep up your beautiful art work!

Devika said...

Hi Cathy!

Long since i came here..

seems a tough lover :)
hope all going fine with you..


Kai C. said...

your welcome! & thank u... hope ur doing well!:) love u

Lyrically speaking said...

writer on board: thank you

Krystyna: thanks, the show went well, will post details soon

Devika: wow, nice to see you here, come back soon

Kai: Yes, doing better, thanks for asking, enjoy the rest of the week

THE JODY said...

I like your work sis. It is also cool to meet another left handed person. You know we are outnumbered by the rights. Your poem is real. Please keep creatin and movin forward. Stay jazzy!