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Thursday, October 19, 2006

His sage eyes look at me and
a million flecks of color is sun-dappled on his back . We pull away from earth
while strapless corset is removed.
His Upper East Side is a brownstone
that greets my doorstep with a proposal.
He pulls me close to his warm body .
His smooth scent of amber and lavender
dances divinely on the cotton sheets
“I can’t stay.”
“But you can’t go…” he whispers with lust caught up in his throat.
“I must, I don’t have a choice,” I reply with sadness
And the thought of walking away from him tears me inside,
another sunless day without him, without his touch is like hell.
My hands involuntarily grab his hard penis
I love the feel of it
The length of it
The aroma of it
His erection is a curious strength calling me .
“How long are we going to do this?” He continues
“Do what?” I let go of his welcoming shaft,
knowing damn well where this was heading
“How long are we going to love without loving?” he says
“I do love you.”
“Then show me…leave him!”
“I can’t.”
His hand is a burning torch caressing my face.
I close my eyes again
Inhale his scent.
His warmness is pure harassment to my soul
I wrap my leg around his thigh,
allowing him a full view of my hungry clit.
It sings a hyper conspiracy of arousal
I am swimming in his sweet caramel eyes .
He places hot fingers inside me paying homage, taking residence of my central universe
I shudder with anticipation .
“This is my Caviar, I paid for it,” he says not tearing his eyes away from me
I shudder again.
Encouraging him with moans, feeling a rush of wetness as his fingers digs deeper .
Then he pulls out and licks my juice with a wide tongue.
He goes back again with tantalizing fingers torturing me.
My heart races with excited breaths.
And the million flecks of color reappear
The first set of tremors causing me to praise his sacred name,
Intensity grows on the second round of mind blowing orgasm.
Suddenly he stops.
I stare at him in wonder.
My pussy howling for him to resume .
He places a small kiss on my forehead.
“I’ll give you more where that came from if you leave him,” he says
“But this was supposed to be only for one night!”
I protest needing more of his magical touch.
“Remember, you agreed to sleep with me only for one night"
“Yes, I know, and it has nothing to do with the million dollars you gave me”
“Then you came back”
“You wanted me back. Now it’s time for me to return to him”
“He knows what you did, obviously he doesn’t love you enough to come and get you”
“Ed does care,” I say to my husband’s defense
“Claudine, you need to make a decision…you know what’s best. I want you for my queen, but you can’t be if you’re going to remain with this good for nothing…”
I take a deep breath, “Look, I will make a decision"
“I’m giving you until tomorrow”
Before getting off the bed, he gives me a tender kiss this time on the lips.
The minty taste of his tongue quickly curls up my toes.
I am left to make a not-so-easy decision
while my pussy throbs, refusing to dose off to sleep
©10/2006 by Cathy Delaleu (Part 1 of 3)
To be continued…


TequilaGuy said...

Wow! This is awesome, absolutely love it.

brooklyn babe said...

Minty tounges rock!

bK bAbE

Stephen Bess said...

You're making it very hard....I mean difficult to comment. :)This was hot!

Libra Moon Goddess said...

"I shudder with anticipation"

...for part 2...

Libra Moon

Anonymous said...

Bravo -- this is simply fantastic. You know, now I'm seeing more erotic poetry, I never seem to be amazed at how good you poets are.
Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...


This was NOT what I needed to read right now, but SO what I needed to read right now.

fallen angel said...

mmm mmmm mmmmmm! "it's morning, as we slept the night away...." ;-)

Reflex said...

Very interesting texts.

iron said...

mercy, ms delaleu. extraordinary piece. i will anxiously await parts 2 & 3.

Ananda said...

sistalove, this was beyond words. i look forward to reading what happens in pt. 2 and 3. keep flowing. peace and love, ananda

ps: i love this line, "His warmness is pure harassment to my soul"

[Mat] said...

"His hand is a burning torch caressing my face"

The power of hands...

quick, get on with part 2 :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Merci!! Thank you for coming by my blog and leading me to a place where French kissing takes place!:)

Harlem Purl said...

Ooooooo. Very intiguing.

urban butterfly said...

Interesting. He's her forbidden fruit. I like this.

Anonymous said...

I love Caviar! :-P