Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make it known to society that poetry is the conjugation of hope
We gotta go there to spark your interest
And your parents will wonder where it came from
Did it start from infancy?
Why are you drawn to words like crack?
Your trails of verses make them nervous
They truly believe it will ruin their reputation
And their friends’ reputation
This is our healing process
We lay dreams on sheets of paper to heal the heart
Inch by inch
We go back to collect empty shells of memories
To promote
Make it known
Unapologetically who we are
Make it known we battle emotions
for a reason
Make it known
We are poets
For life
©C. Delaleu2010

It was a slow week for me, the weekend is dragging with a warm 70 degrees sun so i'm grateful...what i'm truly enjoying today is watching the Food Network and writing poetry, what more can I ask for?


Alizay's Daddy said...

Hi sweetie! How are you? You certainly look good, and your ink flows as dreamily as ever. Hope to talk to you soon. Kisses!


Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks for the love Xavier...glad you're back to blogging, love your pic

Roger Gauthier said...

If I dared...

I do understand perfectly. What could you ask for that could be better? But then, deep inside me and without any jealousy, I tell myself, mutatis mutandis, of course you could be making what I call visual poetry! :-) Isn't it about the same?

Making images, which is so different from simply clicking on a shutter and taking photographs - after all anybody can do the same! If poetry is playing with words to express emotions, which it is, then "visual poetry" is playing with images to express emotions.

This is possibly why I can connect so easily with poetry, even in a language that is not mine. It goes so deep.

And you are good at your art. Never stop thinking that, or doing it.

-- Roger

esk said...

Very nice. Indeed, we are poets for life.