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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Someone told him Juliette is hungry tonight
she hangs her wet panties and fishnets outside purposefully
Hopes her scent is what will bring him to her…
On a balcony she daydreams
Her bare soul exposed to darkness with the eye of the scarlet moon
Her wavy hair ruffles by the breeze
Whispers lust to the wind
Romeo is here
He watches quietly behind a pussywillow tree
Eyes lost in Juliette’s beauty
Escorting him to a disturbing fantasy
Looped with electrified drums and dreamlike bass
“Romeo?” Juliette calls out
she feels his movement
his musky vibe shoots a sensual ache in her loins
Romeo licks his lips
As the wind send him another whiff of Juliette’s g-string

“Where are thou Romeo?” her voice holds an undertone of sensuality
the ache lubricating vulgarity
Romeo’s manhood is a volcanic rock untamable
he emerges from hiding
a black pearl who walks tall and straight with Viking legs
he owns his name with each step
Speaks of grace and virility
Juliette sees him
Her anxious breath he captures with sugar-filled pleasure
He jumps over the balcony
they stare at each other
his weakness boldly fixated on her hard nipples
she hands him her underpants
he clamps his eyes shut
inhales deeply her fragrance
“I live for this and I will die for it,” he confess
Kneeling down with both hands squeezing her thighs
he praise this womanly passage with a kind mouth
Juliette leans lightly into Romeo
He moves his head back and forth
His tongue thrusting her pulsing clit
A feast like a downpour of warm honey in the corners of his mouth
She squirms while her drowning moans shapes million of stars into a poetic arc
Romeo loves the way she sings her profession of love
The way she shudders and jerks this uncontrollable joy
He gets up
Gives her a cruel ravishment of his mouth
She taste her delicious murmurs in his palate
A shivery kiss that silently cause them to cry in unison
this turbulent ending
On the balcony
©11/2006 by C.Delaleu

My love for romance started at a young age. I was only about 9 years old, living in Haiti. I recalled one old French movie in particular that caught my breath and had me daydreaming constantly of my prince charming. The movie Sisi L'imperatrice is the European version of Cinderella, there are four or five parts to Sisi's adventures. She grew up in the country with her parents and it so happens she meets the prince who falls in love with her. It is such a beautiful story. I haven't been able to purchase her movies here in the states since it's so hard to find and expensive. But thanks to Sisi and her prince I was introduced to my writing. Naturally I began writing my own fairy tales and selling my stories to kids in school. In exchange, kids would pay me with blank pieces of paper instead of money. To me that was worth much more. Tell me, what triggered your love of writing? Did it start out with a song you heard and ended with a movie? Was it an experience with family or friends? What do you love about writing? For me, I call it my feeding time. How often do I need to eat? Let's just say i'm not on a diet.


Poetry by Kai said...

this is going to be my favorite post. because i could relate it to romance & fairy tales...

the best about writing is that i can always write from heart...

when i was writing my first poem, it will always start with my boredom. yet it ends up with plenty of inspiration.

i hope i answer your questions as much as i can....

have a great turkey:-]


Xavier said...

"she hands him her underpants
he clamps his eyes shut
inhales deeply her fragrance"

My favorite lines by far. I love it! I can just close my eyes and...

Rethabile said...

I love the lines, "He owns his name with each step," and "I live for this and I will die for it."


BluJewel said...

"Kneeling down with both hands squeezing her thighs
he praise this womanly passage with a kind mouth"

Oh my! Now that's praise & worship to a whole 'nother degree! This poem is sensually erotic and each descriptive brought me closer to my own narrative climax. This poem speaks a sexual language that only two phsyically, emotionally, and chemically bound souls know.

My inspiration to write was borne of loneliness and escapism. It's been a means for me to speak in words things I would never say out loud. As an adult I use it for many reasons, but the common demoninator being; I simply love to write.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you blujewel for the visit, it is very therapeutic to write when dealing with loneliness, I can relate to your answer. It takes you to another place and time...imagination does wonders.

Xavier and Rethabile, thanks for the visit and the love is felt

Miss Kai, yes you have answered my question, and see from you writing from boredom you created beautiful pieces

TequilaGuy said...

By far, the most awesome poem yet!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Tequila, I miss your short stories, come back soon :)

Tina said...

this is HOT babygirl!!

my favorite's are...

"Whispers lust to the wind" & "the ache lubricating vulgarity"

i'll definately be back...

Klara said...

Romance Aha! Aha! bt I love da lines You can beat Xavier!!!(ope he doenst read this)
U are awriter!!!Born writer!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!!

FortuneCookee said...

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving ... Cookee

Joy said...

"He owns his name with each step"

Delaleu, this poem is unbelievably powerful. I am amazed by your creative mind, EVERYBODY on this planet should find out about you and read your work!

And to answer your question, I can't remember when I started writing, I must have been very little. (I have hundreds of my fairytales and short stories in the attic.) When I was just a kid, I wanted to create my own world. Now, writing comes naturally to me. Just like breathing. The thing I know for sure, is that I release my demons and that I create out of my heart

S.D. said...

Oh, my poor english doesn't help me very much to understand all what you put in this blog, but I can feel all your energy and the poetry inside your texts... :)
Thanks a lot for your coming on my blog! ^^

Rethabile said...

Is that a play on words on s.d.'s comment, or is that for real? Had me in stitches.

MagicalSis said...

Big Juicy Congrats on your book!!
So glad I get to come get inspired and enjoy your art.

Love the new pic by the way.

fallen angel said...

"...she hangs her wet panties and fishnets outside purposefully
Hopes her scent is what will bring him to her..."

i thought i was the ONLY girl that did that???? LMAO!!!

urban butterfly said...

wow...what a hot piece of poetry right there! I love the way your words just rolled so delicately off the tongue of my mind as I read them. Simply beautiful!

The Professor said...

What a delightful yet naughty way of portraying Romeo and Juliet!