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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Helas! You mounted my walls
With the tongue of your feet
Wondering when will I open up to you
When will I blossom into this butterfly with
The black and gold wings
When will I see you as my king?
Our paths are narrow yet strong
Close enough to feel your heartbeat
I didn’t asked to be touched
But you’ve expressed your yearning openly
I turn away in fear
A man like you capable to love my femininity
Capable of seeing through my fishnet eyes
Last night I cuddled your name in my sleep
It kept me awake for hours
like eternity it spun around my ribs
I floated with the freshness of your breath
Yet I am still skeptical of this love you want me to lay with
I am not ashamed
Just afraid of the bruises
©2009 C. Delaleu

I've been very very busy lately with my painting, I was recently approached by East West Bookstore to have a booksigning on 4/11/09 and to participate at an art festival on May 2nd. You can imagine, my mind flying with ideas and trying to focus while completing other projects. Two winners were selected for the Lyrically Bullets Winter Poetry Contest:

Michelle aka GetZapped and Gary aka Epsilonicus, both will receive paintings and bookmarks. Their poems were fantastic and a pleasure to digest.

Poem by Get Zapped
Lyrics are the seeds
Left to find their
Own way into the earth.

They split into pieces
Forming words
Of colorful visions

Soft as water
Pure as breath
Fleeting as death.

Not to be forgotten,
They sing through us
Joining the march
Into poetic song.

Chattering leaves
Chiming winds
Moaning passions.

Are the soul
Of a heartbeat
© 2008 Michelle A. Ringgold

Poem by Epsilonicus:

Most Terrible Voice

The most terrible voice there is, silence.
Silence is an act of violence
Vilified by the fact that it keeps me from writing.
With silence ever present, probing, and penetrating my mind,
Motion of clear thoughts cease.
Creativity is chased from my head,
Haunted by the most terrible voice there is...


Devika said...

Enjoyed all three, Cathy..

Have missed you for a while...


Lyrically speaking said...

Devika: Thanks, I truly enjoyed the poem and painting on your page

Stephen Bess said...

Wow! This was fantastic poetry. Loved it. I didn't know that "Get Zapped" was such a great poet.

get zapped said...

First of all, I want to thank you Cathy, for the opportunity to explore poetry through your inspiration and the joy of lyrics. I am honored to be selected as one of the winners of your fabulous paintings. I really enjoyed "Silence", by Epsilonicus, such truth in this. And your Food For Thought, was just that, with a little dessert thrown in :)

Congrats on your booksigning and the Art Fest.!

Peace and joy.

Ty said...

Congratulations on the booksigning and your other endeavours. Things sound busy but well.

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Always enjoy your posts, the poetry, the paintings, and this was no exception.

Blu Jewel said...

Oh, I loved your poem and those of the other writers. Definitely some food for thought.

Good luck with your endeavors, I'm proud for you.

Love to live; live to love!

Muser said...

Congratulations on the book-signing. Well done. Best of luck.

Rethabile said...

Fortunately you're not too busy with painting to come back and poet us with your words.

Bravo to the winners.

Writer on Board said...

Thank you, C and Z. I always enjoy mounting your walls. :0)

David E. Patton said...

Your artwork is turely amazing.