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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am grateful for...

1. The breath of life, the ability to wake up out of bed and feeling alive this New Year

2. My physical therapist, knees are getting better. I can't wait to get back to the gym

3. The new lamps in my bedroom are new gifts and I love them, they blend so well with my mood

4. I have a great boss, and she's a woman, lol. I used to think working for a woman sucks, well, i've had my share in the past but I've been blessed with this one

5. Lunch was salmon with vegetables, yummmmmmmy!

6. Thanks to Rethabile, discovering two talented poets : Makhosana and Kojo

7. Trains are a joy ride, I have a 40 minute commute in the morning, that's where gratitude comes in,I take advantage of it. I write, I read and read again.

I've been tagged by Rethabile, this is the first and hopefully not last:

Question one: Why do you write poetry (or literature) at all?

I've been writing since I was eight years old. I was always the one hiding under the bed with pen and paper while my sister played with dolls. I haven't stop ever since but I no longer hide under the bed :) Poetry keeps me at peace with myself. Helps me see the world a little better, a little softer and keeps me grounded. I'm very passionate about my writing, espcially poetry, it's impossible not to write.

Question two: What is your favourite poem? You know, the one you'd have loved to have written, the one by whose standard you base all other works of art. If your life depended on answering this question, what poem would you suggest to the person holding the knife to your throat?

I have so many from different poets, but one that really got me when I opened her book was Sonia Sanchez's Haiku piece:

i have carved your face
on my tongue and i speak you
in my off-key voice

And to the person holding the knife to my throat, I would suggest Miss Sanchez's Sonku piece:

when i die
i shall take
your smell
inside me

Question three: According to you, what is the state of poetry today? Is poetry flourishing or dying?

Poetry is surviving through all of us, whether you're a beginner or an elder. The use of language is definitely what many readers are thirsting for out there and we're the one responsible to show them how our creative minds work.

Question four: What kind of poetry (or literature) do you dislike, and would not consider buying?

I am not crazy about poems that rhymes, in the beginning I used to write them but now I avoid them. I love free verse.

Question five: Between the styles of Come (by Makhosana Xaba) and word speaks (by Kojo Baffoe) which do you prefer? Care to tell us why?

Wow, I read both of their work, they are unmistakeably fascinating. I am in awe with their language structure.

Question six: What was the last poetry book you bought?

I went to Barnes and Nobles just to browse and stumbled upon this delicate, small book entitled "Crush", by Richard Siken. It's a small book but the energy and imagery he offers are intriguing, each word jumps at you

Question seven: Where do you go for poetry on the web?, The Verbal Artist and The Next Big Writer. If there are others out there let me know :)

Question eight: Do you talk poetry (or literature) with friends and family? "Hi honey -- Hey, I read this incredible poem today..."

Yes, I often do with my family and friends, especially my sister. She's my best critic or maybe I should say worse, lol. she'll let me know if a poem is worth posting anywhere on the web or worth publishing on my next poetry book

Question nine: What one piece of advice would you give to a beginning poet (or writer in general)? One. What would you tell them to do or not to do?

I would suggest to any beginner to keep on writing and reading. The more you read, the more inspired you will feel. The urge, the fire is already there simply ignite it with more writing and reading.

Question ten: What line comes to you after the following two verses (in other words, please write the third verse -- these are spontaneous lines from me and are no part of any poem I'm writing or will be writing).

When the light from the lantern
beamed and fell upon the child,
he discovered a collection of pleasure
he danced at the sight of hope
placed the light under his pillow
the next day ate it for breakfast


The TV screen shows his face
I place duct tape on the front door
In case he tries to break in

Clock tick-tocks 2 a.m.
I surfaced out of the warm bathtub without a robe
I hear the sound of feet on marble tiles
I hide inside the dark walk-in closet
“Who are you hiding from?” he asks
“I’m naked,” I say, “I’m naked with stretch marks”
He whispers in my ears, “I only see your beauty”
I locate his face with wet fingers
My shadow follows him out of the closet
He places me on a buffet table
Incites mayhem with implicit kisses on my breasts
Wine glasses and champagne splashes on the floor
Viciously we roll over
He identifies my weak spots with his bare hands
The quiet is broken with moonlight chanting
I tear open his shirt
Buttons spill over and over
There is no controversy
He keeps his tongue like a glorious leash of chocolate in my mouth
4:00 a.m.
He salutes my body with consistency
Stretch marks has disappeared in the night
Painting by Humberto Vinas Garcia


Poetry by Kai said...

those are good questions cathy..
thanks for stopping by...

your poem is sweet & sensual:-]
i also like your gratitude list..

have a wonderful day!

warm hugs

Rethabile said...

