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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


To those fellow bloggers who have wondered who is the poetess behind the lyrical words…well, here I am. Miss Delaleuverses herself. I’m not good at displaying pictures of myself since I tend to be overcritical…which of course are my own insecurities. Slowly but surely I’ll come out of my shell.
I wanted to share my Gratitude Wednesday this evening, I won’t be available tomorrow to display my gratefulness so here goes:

1. today, doze off to sleep for 20 minutes during an MRI exam without an anxiety attack and the nurse made me laugh
2. the heat in my apartment feels like summer in California (ahhhhhhh)
3. Being in a writers’ group with the coolest poets and writers who are like an extended family
4. Blogger friends who still drop by to visit my poetic world and I am grateful
5. my digital camera is FINALLY working and I’m ready to snap what I see as beauty in this fast-paced life
6. my cousin (pictured in black shirt) is my favorite “cousine”, I love her like I love upside-down cake
7. dreams getting sweeter whenever I write poetry before going to sleep
8. chirping sounds of birds outside my bedroom windows waking me up on the weekends
9. the aroma of rice and beans with chicken coming from my landlord’s apartment…ummmmmmmmmm, there’s nothing like Haitian food
10. the sound of my fingers making love to the keyboards on my laptop, that’s how poetry is created:

The earthy smell of water taste like altitude sickness
Down the coast a French film crew sits and watches
While I putter hands on your flesh
Leaving reminders of our reality show
I prowl on neck, chest and lips
You are afraid of the mass media
prefer privacy with morning brunches
You drive through San Fernando Valley
with a hungry appetite for summer
I prefer to wait for you
in an evening marketplace of silk, art and souvenirs
I pause with the ink of my pen
Space turns into black paper
Thoughts are left unspoken
©11/2006 by C. Delaleu


fallen angel said...

your list is great but your pictures are even better! thank you for coming out of your shell for us! :-)

Scott said...

Great to finally see you. Looking good.


Anonymous said...

Quand j'ai offert mes services en tant que photographe c'etait serieux. Tu est ausie belle que charmante, mais je le savais dejas. Je m'imagine avec mon apareille, caressant ta peau illumine de feux d'artifice, afin de capter le moment de l'inspiration. Et toi, aveugle a ma presence et pourtant maitresse de toutes les couleurs de larc-en-ciel, Jouis en souriant, au moment ou tu donnes naisance a un nouveau chez-d'oeuvre.

Forgive the spelling. I love your list, I love your work, You do things... Please don't ever stop!

Amber said...

You should feel good to show yourself. You are lovely! Your smile is beautiful.


joey said...

miss delaleu, thanks for coming through my little spot. your words are just you are (no reason to be shy, but i myself rather post a pic of my babies than myself!) love the list and yes ma'am to rice and beans with chicken!
take care, looking forward to visitng more often

[Mat] said...

Français? Sympa!

Fort jolie, les photos et j'ai bien aimé les derniers récits.

Bonne journée!

Bougie Black Boy said...

absolutely love the pics and the poetry (of course!). I needed my daily dose of you!

urban butterfly said...

Great pictures! You are a pretty lady!

JenellyBean said...


Aren't we beautiful!

Anonymous said...

@[mat]: LOL figures there would be a French speaker in the bunch!

Bonne journee. :-)

Paula D. said...

Cute pics!


"with a hungry appetite for summer
I prefer to wait for you," exactly... Nic pics, beautiful as expected.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ... and the list makes me happy!

Dancewithme2 said...

I can spend more time reading other people's blogs now. I haven't been here in a while - so its nice to visit again. :)
BTW - I think the pictures give you a very Artsy look. HA. You look DEEP in your pics. :)

MagicalSis said...

LOVE. THIS. POEM. are a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing.

Delaleuverses said...

Thank you all for stopping by...

Fallen Angel: I am blushing by your kind words

Scott: thank you for the love

Xavier: you are too much, lol, definitivement, tu es un charmeur que j'admire beaucoup

Amber: I know I should feel good but sometimes it's a struggle
which i'm sure has a lot to do with my past

Joey: very sweet of you, yes, rice, beans and chicken are the best

Mat: Merci beaucoup, reviens encore me visiter

Bougie black boy: I feel honored that you stopped by and blessed my page with your comment, thank you

Jenellybean: thanks for stopping by, thank you for the compliment

Urban Butterfly, Paula d, Slum Facade, Amber Ileen: Thank you

Dancewithme2: I'm glad you're back!

Magicalsis: your generous words means a lot, thanks again

Did I miss anyone? I hope not :)
Please stop by again, mi Blog casa es su casa

Stephen Bess said...

I'm afraid of a pretty lady with a command of words. Too much! This is why my wife scares me. :) Nice pictures. Your eyes say so much.

Anonymous said...

awww these are great pictures :) .. hmm so u change ur hairstyle from time to time .. well .. many do :)

Ananda said...

hey sistalove poetess. love your words of gratitude. and there ain't nothing like haitian food. oh how i miss my college roommate. her momma was from haiti and would come down to morgan with all kinds of treats. whenever, i visited them in the bronx, i had feasts upon feasts. love your photos. keep being grateful. peace and love, ananda

Anonymous said...

I must say you're super-pretty.

By the way, would you mind trading blog links?

Joy said...

I loved the poem and the pictures! You look wonderful!

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Why Miss Dela...

You are as Beautiful as your poetic inspirations... and this is a knowing "without" seeing your Beautiful face!

(the still busy)
Miss Libra Moon

iron said...

beautiful work, as always, but the pics...i haven't the words. all i can say is thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's great to finally have a face to go with the words (unecessary as it may be...the words have a life of their own and don't need a face).

fuzzy said...

I think your face looks Marvelous in person and on screen!

fuzzy said...
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paris parfait said...

This is the third time I've tried to leave a comment saying I like the new look of your blog, your photos - beautiful - and your poetry, amazing as always. Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!