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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cloud Games (Part 2)


I found him in the kitchen cooking. My husband is making meatloaf.
Probably defrosted the old ground turkey I had left in the freezer
There is no money in the bank so I know there are no groceries in the fridge
All we’ve been doing is write bounced checks left and right. I’ve been the only breadwinner ever since he got laid-off as a doorman at Borgata Hotel in Manhattan, due to an injury to his leg. My tips at Deja Diner were only enough to cover our utility bills. I am thrilled, such a relief jumping inside me knowing I am putting an end to our financial woes. I know he will breathe easy when he sees the money. The kind of money that will have us sitting pretty outside of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A cool million might not be much but it is a new beginning of brighter and better days to come.
I stand at the entrance. The kitchen is small. Edward appears leaner not the same vibrant man I married five years ago. I see whiskers on his face with lack of sleep smeared under his eyes, reminding me how worried he was that I didn’t come home. I found myself wanting to kiss him, to thank him. His lips are always inviting, gentle. He is my friend first, my partner second, my lover, third.
I say, “Hi”
He says without looking up, “Hi”.
He adds spices to the meatloaf, puts it inside the oven, then pours rice from an Uncle Ben’s box to a pot of boiling water on top of the stove.
I say, “I didn’t know we had rice”
“We didn’t”
I try to read his expression and I fail.
He stands in front of the medium heat stirring the rice with a wooden spoon.
“Where did you get the money to buy rice?”
He ignores my question and asks, “How are you?”
I swallow, almost afraid to answer. “Ok”
“Slept well?”
“Not really”
“Me neither, I was worried about MY wife who took off three days ago.”
“Edward, you …”
He interrupts me vehemently, puts a hand in the air, “No! Don’t say it…don’t say I AGREED for this Negro to steal my woman’s v-a-g-i-n-a for a million bucks. I know damn well I didn’t force you into it.”
“You were there when he asked and you sat and listened to him…you said you didn’t have a problem with it.”
He snaps, “Just like when I’m drunk I say a lot of garbage…stupid shit to test you, to see if you’ll have the audacity to cheat on me. Your money-hungry ass disappeared, you couldn’t wait.”
“I did it for us; I know I should have called you.”
I try not to raise my voice.
He asks, “So, what happened? He gave you $3 million for three days of fucking. Did you at least use a condom?”
The bitterness in his tongue makes the kitchen even smaller. I look into his angry eyes and found myself searching for forgiveness.
He continues, “Be honest, was it worth it? Was it? To fuck a stranger like a whore, was it?”
I shake my head. Regret is growing down my throat making it hard to fight against the tears. I can tell by his use of profanity that he is beyond pissed. I want to hold him, for us to cry together, to ask each other for forgiveness. Then again why should I feel guilty for something he also agreed for me to do?
We both signed on the dotted line. We both wanted this one-night stand ignoring the consequences. Sadly, Edward doesn’t see it that way.
I yell, “How can I be looked at as a whore or money-hungry when I did this for us?”
I gulp lumps of anger. We look at each other in silence.
Then he says barely in a whisper, “My love for you is worth more than a million dollars.”
My heart aches under my breast as he walks out.
He exits and the warm kitchen is suddenly cold.
©10/2006 by C. Delaleu

(Part2 of 3)


fallen angel said...


this piece is fckin' awesome! damn new and improved "indecent proposal" without woody and demi! ;-)

Delaleuverses said...

Actually I was inspired by the movie to write my own version except with a twist, thanks for being the first to read it Fallen Angel.

Harlem Purl said...

Um, when can we expect your book to be published?

Can't wait for part 3.

Stephen Bess said...

This is drama at it highest. :) You know, all though this is similar to Indecent Proposal it had it's own flavor. I love the scene in the kitchen. You described the husband really well and I could just see him and imagine his look and demeanor. I enjoyed reading this.

hpy said...

Your writing is good. Did you make the picture too?

Stephen Bess said...

You know, I was just looking at what I wrote. I really need to edit before I hit "send."

"all though" is just bad. :)

Delaleuverses said...

Hpy: Not at all my own creation, the story certainly is and I thought it would be suitable to select this pic from the net

Mr. Bess: It's ok, a typo will not get you in trouble here in blog world, just don't let it happen again ;) (just kidding)

Omar Ramon said...

oh my stars and garters...

this is sending me right now.

Hey, Do you realize we've met before? At Staind Tongues!! I have Your card in my wallet. We spoke french to one another!!

constance said...

Wow!!!! I didn't realize that my head was so near to the screen until after I've finished reading this! It's really great, this chapter II, all the emotions in the kitchen scene...I'll be back for chapter III

iron said...

i saw this posted yesterday and tried to put off reading it until you'd posted 3 so i could read them together. couldn't resist though. another great episode. can't wait for the next!

Nique said...

i fixed it for u

urban butterfly said...

Wow, what a twist! Can't wait to read part 3!

Bougie Black Boy said...

as usual, amazing... the poetry and the artwork!

Anonymous said...

Your your narative!

andrea said...

So much interesting stuff going on since the last time I visited (ages ago). I've read parts 1 and 2 (riveting) and will be back for 3!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

interesting narrative and the storyline is great! the secenes captured me and i am reading in an internet cafe.. almost not moving.. (hehe)

thanks for droppin by my blog.. now im gonna read the other parts.. and yeah that artwork fits perfectly as well.

Rrramone said...

Love that image! :-)