Marvellous. I'll put up a link on my blog. Marvellous (I know, I said it already).

Pat Paulk said...

Hot! Hot!! Love it!!

malaƱo said...

visita mi blog es de ilustracion y dibujos

Nique said...

Hey love, how have you been? I havent been here on in a while but i just had to come see you. Lmao “I’m naked,” I say, “I’m naked with stretch marks”, now thast just funny. Although thats no reason to hide, I am thankful for you, dont take your love away.

Novel Nymph said...

I love when bloggers play tag--what a rich base you have for poetry...

...and all of the things you are thankful for! Thanks for making me remember to be thankful! There is so much to be thankful for at the end of every day...

andrea said...

Lots of food for thought here. BTW my best boss was a woman ... and so was my worst! :)

joey said...

your journal is so appropraitely titled...lyrically speaking... yes ma'am.
love the list and the tag...
"Poetry is surviving through all of us, whether you're a beginner or an elder. The use of language is definitely what many readers are thirsting for out there and we're the one responsible to show them how our creative minds work."

thank you for keeping it positive!

ValGalArt said...

This is such a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it! Have a beautiful and inspired 2007!!!

getzapped said...

I really enjoyed your upbeat voice in this post. Your joy for the written word and life lifts off the 'page' as I read what brings you gratitude, as well as your poetry tag responses. Btw, here is a fun link to haiku prompts, if you're interested:


Keshi said...

I find ur space beautiful!

If only more ppl thought like u do...very noble thoughts here.


mermaid said...

I like question 1. I stopped reading after that. I guess it's my personality, to know you, and what you have to say, though many have influenced you.

Rethabile said...

"When the light from the lantern
beamed and fell upon the child,
he discovered a collection of pleasure
he danced at the sight of hope
placed the light under his pillow
the next day ate it for breakfast."

I had to come back, and tell you that the ease with which you say these words cracks me up. And I don't laugh. I just crack up inside, as if I'd found that collection myself.

I mean, he or she ate the lamp, for Chrissakes.

paris parfait said...

Fascinating answers to the meme and a lovely poem to boot!

constance said...

A wonderful gratitude list! There are indeed so many things in life to be grateful for :)

and for the tag, I can understand that love of yours - to write...and the love for it shows through beautifully!

love your poems - as always!

Lotus Reads said...

What a beautiful blog, I'm so glad you dropped by for a visit and I was able to find you! Will definitely visit again!

Fabrizio said...

Good questions.
My favourites are Catullo and Baudelaire, but I lack knowledge in american litterature, so I should discover more...

Anyway, I like your lines :-D

Lyrically speaking said...

Kai: Thank you, i'm really enjoying my gratitudes

Rethabile: Thank you so much for your tag, we should do it again on another topic of course

Pat Paulk: Thank you

Malano: Gracias, come again

Nique: You see what you've been missing, lol

Andrea: Thank you, yes, my boss is pretty cool, I'm blessed

Novel Nymph: Playing tag to me is wonderful, and relaxing, especially if you're at work :) it makes the day go by

Joey: So sweet of you, come back again

Vagalart: Thanks and come back for me inspiration

Getzapped: I will check out the Haiku site, I might try it one day, thanks

Mermaid: It's been a while, i'm delighted that you're here, I'll stop by more often, your work is incredible
Rethabile: you came came again, lol, I'm glad that I was able to put a smile on your face

Lotus Reads: Your page is also beautiful, I can't wait to go back and read more

Constance: you are too sweet, thanks to you i'm able to appreciate my art more

Fabrizio: Gratzie, did I spell it right? thanks for the visit

Paris Parfait: Merci pour la visite

Stephen Bess said...

Love your answers here. I learned a little about you today. :)