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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This week is just flying over my head…I can’t believe another Gratitude Wednesday is already here. I’m not complaining at all, it’s good to know the year is ending and I’m welcoming 2007 with naked hands and feet. I look forward to new challenges; the positive ones are more than welcomed. Lately, I’ve been multi-tasking like an Energizer bunny between writing, organizing, prioritizing and painting, can’t seem to stop. Should I take a break? Naw, I’m having too much fun.

Drumroll please…rattatat tat:

Gratitude for:

1. PASSION…God instilled passion in all of us and we’re the ones who decide whether we’ll share it with others or not, I chose to share :o) it’s a beautiful thing when you share

2. LAUGHTER…My mother is a character, whenever we get on the phone she always seems to find a way to make me bubble with laughter, never a dull conversation with her

3. PIZZA, I was starving one night and wasn’t in the mood to cook, I ordered myself some pizza and it was heavenly…I forgot the taste of some good artery-clogged cheezzzy pizza. I love thin crust cheese or pepperoni. Yummmmmmmy! Diet will have to take a long pause

4. PAINTING…I took a long break over a year, got inspired to start over and I am enjoying it, I forgot though how expensive it could get when you purchase all these supplies. I did have a lot of leftover paint in my closet but some had to be re-stocked

5. CANVAS: I purchased new ones for my art and I can't wait to beautify them with delicate colors

6. PARIS: My blogger friend, Paris Parfait, for having the ability to take me to Paris whenever I stop by her world…seriously if you check out her blog you’ll be amazed at her European pictures. She has a great eye for photography; her treasured blog is worth browsing (

As I reminisce, 2006 wasn’t such a bad year. I can recall days where I’ve felt lost about my writing but I’ve received great support from friends and family. I’ve gained knowledge, confidence, not to mention amazing friends here on Blogger. Also this month is my anniversary, being a resident of NYC for six years. I can’t believe it. Feels like yesterday when I experienced my first snowstorm…coming straight from sunny California, it was culture shock. I’ve adjusted quite well and even surprised my Cali friends, most thought I would have been back after six months. I proved them wrong. Yeah, I’m a New Yorker without the attitude, although I try to get the East coast accent right, lol.
Ahhhhhhhhh, furget about it.

**(art work by Henry Pelissier)



good picture

Xavier said...

LOL. Why is it that I'm always smiling when I'm on your blog? OH, I KNOW, because you are such a positive spirit. :D

Bientot je serais a NY. J'aimerais te voire. je viens avec ma camera. LOL

paris parfait said...

Awwww - thank you, Cathy for the kudos! Much appreciated. I am a fan of your blog - and your poetry - as well! Hope 2007 is a really great year for you.

JenellyBean said...

C, did you paint that picture? Thats you right? Its beautiful!!

Look at them voluptuous thighs!!

I love how you have a good relationship with your mother. I think thats beautiful.
My mom and I can definately share some stories!

Guess what??

I'm home on STATEN ISLAND now, so we have to plan that date.

I got your email, I'll reply soon. Ive been busy girl... I know you know how that is.


JenellyBean said...

I just realized you said you didn't paint that... but do you notice the resemblence to yourself?

I sent that photo to my Coco Puff and he said to me:

"It reminds me of you (as in me) actually. You're always juggling multiple things and you love the water"

Poetry by Kai said...

i'm so grateful to have u as my blogger friend. to be on here.....
to have your gorgeous poetry book..
also my all time 2006 fave poets...

big warm hugs

Novel Nymph said...

I not even know about Gratitude Wednesday! You do #1 so well...

...thanks for sharing your PASSION.

SilkySmooth said...

Thats a nice picture.......

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Hmmm... Gratitudes to sing out 2006 and Resolutions to ring in 2007.. must contemplate... must make time to contemplate... Hmmm...

Thank You for sharing!
(the Red-Haired Goddess)
Libra Moon

malaño said...

este es un nuevo blg de ilustraciones, collage y bocetos.
visitalo y deja un comentario, si te de ganas

Tina said...

yes for passion, laughter, and paris!!!! great list babygirl!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

awesome things to be thankful for. I'm definitely thankful for you and your writings and general creativeness.

Rethabile said...

Just, don't, stop, arting, us. Happy 2007!

Lyrically speaking said...

Jamesee-st-smile: Thank you for stopping by, come back again

Xavier: I am at your service to put a smile on your face and to lift up positivity to you all,well, I try my best :)

Paris Parfait: You are more than welcome, it is always pleasure to visit your blog

Jenellybean: Yes, we should definitely hook up, thanks for stopping by on your busy schedule

Kai: Thank you so much and thanks for the book review

Novel Nymph: Thanks for stopping by, come back again and I do look forward to your Gratitude Wednesday in 2007

Silkysmooth: Thank you

Malano: Wish I could understand the Spanish words, regardless thanks (gracias) for the visit

Tina: Thank you, come again for another sip of passion

Libra Moon: Miss Red-Haid Goddess, it is a pleasure and thank you, have yourself a wonderful New year

Orange Blossom: You are also an inspiration, thanks again

Rethabile: Merci beaucoup, and yes I will continue on for 2007, and you keep on with your rich, poetic verses

studio lolo said...

Wow...great blog site! I'm glad you stopped by so I could discover you :) I love people like you who find the positive in everything. I try to do that too, and if no positive can be found, I always try to look at the lesson.
I wish you a peaceful and creative 2007! BTW, I'm a transplanted New Englander who came to Calif. I miss lots of things about home...but NOT the winter :)

Amber said...

Oh, how I LOVE that Mermaid!! Wonderful!!


urban butterfly said...

I love to laugh!!

and I love pizza too!!

Deborah said...

just "discovered" your blog... beautiful.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Amazing painting, it screams Woman! I love your style and the robustness of your work. Really great stuff!

Lyrically speaking said...

Studio Lolo: Come back again...a dose of positivity we all need, it's the best medicine in the world

Amber: Thank you, I saw the Mermaid and felt she looks just like me, juggling everything at once

Urban Butterfly: We do have things in comment, creative minds think alike :)

Deborah: Cool, come back again...i'll stop by yours soon

Princess Pepper Cloud: Thank you, i'm still practicing and learning