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Monday, December 04, 2006


On Sunday morning Jesus woke me up with a scripture
Don’t scrub too hard you might see blood
I close my eyes to recreate his spirituality
Feet squeaked on his white tiles
Turns them to mud
Great-grand mother frown
Orders me to calm down
I sit on a small wooden chair
Kaki ties my thin strands with a red scarf
Cleans the make-up off my face
Use pencil-liner to underline my sadness
She says, Now you look too Haitian
She instructs me to sit on her plastic couch
My polyester dress shines like Tiffany’s breakfast
My menu is a Haitian-upbringing
I smell Kaki’s garlic breath miles away
Chose to disobey her
I venture off to Kenep Ville to watch the soccer game
Haiti is losing
Italy is winning again
English-speaking men beg me for a date
I tell them Jesus woke me up with a scripture
I don’t sex without his permission
©12/06 Cathy Delaleu
picture by Remy Seth Musindi


Dancewithme2 said...

I just wanted to say that your profile picture is SO beautiful.

writerwritz said...

WHOA~ I enjoyed that, it was beautiful. Very beautiful of one culture to one's beliefs. Bravo!

Hassan said...

my my...

Enjoyed much.

Oh, and yes, I'm copping the book. Thought not?

Stephen Bess said...

Haa haaa!!! :) I like that. I really like that.

Poetry by Kai said...

this is deep.:-]

on my chat box
all u type your name & your messages
then click send.

Omar Ramon said...


fly as usual

JenellyBean said...


Can you help me to understand what this is about?

I always feel so lost when I read poetry like this.

brooklyn babe said...

I can see that Toni Morrison meets Emily Dickerson in you.

bK bAbE

Rethabile said...

So do I, Stephen, so do I. You through whom I landed here.

I like the talk in it, the patois. Nice...

getzapped said...

Splendid and real. A groove for the body and spirit!

neanderthal said...

A very good read and you are a very beautiful woman inside and out. Look forward to stopping by again.

BluJewel said...

that piece of artwork is saying so many things.

Nique said...

I love this!!!!Thank you so much sweetie!:)

fallen angel said...

that picture!!!!!! damn you ms. delaleu! you and urban butterfly have ALL the "goodest" images! ;-)

constance said...

Love your writings as always, but that MO Better post....that's so touching....Sometimes, I'd like to think that it's meant to be, that we go through what we've gone through....precious stones won't shine if they are not sanded, right?

Oh your book is out already?!!! Congratulations! :) Let me check amazon out!

Have a beautiful week ahead :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Dancewithme2: Thank you for the compliment, i'm very flattered

Writerwritz: Thank you for stopping by, come again

Hassan: Yes, cop that book you won't regret it

Stephen: I see that smile on your face :)

Miss Kai: It's always a joy when you stop by

Omar: Thank you, glad to see you here

Jenellybean:I'll be glad to help you understand this piece, no problem

Brooklyn Babe: that's a huge compliment, wow, speechless is the word, to me I can't compare to such great writers

Rethabile: Merci beaucoup, j'apprecie

Getzapped: Come back again, thank you

Neanderthal: Very pleasant visit, thank you

Blujewel: thank you, yes, the artwork tells an intense story

Nique: you are welcome, my pleasure

Fallen angel: You have me laughing, well, Urban butterfly and I we are here to entice the mind with words and pictures

Constance: Thank you and yes, the book is on Amazon, you can get your copy online. I know you will enjoy it :)

paris parfait said...

Somehow I've missed the news - you have a poetry book out now? Please tell me more!

Lyrically speaking said...

Yes Miss Parfait, the book is out on Amazon :)