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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Blogger World...

I haven't written a Gratitude list in a long time, so here goes:

Grateful for:

1. PASSION…God instilled passion in all of us and we’re the ones who decide whether we’ll share it with others or not, I chose to share :o) it’s a beautiful thing when you're passionate about life

2. LAUGHTER…I've had those moments in my life where I felt the sadness will never end, but conversations with my sister on the phone, she always seems to find a way to make me bubble with laughter, also my brother, it's therapeutic chatting with him and with friends

3. BURGER: Believe it or not, I haven't had a burger in 3 years, so I treated myself to In n Out Burger, I had the cheeseburge with grilled onions, it felt like a dream when I took a bite of it...before you know it, it disappeared off my hands.

4. PAINTING…I took a long break, got inspired to start over and I am enjoying it, I forgot though how expensive it could get when you purchase all these supplies. I did have a lot of leftover paint in my closet but some had to be re-stocked

5. BIRDS: They wake me every morning, I love the sound of nature, puts a smile on my face

6. PARIS: My blogger friend, Paris Parfait, for having the ability to take me to Paris whenever I stop by her world…seriously if you check out her blog you’ll be amazed at her European pictures. She has a great eye for photography; her treasured blog is worth browsing (


She will only show you what she’s willing to tell
Every part of her shell is a segment of confessional intimacy
The spool thread of her eyes is a meditative mist
Of secrets passed between solitude and separation
She is a diaphanous frame of special circumstances
A glass lantern of icicle tears
Don’t make attempts to love her
She can’t promise you her heart
It’s hard to lie on
Easy to use
Impossible to clean
© 2010 by Cathy Delaleu


Cynthia said...

This is a very powerful poem.
A woman yes, like a spool, hard
to unravel. Trying to get to
her heart, almost impossible,
but not entirely with patience
and trust.

get zapped said...

I've always loved your gratitude list, so it's a joy to see again :) I write my list at least once a week and I'm always amazed by how the simple things bring us much to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing your world.

Peace and joy ~

Ty said...

I need to write a gratitude list especially after my last week.

Great poem and love the image.

TequilaGuy said...

Always beautiful, and then some.

Lyrically speaking said...

Cynthia: Thank you

Getzapped: Thank you, it's been a while, miss you here

Ty: Come back again, thanks

Tequila: wow, where have you been, miss your writing too

Blu Jewel said...

That painting and supporting poem are amazing. I absolutely like them both. That painting resembles how I feel.