Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The orgasmic sea tucks scent of the Milky Way
Spilling lava on her page like opium moonlight
And with the meat and juice of her erotic calabash
He uses it properly as his work of art
© 2006 by Cathy Delaleu


I am scheduled to smile
Smile like a clown with chalk-white teeth
A reference to let him know I’m happy with this job

To please the naked eye with images of comfort
Pretense feels like acid on my skin

No need to give me a raise
No need to drop me a quarter for every drop of overtime
Generally I should enjoy the scenery of justice
And the isolated clique of outward appearance
Your reputation is an investment you have worked too hard
To contain in your Marlboro breath
Your conception of the humankind lacks sympathy
For you will never understand the weight of my flesh
You will never step on my #5 train to Flatbush and breathe my air
Naturally it would make you puke
You’ll look down on me with questionable mockery
I wonder why I should smile for your ass
Your expensive suit rustles Armani
My Payless shoe artificially startles Madison Avenue’s carpet

You want me to greet you “Si signor”
“Bonjour monsieur” “Ciao”

While you ignore the rich substance seated in front of you
Go ahead give me the #3 review I have grown to swallow
I have studied your routine 9 hours a day
Even counted the many times you’ve gone to bust a rock in the men’s room
I know your in’s and out
Not even your wife knows as much as I do
Yet you look at me like a perishable good
By the way my day has come to say goodbye
The sun is slowly declining
It’s time for me to pick up my wings and fly
©2006 by Cathy Delaleu
I'm having one of those moments
where I wish I could quit my job and write full time
To me working a 9-5 job is torture
Especially when I'm not at all appreciated by my boss
I prefer to be home writing poetry and working on my novels
The hours in the office are long
I get to work at 7:30 a.m. and I leave the office at 4:30 pm sometimes later
I don't get home until after 6 pm
Well, I hope things will get better for me
I'm just tired of the same old routine
and i'm sure many can relate, especially if you're a writer
so my question is: what is your dream job?
Mine of course is to write and travel,
travel to acquaint myself with other cultures
and write about them, yeah more like a travel writer
What would you be doing with your life?
What is your passion?
I'm sure it's not sitting in a cubicle counting the minutes


mermaid said...

You fly girl! It's such a hard concept to grasp. Each of us has our own inherent value, but we are no better than the next person. If only we could release this thought into the water, we could all be peaceful.

Poetry by Kai said...

girl, i feel u..
i also feel ur poems....

i wanna write poetry full time...
that would be the best job EVER!

Dani said...

Your work touched me at my core today. Your words have been running through my head for weeks before I even read them on your page. I dare not say how I feel about my job because your comment page is not my place to vent. Suffice it to say that you are not alone.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a great couple of images. fascinating style; enjoyed the match of verse.

Sujay Sukumar said...

I'm a software engineer, I am made to offer my time and skill on senseless code sitting in a cubicle, while my heart is taking a stroll by the woods and I'd want to be writing poetry instead.

I am able to see what you mean.

Being a writer doesnt pay much, so I guess we'll have to stick around till the time is right to move on.
Hope you get to travel and write the way you want to.

I enjoyed the pictures and verses very much. you've got a great place here.

Chelle said...

You rock.

You should write as often as possible.

My dream job would be to be a part time music promoter and full time writer / traveler.

Bougie Black Boy said...

See! Everyone on here is lovin' your words. You're good.

Bainwen Gilrana said...

These are great. I love the line about the Payless shoes startling the Madison Avenue carpet.

ian russell said...

wow, powerful feelings, very well expressed! (mind you, that baby flying image makes my hair stand up!)

i've never figured out my dream job, i suppose i believe any job will take me away from doing something more ineresting. i say if you really know what you desire to do, go for it! you will find success.

Maggie said...

i absolutely loved ur poems! and the blog all in all! do u want to check mine out too?

Clay said...

very nice - i love that first pic!

Tink said...

Do you create your own art? Its breath-taking! You have an amazing talent.

Delaleuverses said...

I do create my own art but they are quite old and I haven't posted any in here to share. I will eventually when I feel comfortable and I need to get a digital camera.

paris parfait said...

These are fabulous poems, Cathy! I've been where you are, working in a thankless job for those who don't appreciate it. Once I had a temp job in New York for some hotshot insurance salesman who talked to me like I was nothing - I wanted to slap him. Instead, I said I was going to lunch, phoned the agency and never went back to the office. Of course that was a temp thing and with a permanent job, one often has to bite your lip and bear it. I've been there too, especially as a single mom, struggling to pay the bills.

I think you have so much talent and I'm sure you're going to find something that serves you better! Stay strong and keep that belief in yourself! And thanks for sharing your beautiful poems and thoughts on your blog.

