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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Friday everyone. This is my latest art work, acrylic on canvas. It was fun to do since I use a small sponge for the background. I need more practice, I'm not looking to be perfect only better at it. For those artists out there, what killer tips do you have for emerging artists when it comes to acrylic or oil. Well, what I've been doing is draw my work first on a canvas then paint, do you think that's a good idea? Do I need to sketch first or just paint? Your responses will be much appreciated. Have a great weekend.


O yes bring back French music
Bring back Sunday dinners
Equipped with a maid at my tail
I want to be taken back to school
Sell stack of fairytales to hungry kids
They’ll eat using thirsty fingers
Love is my favorite subject
But teachers snicker
They don’t like my Happy Ending
I should have stayed in class
To start another chapter of playful words
Mom you should have left me there
I was comfortable with my head
On a stranger’s bosom
She used to look at the stars
Predict danger while a big white bird flew by
I miss the recipe of dreams
the collage of innocence
the dragonflies of hope
In America it’s not safe to catch
stars with a swollen tongue
© 1/2007 Cathy Delaleu

This poem is based on my childhood years in Haiti, I grew up there for 6 years without my mother. It was me, my sister and my brother. I remember the French musics my Tante and uncle used to play while we ate our Sunday dinner. We had a maid for everything: one maid cooked, one cleaned and took care of the garden and cars, one washed the clothes and took us to school. I recall one maid that used to tell us some wild stories at night. She always waited until the grown-ups were asleep to tell us small kids what to fear at night and one of her tales was about a human who would turn himself into a big white bird and he would fly over many homes looking for scared children to eat. With that story, she made us pray every night. You can almost hear the bird or "chouete" flying over the roof, he couldn't easily smell our fears cause' we hid under our beds with our prayers.


Rethabile said...

O yes, bring it back, now. Dansons, dansons, emport├ęs par cette musique ├ęblouissantes...

This is cool, Cathy. Cheers

Poetry by Kai said...

hi cathy

i just love your poem..also love behind your poem....bring me back to when my mom tell me her silly fairy tales...i just u inspired me to write a poem about my childhood...:-]

i also like your painting....

thanks for sharing!

best warm hugs

Crankyputz said...

What a pretty your paintings.

Vesper said...

a gorgeous poem. i love it.

Novel Nymph said...

So luscious as always--promise me you will do NaNo!

Anonymous said...

*So cathy's your name... ;)

I cant really give you advice on painting that much(since i dont like brushes).. but i've designed "for" paintings and yes.. i generaly draw a light under-sketch. Light enough for the painter to paint over and not smudge.

Hope that helps :P

happy friday to you too!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I haven't been here in quite a while (not on purpose), and I'm so glad that I came back! This is wonderful!

Libra Moon Goddess said...

In answer to your question...

"Do I need to sketch first or just paint?"

Create intuitively Miss Dela. One method does not rule over the other. As in writing... Do we map the words out first or do we just release?

Enjoy the Day!
Libra Moon

paris parfait said...

I like your poem and the story of you growing up. Your art is lovely as well!

DLAK said...

WOW!!!!! You and your art are soooo beautiful. My daughter and I just had the discussion about to sketch first or not, we agree that is all how you feel at the time. Sometimes I want things perfect and I have a definite idea about what I want to do, on those days I sketch first. On other days I let the brushs do what they want.
PS: You are wonderful.

Xavier said...


You are so sweet. I’m glad I made you smile. I can’t wait!

Thanks for the memories of Haiti. It reminds me of a passage from my book. Was it really so long ago!? Haiti has changed so much. [sad look]

My artistic tip: There is NOTHING like finger painting on a nice tight canvas. And who needs paint? Just look in the fridge. Chocolate syrup is a good choice. Easy on the whip cream, a little goes a long way. Of course the best canvas is human skin. [wink]

Kuan Gung said...

Haiti...fascinating...very nice work, very wishes for the new year!

Beloved Dreamer said...

Wow is all I can say. How beautiful and beautiful you are my friend. I too am an arist. Your work is wonderful. I am so happy that you found me. Please come again and thank you for your kind words.


-Princess Shin- said...

Your art is cool! =) Wish i have even the slightest bit of creative juice in me!

Thanks for droppin by!

Take care!

Sugarlips said...

Nice painting :)
Lovely poem :) & your childhood
story was a treat to read :)

Thanx for stopping by.

Stay Beautiful...!!

The Professor said...

That's a cute painting.

Ananda said...

i love the work. keep being open to your creative expression. allow Spirit to guide your paint strokes. beauty is blooming with each divine stroke you take and each word you write. peace and love, ananda

Brotha Buck said...

I almost always draw on tracing paper, then transfer my sketch to canvas. I do an underpainting to establish my light and dark areas, then work as transparent as possible, building up layers. But, I like the idea of drawing directly to canvas, has a much more carefree look. Very nice piece of art. Glad I stopped by.

mermaid said...

Cathy, beautiful child, soulful women, artist and friend, keep catching stars with a swollen tongue, and fill your heart and bosom. When it gets to be too much for others, release some of that reserve for the world, and spread your love like a wildfire.

Lyrically speaking said...

Rethabile: Merci, oui, nous dansons cette chanson Francaise :)

Miss Kai: Thank you...I can't wait to read your childhood poems

Crankyputz: Come back again

Vesper: Thank you, come back soon

Ariel: Any advice on my art is appreciated and also on my poetry :)

Novel Nymph: Please refresh my memory again about Nano

Libra Moon Goddess: Your question does make me true, we release our words, we don't map them out, they're naturally expressed

Mr. Lockhart: Thanks for stopping by, you have a lot of catching up to do :)

Paris Parfait: Merci pour la visite, dansons cette annee de 2007

Xavier: I will need to check out that book of yours

Brotha Buck: I've tried tracing paper once but wasn't crazy about it, I didn't like how it made me feel restricted. Drawing directly or impromptu is way better

Dlak: Thank you for the love, it's felt on my page, come back again

Beloved Dreamer: Thank you, please come back again

Professor: I need to visit you more often for inspiration :) Your writing is catchy

Sugarlips: Thank you, hope to see you back here

Ananda: Thank you for your words

Princess Shin: You're welcome, your art is wonderful

Kuan gung: Thank you for the visit, come back anytime

fallen angel said...

you had a MAID??? i can remember when i was young, that's why me and my bothers thought WE were!!!! LOL!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

This piece strikes the heart full on.