Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We want to elect a bulletproof bodyguard to prevent our organs from
A strong Nephilim to look us straight in the eye
To throw tax-free at our feet
We try to collect as many ballots as we can
Yet we can’t seem to save the remaining survivors left behind in Iraq
NY still wears war on terror gold necklaces donated by the Bush
This morning a Democrat got off my bed with his gums bleeding
He said he’d make things better
By using his teeth as peanuts
Everyone will benefit to his empty promises
By ball-licking his vouchers
He will chew on our flesh to understand our plea for peace and security
I peek at the slightly open door
He is dining, laughing with his fellow Republicans
Sharing speeches they fornicated in Time Square with a group of porn
I hide my opinions from congress by sleeping in the basement on piles
Sky-high gas prices
82,000 other women also join me in this fuel shower
We dry ourselves in student-loans and rental fees
While we wait for our men to come home
And cradle our children with a freedom lullaby
Petitions are glued on driveways with an evangelical message asking for
Sadly every soul is blinded by mankind’s ability to annihilate global
Prayer tears shared between both electoral parties
Men in suits carrying money caskets on their head with children’s bodyparts
snatched by roadside bombings
Suicide bombers live among us
They breathe our oxygen
Ask one huge favor
©12/2006 by C. Delaleu

painting by Joseph M. Njoroge

GRATITUDE WEDNESDAY: here we go, here we go, it's that time again, DRUM ROLL...

1. Change of season no matter how much I bitch about the cold I’m grateful for warm coats, fuzzy gloves, and thick boots, as long as they're cute

2. NYC men, men, men. Damn, they are so fine yet dangerous. I see a cutie on the train this morning checking me out but I didn’t have the nerve to say anything, of course with my poetry book in hand he noticed the cover…he smiled at me and that was enough to make my day. “Talented and beautiful,” he said. I did say thank you but I felt so embarrassed with all these eyes gawking at me so I didn’t continue a dialogue with him, my stop came and I had to get off the train.

2. Hair, yeah I’ll admit it, I’m the braider-type, although I’ve had my moment about cutting all of it off and immerse myself into Baduism, lol. I jumped on the train yesterday on my way to Harlem in the blistering cold for some hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre, that’s one thing I’ll say is addicting to me, when hair is freshly made and washed with the scent of Herbal Essence

3. Family, without my mother I wouldn't have any idea about altternative medicine, if you need advice on Herbal medicine, Marie Carmel is the one to contact...she should have been a doctor. Sister is an artist, can’t wait to visit her this weekend, I’ll be taking some cool pics of her latest work to display to you all. Brother is a DJ, he is helping me with my poetry CD, yep Miss Spoken word will be spitting some verses on the mic, all I need is ONE mic, lol, ok I’m being silly

4. Writing, without it I can't breathe and with it I can starve. I could be dead broke with a can of soup in the pantry and $7 bucks in my bank account (shhhhhhhhhhhhh) and still can sing the blues with a pen and a smile. I am so well fed with my writing.

5. Yummmmmmmy taste of oatmeal, I love oatmeal with cinnamon and granola on top, I have it every morning for breakfast, keeps the cholesterol down and body temperature warm


Nique said...

Baby you had me until oatmeal, but as always i loved that i came by.

Hassan said...

You are indeed feeding me. I'm getting full, but I always have room for more.

Lyrically speaking said...

Nique: you don't like oatmeal, it's good for you :)

Hassan: I'm glad I fed your mind, you did look kinda hungry, lol

Stephen Bess said...

I love oatmeal! I need to try it with the granola though. :) I love the poem and your fantastic way with words. By the way, the best way to start a conversation next time (Train scenario) is with a nod and smile or a slight wave of your hand in their direction. Life will either push the situation further or restrain you until your next stop. Always a pleasure! :)

Poetry by Kai said...

u are funny....makes me laugh

i should your book on amazon:-]

i have a baby pic of meon my blog...
wanna see ?
i look very

Poetry by Kai said...


i love being cute..

Rethabile said...

Your voice is unique. It takes me away to an exotic place where people speak good and say true.

BTW, is that OJ Simpson sitting at the table with a smoke and a drink?

Scott said...

I think that I fall in love on the subway most mornings...

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Rule of Thumb...

NEVER discuss Religion or Politics with Friends (if you want to remain Friends)!

So... How's the weather? Cold with continuous snow here. Off to shovel!

Enjoy the Journey!
Libra Moon

Lyrically speaking said...

Stephen: You're right, life is too short...a little nod or smile does wonders, I did smile but nothing happened plus I was on my way out
Thanks anyways, I will take the time to be more conversational with my eyes that should work :)

Miss Kai: Your baby pic is so so cute, I love it, thanks for stopping by with your sweetness

Rethabile: I'm glad my poems takes you to another journey, another place. Yes, it is OJ on the pic, and Bill Clinton and, I know weird, huh?

Scott: I'm a lover not a fighter, and I do find myself in the same predicament every day either in the am or pm i'm falling for someone new, no wonder I have speed bumps on my forehead, lol

Miss Libra Moon: I totally understand your comment, you are right and those two subjects I shy away from with friends and family cause' I know the outcome :) but i'm in my writer's group they chose for us to write a poem on "vote" back in November so this was shared with the group. It's not at all intended to offend anyone here, I know everyone has their own beliefs and opinion and your comment is much appreciated.

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Why Miss Dela...

Absolutely no offense taken! Was commenting that "I" do not comment on such "topics." Have stood in knee-deep do-do involving such matters.

Always Love your words and style of writing no matter what subject you approach... and your Visual Beauty is Breathtaking!!!! (As the gentleman on the subway verified.)

As for the topic of weather... off to shovel more snow!!!

Enjoy a NY Day!

In Love & Peace
Libra Moon

magical said...

Whoa Nellie/I mean Cathy....that was powerful, and ya kinda did cover a buncha the dis-ease in our fair land. :(

My heart breaks~

magical said...

at least ya followed with some good ole gratitude!

fallen angel said...

oatmeal with cinnamon and granola? hmmmm...gonna have to try it. i like granola in my frozen yogurt already....