Starr said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Delaleuverses said...

Merci beaucoup Miss Paris Parfait for your kind words of encouragement. I know I need to be patient. I feel I'm not meant to be in this life insurance field. I would prefer to work for a publishing house, surrounded by books, books and more books. To wake up with books and sleep with books, lol, and I love to write so I would be a happiest-go-luckiest girl in the world having that kind of job.

Epsilonicus said...

I am feeling the pictures. Especially the one where the lil cherub i sat the window.

My dream job would be to teach or to be able to write short stories and poems. Or an astronaut.

yati said...

beautiful words as always!

i understand what you say about work. i can't wait for the day that i shove my notice up their... you know where! please let that day be soon!


p.s. when i grow up i want to train monkeys to go and pluck coconuts off the coconut trees *grin*

starry nights said...

You are such a talented writer, keep were born to write poetry.

fallen angel said...

i wonder how many other people's dream job is to simply write and travel??? i know it's mine!!! oh, and feel free to throw in some wet, sloppy cunnilingus every now and then, and a sista is PERFECT!!!! :)

hardasabullet said...

lovely writing
beautiful !

Stephen Bess said...

Beautiful words!
Faith will make you a writer that travels. I've seen where my faith made things happen in my life. I have dreams as a writer as well. As soon as I can see myself where others are then it will happen. In other words, the creator has a masterplan for you.

Delaleuverses said...

Thank you Stephen Bess, you are right, having faith helps to make things happen.

And Stephen aka Bougie Black Boy, last night's poetry reading was amazing!!! I am so thrilled you invited me to express myself and I can't wait for the next one.

You bloggers also have talent that's how I met all of you in the first place, i'll be floating in your world again since i'm an avid reader. Keep it up!! We are each other's inspiration

barefoot_mistress said...

THanks for stopping by my blog....I am really enjoying your poetry.

Perfect Virgo said...

Those invisible of tethers of 9 to 5 are as strong as hawsers but they can be broken. Your sense of frustration is palpable but smartly directed. All the while your boss seems blissfully ignorant of the surging undertow which will drag you away to better things. Thanks for visiting.

Penrick said...

Are you me or am I you? I don't think a day goes by that I wish I could write all day. I open up and write everything I'm feeling, but deep down, I know I'm holding a little back. I'm waiting for that special day that means I have no more time clock days.

Reading your page is a great way to escape and feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Thank you!

The said...

You are an ARTIST my friend. I so appreciate your work, your pictures, but mostly the tapestries you weave with words. You take me there.

I just write for fun. It's an one outlet to show just me how I can express things inside. My "real" life is elsewhere.

But you, young lady, are one I read to allow my mind to go where my body cannot. I hope and pray that your dreams will come true...and that you will continue to take me with you.

KC said...

I think we've all felt that way about a job at least once in our lives. I am sending positive vibes your way that you will find the way to do what it is that you want without having to work in a mind and soul numbing environment.

MagicalSis said...

Oh. MY. GOD.

have you been reading my mail? how did you know how i felt?
i have goose bumps from that poem and it almost made me cry.

i would open and run a greenhouse and grow things all the day long, and make money for me and mine instead of for someone else. i would also write as much as possible and really put the time into getting published.
i would go back to school and take business classes, horticulture and writing classes.

soon....this will manifest.

miragee said...

Good question! I dream of being a full-time illustrator, but on the other hand, it really does me good to go out and see the world though in that way I do not have so much time available. Well, life is all about compromises I think. Why not take six months or a year off to travel and write? I might do that later in my life. It's kinda sad to live in the same place for a lifetime...

Delaleuverses said...


Funny how you mentioned about taking 6 months off to travel but I would need travel money in order to do so. I guess it's all about planning and saving. Not at all a bad idea there is so much to see out there, especially if you want to make your dream come true. Thanks for stopping by.

Ty said...

I am always blown away by your poems. I wished that I was that fluent with putting my thoughts down in an interesting way.

BTW, I would like for you to pick the subject for next weeks creative challenge. Let me know.

Xavier said...

Dream job... Writing of course. For the book I'm working on now I'm writing from memory, the locations are all in my head, I see them clearly, but for my next book, the memories of Madrid and Rome are dim. It would be nice to fly there and not worry about whose gonna pay for it.

A Sistah said...

I feel you regarding the job. I'm developing my plan to leave my job in September. Been gung ho about it, until I had to go to the pharmacy and get a bunch of medicine and some medical equipment and didn't pay a dime. Umph.

If the job weren't in the way, I'd be scoring a film, composing media music, and finishing my screenplay.