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Thursday, December 07, 2006


He wishes she could stop staring at him
There is uneasiness in his eyes
This is not their first date
But never has she stared at him this long before

By now his lust for this woman cannot be intellectualized
He wants to hide his past from her
Camouflage those scars on his face with a veil
Or perhaps an exfoliation to get rid of those thin spaghetti lines on his cheeks
Reminders of his history
A map that interprets his love, pain and loneliness
The many times he’s been ignored, forgotten
Faded by a world obsessed with beauty

Her kind of beauty
He envies her
Envies what she possess
The ability to walk with her head held high without any stares or lies
This goddess with the raisin colored eyes
One glance at her and his heart cannot deny this yearning
He yearns her love
He feels that electricity
Like a shudder it heats every fiber
He wants to touch her but he’s afraid
Afraid she will run away like catchy cool breeze on a hot summer day
Then it would all be just an illusion
An agonizing day without any music, his conclusion
In her quiet way she stares some more
with soft fingers she touches
Taking a slow trip of this geographical face
She analyze
sees no imperfection
He is not contaminated
Not polluted
He is naturally beautiful
Organically made
©12/06 by Cathy Delaleu

I must say Seal is one of my favorite singers. His soothing voice, his demeanor is flawless, unspoken sometimes and his presence is felt when he's in a room. I dedicated this poem to him. I wrote it a while ago and i've been tempted to send it to him. Hope he likes :)


Poetry by Kai said...


ur so lucky...what he's like?

hey i'm buying your book...

can't wait to read it...


Lyrically speaking said...

Hi Miss Kai, cool, i'm glad you're going to purchase my book, I know you will enjoy it

As for Seal, i've gone to his concerts but never met him in person, although it would be wonderful if I could

Xavier said...

Wow... Cathy you have no way of knowing because we have never met but I have quite a few scars myself. The most prominent being the one on my chin. Wow, after what has gone down, I'm surprised that I'm even sharing again. [BIG hug]
Mesi ampil pou vizit la. M tre dekouraje ak bagay fam pran poz mouri-a. Sa son moun ki FUCK UP toot bon! Bagay sa-a afektem ampil.

Rethabile said...

Il y a du créole ici, ou est-ce que j'hallucine? I hope you do meet Seal one day. That's a wonderful testament.

Nique said...

I hope he likes it to, i would. Thanks for the comment you posted about the part of Rapturous Soul that was dedicated to you, but you where the only person i mentioned twice, :(, guess you didnt c, but oh well :), I still love what you do and how you do it. Dont stop writting love.


Jo said...

"Taking a slow trip of this geographical face
She analyze
sees no imperfection
He is not contaminated
Not polluted
He is naturally beautiful
Organically made"

so lovely sister...

Nique said...

i fixed it, ha!

Amber said...

Oh, I liked this so much. I like him, too. He has a good energy about him, I think...


JenellyBean said...

Oooh, that was nice.

I say send it and stop acting like a punk!


JenellyBean said...

I've lost your email address, can you hit me up with a quick email?
I wanted to tell u something.

Epsilonicus said...

I would have to say if someone sent me this poem, I would believe myself to be blessed!

Stephen Bess said...

Hey Hey Hey! Your book is on the way. :)

C said...

BluJewel says...i too like Seal and find his appearance in spite of his scars striking. He has a way about him that is rather appealing. What a beautiful way to speak to him.

magical said...

This is spectacular...but of course Dawlink, you are !! I feel cool for being a blogger with ya and being read by you....a real celeb.

I have always liked him so much and thought he was very sexy...very mysterious to me and i love his music.

paris parfait said...

Fab ode to Seal!

fallen angel said...

my ex-boyfriend's favorite song is "kiss from a rose." do you know the number of times we made love with that song playing in the background...?*rushing out to make a phone call*

The Professor said...

Fantastic, as always. I'm sorry I was away on a sabbatical.

PaulSketch said...

ooo send it to him, its beautiful!! THanks for stopping by my blog - I enjoy your writings :)

urban butterfly said...

I love Seal too. My Mom turned me on to him a while back. Her favorite song by him is called, "kiss from a rose"...and like Mother like daughter, that song is my favorite by him as well!