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Friday, November 24, 2006

Many Reasons to be Thankful

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Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I had an unexpected delivery via UPS two days ago which caused me to jump up and down like a little kid. My first poetry creation is officially born and is being sold on ( simply type the title of the book or my full name.

Honestly, as far as my writing is concerned, 2005 was not a great year for me but there was a light at the end of the tunnel which couldn’t be ignored. I decided to stay focus, submitting my poetry work to various online sites and eventually decided to self-publish my poems on my own.

The beauty of words is a powerful tool in getting others to visualize and feel your passion, also therapeutic in so many levels. I underestimated my abilities to achieve what is now the birth of a brand new baby.

My book, Wrapping Thoughts Beneath Emotive Rain is my first and certainly not my last. I’m working on another poetry book as we speak and on my 2nd novel. I’m very grateful to all you bloggers who have supported me here since I joined back in May. This is truly a reason and season to be thankful. Big thanks and I wish you all the best in achieving your dreams.


Cathy Delaleu

The poem below is based on my own personal experience…December will make me six years in NY.


Hollywood’s postcard is inside my backpack
I take it with me to Brooklyn’s mean streets
I don’t have enough to eat
$1200 will buy me a thick coat and boots
the blizzard is no joke
a beat-up couch leaves me sore all over
I beg grandpa for one more phone call
He charges me by the minute
Demands $250 if I want to rest
On his busted couch
I whine but I give him all I got
I shut my eyes
Imagine my poems lifting me like Peter Pan
My wings made of paper
are written verses created
Under my childhood bed
Grandpa walks by again
Senile with stale coffee in his breath
He wants more money
I grab my dreams
hang them on the walls and ceiling
gunshots are heard outside my window
Summer heat is unbearable
my brother is on the other side of the wall
using his turntable he whispers, Sis, better days are coming,
I hold on tight to the old couch
It soaks my tears
Still I keep my eyes shut
Years run quickly with my pen
Daughter already eight years old
She reads my future out loud with love in her eyes
California is history of the past
Little girl wants to see mommy happy
I swallow Crown Heights without chewing
Grandpa is left to rot on his bedpan
He can’t hear me say I’m grateful
I caress my brand new bed
In my brand new apartment
Where my thoughts wrap me at night
With much blessings
©11/2006 by Cathy Delaleu


Xavier said...

Congratulations my dear. Now the rest of the world will know what we all in blogland allready knew; that you are a beautiful person, inside and out. Here are my wishes for you:

May the Muses all fall in love with you and fight for the priviledge of making love to you on a bed of rose petals.
May you know the bliss of muti-orgasmic inspiration, night after night.
May you become so pregnant with beautiful words that you daily give birth to more beautiful verses than any library can contain.

Be forever young and beautiful. Never stop writing. Le monde t'apartien!

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Miss Dela...


Will be placing my order by Christmas... gift to Self - and looking forward to cozying up with your words on a cold wintery day while nestled neath blankies and mugs'o hot-chocolate.

I wish you Great Success...

With Love... Miss Libra Moon

Soldier said...

Congratulations !!!
I've been away for so long !
Very nice pictures, new layout...
Once again, bravo pour le livre !
The more i read you the more i start to understand the concept of peotry in english. i'm shocked myself.
So keep on being inspired !


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...


fallen angel said...

congratulations ms. delaleu!!!!!!

Rethabile said...

Félicitations, et surtout bonne continuation.

Ananda said...

congratulations sistalove. i am going to order it next pay day and will give it as a gift to some folks in the coming months. wow. you are an inspiration. the new page is wonderful. best wishes on the 2nd novel and book. much love and light, ananda

Leila said...

that's amazing!

congratulations :)

Teacher of Words said...

Hi! I'm Jude Stringfellow, the owner of Faith the Dog. Were you at the Martinsburg Olde Towne Book Faire, because if you were I missed you! I would love to have met you then, or last week. I was in NYC for a few reasons. I ended up having my birthday morning coffee with the cast and crew of Law & Order, and I have to tell you, Jesse L. Martin is ONE good looking man!! Write to me. I just published my 2nd book, a poetry book, "Periwinkle" and we can exchange books perhaps. My 3rd book comes out in a couple of weeks. It is "Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog". It will also be available, like my first, "With a Little Faith" (2nd Ed.) through Amazon, or I am taking the books out of Xlibris. I do NOT recommend that house to anyone.

It was great seeing you here, and I look forward to meeting you. Write me at:

Bougie Black Boy said...

Congrats, my fellow author! We MUST talk.

brooklyn babe said...

Welcome to Brooklyn...

Congrats on book.

Poetry by Kai said...

thats wonderful...

i hope u had a nice thanksgiving...


p.s. i love your book cover with your butterflies in my hair

Poetry by Kai said...

& congratulations!

Scott said...

Congrats.... that is so fantastic to see. Best of luck with everything.


Stephen Bess said...

Big HUGE congratulations!! I'll be looking to get a copy for the holiday season. :)

Amber said...

Congratulations, and good for you!! Take life by the balls! And it looks beautiful, too. I will have to give you a shout out on my blog after I get done with this test this week. There are a lot of poets, and poerty lovers who come around. I am sure they would really love your words. ;)


JenellyBean said...


The Lord is Great and he has provided.

You are a beautiful woman!!
The best of luck in everything!!

Joy said...

I'm so excited for you!

TequilaGuy said...

Congratulations ... can't wait to get my copy!

BluJewel said...

Congratulations on your publication. I can't wait to share this joy for myself.

I will secure a copy and maybe one day we can meet in NY and you can sign it for me.

I wish you continued success and God's blessings.

urban butterfly said...

Congrats on the poetry book! It's so delightful to hear about your accomplishments, and believe me, you inspire me, Ms. Dela!! Wow...I'm so excited for you! I will be purchasing your book soon and will be at one of your book signings! Much love! =)

Lyrically speaking said...

THANK YOU Blog family, I feel the love in here and I must say it puts a huge smile on my face...

Merci, merci, merci encore (thank you again and again)

Hope you can all purchase the book and let me know what you think...I welcome your thoughts


Congrats are in order!!!! I'm in the process of putting something together and I have at least 100 questions to ask you, please contact me at your earliest...

Thanking you in advance!!!