Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Monday, June 19, 2006

(dedication to Audrey Hepburn)

Giving speeches with fairy tale eyes
Creamy cheeks offer a semester of Vogue
Compulsion frolic with sophistication
Breakfast is her hors d’oeuvre at Tiffany’s
Where she glitters with historical presence
The rules of femininity punctuates in her magical kingdom
Whistles sweet emblematic rituals
The fidgetiness of class in her funny face

Delicate swan-like neck
Well-schooled with modesty
Overly guided by a lover’s innocence
Twinkle this little star
Delightfully she shines with color and smiles
She will offer you a Roman holiday without frills
War and peace in green mansions a charade on Lavender Hill
She is My Fair Lady with the golden heart
Hanging her pendant charm with nobility
Cinematic serenity wraps her years of integrity
With selfless devotion
She wants you to love her intentional artistry
To venture her art of reverie
Her impromptu speech of princes and paupers
Are only found in a lover’s playground
©2006 by Cathy Delaleu


Tonight you will cater romance with i-Pod ready candles
Black pepper stars awaits with silver and gold necklaces
I will impress you with my tiers and tulles
You will offer me calla lilies
I will toss my bouquet in the air in memory of Romeo and Juliet
The founders of love until death
Voluble corsetry to arouse track marks with a crotchless panty
A decadent fantasy
I am ready to commence love with fluency
This guiltless undefiled pleasure
Of flesh screaming legality
Our screenplay is unrated
A vicious dance hall of fingers
Murmurs symphonic liberation
Vocal cords acquaint with your projector
I am your evening jamboree with the carousel garden
I will pawn your heart implying philosophy of deep penetration
No delusion when my belly gasps your hunger
©2006 by Cathy Delaleu


January said...

There is so much energy in your work. Love the Audrey Hepburn poem. And in poem #2, I like the line, "I am your evening jamboree with the carousel garden".

How often do you write poems? Seems like you post quite often with new work--very cool.

Delaleuverses said...

Hi Miss January, thanks for stopping by. I write every single day and I'm never tired of it, you would think I would burn out from writing but it's my fuel like breathing.

Wait until I start painting which i plan on doing next month, I really do need to get myself a digital camera so I can post some of my other art/craft work i've done in the past.


"...I will impress you with my tiers and tulles, you will offer me calla lilies, I will toss my bouquet in the air in memory of Romeo and Juliet the founders of love until death." Damn, will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

I definitely love the second poem.
"I am ready to commence love with fluency"~ I love this line. It just rolls of the tongue and is the perfect description.

Delaleuverses said...

Well, lol, to answer Slum Facade's proposal, lol...should I even answer that question?

Loula la nomade said...


Thnaks for stopping by otherwhise I would have never discovered your poetry! For French, anytime.
Thanks again

Andrew said...

I really like your's very aesthetically pleasing.


Sangindiva said...

Girl you are the bomb!!
and you paint too?
A true artist! Be blessed:)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

I am struck by the seemingly opposite type of poems here. Yet, underneath Audrey's sparkling air of sophistication, who knows what womanly passions brewed within her? Hopefully, she knew of love as you so firmly wrote in your deliciously passionate "Unlimited."
The artwork used to illustrate that poem is compelling as well.

Both of these poems are top-notch.
SilvermOOn aka "GEL"

Chris-el-da said...

i friggin' love AH. dressed up for her as halloween a few years ago.

holy WOW your writing is awesome!

Scott said...

Love poem #2. Love the way that you write. Thanks for putting all of this up here.


Delaleuverses said...

Thank you all for the visit

Saffyre said...

Fab poetry. You have a gift for th written word.

starry nights said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again. i love your poetry, you are so talented.

Delaleuverses said...

Thank you Saffyre, your blog is electrifying

4EverJennayNay said...

I'm loving your work.

"Delightfully she shines with color and smiles"
I loved the way you painted that line.


"Murmurs symphonic liberation/
Vocal cords acquaint with your projector"

reminded me of someone.

Please tell me you are published... or on the way at least. If not, you should be!

Intelfetish said...

"...I am ready to commence love with fluency this guiltless undefiled pleasure of flesh screaming legality," great passion, I'd like to watch the next time you enter into this place; you know be your defense attorney in legality;?

jac said...

It is so yummy

Thanks for visiting me.
I will be back for more.

the mad momma said...

yes.. he is! specially for an indian dad... most of them are inaccessible terrors.... you write beautifully.. but i am sure you know that!

nishu said...

serious amt.of energy. amazing word ideas. i don know whether this is imagination or not. went through ur profile. u surely know how to use the pen and choices are somewat sophisticated. cool no one can suffer a burnout in writing. espeacially u.the feeling really gets through

Writing Blind said...

I'm just going to repeat what everyone else has said and tell you you're really an artist. Good, good stuff.

Solitaire said...

wow... these two pieces are beautiful. Than kyou for stopping by and saying hi...

I'll definately be back and upon having more time will read more!

Leilouta said...

Can't wait for your paintings :)

Christielli said...

Great poetry! I especially like the one about Audrey Hepburn -- makes me want to go watch a lot of old movies.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Elaine said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
I'm bookmarking your blog! You write some amazing poems!!

The said...

Dela, your stuff is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

fallen angel said...

VERY HOT and SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delaleuverses said...

thanks for stopping by Fallen Angel, do you have any new stuff posted? I'll go's been a while.

miragee said...

Beautiful poem for Audrey Hepburn. I really adore her and I think you've said what I feel about her. She is irreplaceable and few people can achieve that...

Delaleuverses said...

What intrigued me about Audrey is the fact that she remained so graceful and beautiful without displaying her illness to the public. I didn't even know she was that sick until she passed away.