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Friday, December 29, 2006


The last Friday of 2006 is here. What have I learned, lost or gained?
I'm not sure i've lost anything significant but most certainly I've gained knowledge, wisdom and met some fascinating friends. Here I am Miss Busy Bee at work. The first painting I call it "Prayer Girl", the second one was deleted since Blogger was acting up, I reposted and decided to name it "Thick Madame" thanks to Stephen's suggestion (thanks Mr. Bess. I completed these paintings last night, need to figure out how to use a better pencil that won't smudge the texture of the canvas so much. I know I haven't posted any poems lately, so for those of you missing them here you go. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned for more poetry and art.

AMMUNITION backwards

Streets are covered in diamonds yet you complain
They’re not enough to take us back home
You mumble in Creole how you wish I were buried with the Negre Marron
In Hispaniola
Cause then you can gather more fame for your babies and children’s babies
I know my time will come
It will come like a Holiday episode laced with colors
I place hot peppers under my pillow
To ward off injustice
When I toss in bed
I see you haunting me like a narrative
You set rules for evil spirits to trampoline my ribcage on the back of an ambulance
A Negro is a man wrapped with indignity
But what about a woman?
How do I restrain your riot?
Perished is the road rage often miserable
Open pores pluralize my peace
I’ve made peace with your faults
I sit and watch the plenitude damaging your skull
Your stubbornness shines on your face
I’m not the one in need of glitter
I shine while you sleep
©2006 by Cathy Delaleu

Wishing you a joyous New Year, and make this new year your dream-come-true year.


Manno said...

Funny blog!!! Happy new year!!!

Harlem Purl said...

Have a happy new year Miss Creativity!

Stephen Bess said...

Your artwork is beautiful. I would call that piece "Thick Madame." :) Happy New Year!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Manno: Thanks, come back soon

Miss Purl: Good to see you here, you too enjoy your New Year

Stephen: Thick Madame sounds better, yeah better than Thick and Bougie :) Thanks

Majeak Ann said...

Thank you so much for your words, I am glad you liked it!
Wishing you to have a great prosperous and positive new year!

Amber said...

I love those two last lines! These are words many women can relate to, I think. And should remember! It reminds me a little of a post I did ahile back about my mom and her now dead husband...

It would actually make a great title for a book-- "Not in Need of Glitter".

It is fun to see you at work on your art. ;)

Happy New Year!


Roc said...

your art, be it lyrical or on canvas, is beautiful....expressive and inspirational to say the least.
truly a day brightener.


paris parfait said...

The art is lovely, but something is wrong w/ the bottom two images- they can't be viewed. Terrific poem! Enjoy your new year's celebration, Cathy. Happy 2007!

urban butterfly said...

I was told to come and view your art, and I'm so glad I did!! I LOVE art and I'm going to start painting myself. I haven't done so in such a long time.

Keep painting...keep writing!!

Happy New Year!!

Poetry by Kai said...

happy new year cathy

big warm hugs

Fabrizio said...

Ciaooooo!!!!! :-D
I think that your visit is maybe one of the most interesting I've ever received with the new blog!
And your blog is one of the most interesting I saw.
So, thank-you so much!

Lots of greetings from Italy and Happy new Year!!!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Marjorie: Thank you for stopping by, I love your work

Amber: Come back again, i'm delighted to share my art with you all

Roc: Thank you for stopping by, your work is awesome

Paris Parfait: Thanks, I did try to figure out why but I had to delete the pics, i'll try to post them again

Urban butterfly: I miss you here, you paint too? Cool, can't wait, you know you're one of my favorite poets here on blogger

Miss Kai: You too, enjoy

Fabrizio: Ciao! It's great to see you here, I miss Venice, hope to go back there soon. Thanks for the visit and come back again

Rethabile said...

Very good. It's, how can I put it, it's down-to-earth. There. When I read it, it's what I should be reading, now.

I wish you a good 2007...