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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello Bloggers,

Hope you all are enjoying the rest of the week, including the new year right around the corner. Just to let you know, i've extended the deadline for the poetry contest in order to give more poets/writers a chance to submit their pieces. Don't be yourself and have fun.

Delaleu’s Poetry CONTEST:
Open to all poets and writers, tell me how lyrics affects you as a writer, send me your own piece on “Lyrical Bullets” All poems must be 30 lines or less, the winners will be announced on 12/31/08 and will receive a free piece of art with their poems displayed on my blog and website:
Send all poems to, make sure to type on the subject “Lyrical Bullets”.

Only 2 winners for this contest, 1st winner receive a large piece of art, 2nd winner will receive a 5x7 piece of art.
Deadline for entries: 1/8/2009


Sorry but I can’t
Don’t make me choose…
Cause I won’t
Thanks to those lyrics I’m able to take away the bad feelings
Why carry such negativity like a cadaverous face ravaged and brittle by osteoporosis?
Without lyrics you’ll leave my hips broken
My brain will shrivel
Even my walk will look funny
I’ll be the only one pigeon-toed with an overflowing beltline
No mental or intellectual lines
artless I will be
A murderous death, my suicide
With my lyrics I’m the painter
the philosopher, a rhythmic thinker
You can’t carry my cross
Its all mine, it’s in me
The day those lyrics touched me
I was rattled and survived
I will say it again I won’t choose
Without it I will die
©2007 C. Delaleu



clnmike said...

That was tight.

Lyrically speaking said...

thanks Clnmike, will you submit a piece? Hope so

Kai C. said...

wish u a happy new year!:)
luv u hugs

Writer on Board said...


Keith said...

I liked that poem...I may just submit one of mine to your contest.

Lyrically speaking said...

Great, keep them coming...
Writeronboard: thanks

Keith: Don't be shy, feel free to submit

Muser said...

I enjoyed visiting your blogs very much--impressive! Good writing and painting to you in '09.