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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays...Well, some of us had to drag our butt to work today, boohoo :( I am one of them. The train and bus were empty, I felt I was the only one in my city going to work. In my department it's a ghost town. I guess it's a good thing. Well, I'll let you all on what I did over the weekend. Miss Lyrically yours did some art work. I went back to my love of art and I'm sharing with you all my passion. Be honest,what do you think? so it's been a while since painted but once I started I couldn't stop. My cousin stopped by my place yesterday, she grabbed one of my paintings and took it home with her then had the nerve to ask me to paint her another one in a much bigger canvas, lol, the nerve.
In total I did 9 paintings using acrylic and I can't wait to do more. Share with me your passion besides writing of course :)


Xavier said...

You paint too! Damn Cathy, si j'avais pas déjas trouvé la femme de mes reves... OK, lemme stop. LOL

Mes autres passions, [sigh] you mean besides photography, j'adores les femmes! Surtout les femmes ravissante et surdoué.

Xavier said...

Your style is very reminiscent of Jeanne Rigaud. Are you familiar with her work?

Lyrically speaking said...

I didn't even know who Jeanne Rigaud was until you mentioned her, I went to a website and found her work. She's very good, thanks for comparing my work to hers...I hope to get better. Merci pour les compliments Xavier

luisa brehm said...

uummmm you paint too, great ...
just to wish a Fantasticcccccccccccccccccccc 2007 !!!
thanks for passing by ;-))))))

Poetry by Kai said...

ur so talented....
u wrote a book & paint?

i cannot keep up with u:-]

warm hugs

constance said...

Hey I couldn't wait to see your paintings after reading your comment!

I like them. I see you in each character you've painted and I really like the compositions and expressions as they are not rigid. The colours are soothing too - I really think you've painted quite well, especially after such a long break from painting. To me,the most important thing is to question yourself these: What do I want others to see or feel after looking at my paintings? Am I all out already? In expressing what's inside me/my mind through this piece? Like how i've conveyed them through words?....Have I hold back anything?...etc....

sometimes, asking and probing yourself with questions such as the above could be one of the tools or the only tool needed to achieve the results/effects you aimed for.

feelings/passion are more important and with them, the rest will follow....

Libra Moon Goddess said...
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Libra Moon Goddess said...

You were Free & had Fun with these!!

Lovin the "Butterfly 'n' Eve" portrait!

Happy Holidays Miss Dela!
Libra Moon

Amber said...

Oh, I like! You are so talented.
Hope you had a good holiday. :)


Anonymous said...

So talented!!

I have also been in a painting mood. More like finger painting. I have no clue why! I have no skills in painting at all.

Cain said...

I really like your paintings..I'll tell you who your paintings remind me of..but, really, they are your expression, fully yours. There is, though, a resemblance, to "Val", of ValsArtDiary (See YouTube, Vlog).

The spirit of your paintings, and the way the color flows; the child-like effect, very strong, but that's what makes them bring a smile~~a knowing smile, at that.

Keep on, and have fun with it. I enjoying drawing & painting also. Have done drawings, and graphic story-telling, since I was a kid.

Cheers, to you!


Stephen Bess said...

I love painting too. I usually do watercolors. I like the way that the colors swim and combine in force. :)I haven't done it in a long time. HI! :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Luisa: Thank you for the visit

Miss Kai: You're too sweet

Constance: Your words of wisdom are well-taken

Libra: It is wonderful to frolic freely in the garden of art and poetry

Amber: Thank you so much

Epsilonicus: I can't wait to see your work, bring it on!

Cain: Thanks for stopping by, I checked out Valsdiary, wow,I really can't be compared to her. She's amazing, her work is out of this world. As far as the energy in her colors, I can see a similarity there.

Stephen Bess: Where have you been? lol, you were missed

paris parfait said...

I used to have a passion for decoupage - sadly, much neglected. But I bought some new materials recently, so must try again - your paintings have inspired me!

JenellyBean said...

I don't paint and my scope is slim as to what is a good or bad painting.

But I can say that some of your paintings were nice and others were fine.

You are definately a talented woman C, and I can't wait to link up. I enjoy having ambitious folk around me and I ALWAYS make friends with older women.

Maybe you can get me into the painting thing, not to become a painter or anything, but to understand art better.

Harlem Purl said...

Wow, those paintings are magnificent. You know I'm in love with the bag lady one becasue she has on that green shirt. What other talents are you hiding?

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is beautiful!! =)
Thanks for sharing it with us!

I have a passion for music (listening to it mostly), but I also play the flute (not as good as I used to when I was younger). But I would love to learn how to play the piano, the acoustic guitar, and the saprano and tenor saxaphone!!

I also love to paint!! It's a passion that I haven't done in a long time. Both of my parents are talented in art. Especially my dad, he was a master at drawing. I adored his talented as a child.

I love photography.

And I love children. I have a deep passion for children. I love being around them, nuturing them, teaching them and guiding them. You never know how much you're impacting a child's life. I want to make a difference in children's lives. That would bring me the most joy.

And of course...WRITING!!! =)