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Sunday, November 05, 2006


You found a way to secure your spine through a telescope
Using hair extensions and semi-permanent eyelashes
To advertise your solitude
A desolate wind sings you prayers
Like the sound of a waterfall
You see the face of nuns beaming at the sight of your hanging breasts
They glow like butter lamps
Shudder as men scatter compassionate verses on your back
Flocks of men cling on your golden monastery
They climb the highest mountain of Jacmel to gain social insight
The men pay attention to your sweet puddles
Your geological past is easy for them to sip
They slurp your Haitian continent in wine glasses
Toast their feet on withered hills
You move with your heart stuffed in sheepskin
You’re a wanderer with no sense of direction
Hoping the men will notice your face smooth with salted clouds
What they see is a girl encrusted on a hillside
With sunlight blinding her eyelashes
Close your eyes before their blades
Shatter your pure heart
©11/2006 by C. Delaleu


Anonymous said...

I love you because through your talent you represent our people well.
Besides, what’s not to love, you’re beautiful, smart and sexy as hell.

M ta byin rimin fon ti pale ave-ou Ninpot le mwin vin NY. ;-D

fallen angel said...

had me in here googling "Jacmel!" i love blogger; you never know when you're gonna be educated! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you find the perfect picture to match the words. Where do u find them???

Deb said...

wow - gorgeous poem!

sage said...


Nique said...

Great post, but hey what else would i expect from you

Nique said...

Great post, but hey what else would i expect from you

Stephen Bess said...

This piece along with the picture made me squirm just a little bit as I was reading it. :) Nice!

urban butterfly said...

this is beautiful and I can relate to it.

BluJewel said...

the photo is fly as hell. i could write a poem using it cause i feel it that much. the poem is fly too. i love the way you write

BluJewel said...

please let me know if i may use this photo?

Joy said...

Absolutely fantastic! And yes, I agree with epsilonicus, you have a gift at matching pictures with your poems. I've always wondered where you find them, too.

Delaleuverses said...

I feel it's the other way around...the pictures find me :) and in the future I will post the name of all the artists because I do believe in giving props where it's due. Thanks for the visit