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Monday, January 15, 2007

I was tagged by Miss Kai


1. My true calling is writing,writing poetry and novels
2. The color orange, the burnt orange you see when the sun goes down on a hot desert
3. Flowers and fairies
4. Curly hair
5. scented perfumed oils, they last longer. I hardly wear perfumes made with alcohol
6. I love all kind of music, I can go from Marvin Gaye to Andrea Bocelli in one day, well I don’t know about country
7. My de-stresser is writing or cooking my favorite dishes
8. I don’t sing, I’ve been told I have a nice voice over the phone which I’ll put it to good use on my poetry CD, lol, but you won’t hear me sing
9. My indulgence is Junior’s Cheesecake, if you live in NY you know it has an intoxicating effect on the hips :-)
10. My rings, I’ve always been into funky artsy rings and earrings


Epsilonicus said...

Wow. I may have to do this tag. It seems to be a fun one.

Rethabile said...

That cheesecake sounds like it wants to be eaten by me...

Poetry by Kai said...

i love it....
thank u for accepting my tag....

warm hugs

fallen angel said...

hell yeah for scented oils! i recently got one with a pretty explicit name, yet it smells FANTASTIC!!!!!

Charles X said...

i feel you on number six

Stephen Bess said...

I like your style. I've had that cheesecake from Juniors. It is very good!

getzapped said...

Again- I'm refreshed by you. I can just hear those artsy earrings jingling on your way to Juniors ; ) My musical tastes are broad too, but Country never has settled in with me either.


RTMac said...

I've eaten cheese cake manytimes over at Juniors in Bklyn...though its been a while since I moved away...have my studio and family in god's country...not that i am religious...just a figur a speech...

but i continue to enjoy your comments to me would love to some how talk with you in real IM or if not we can still communicate this way...web site is the words and images..keep up the good work


Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you all for the visit, I see many of you love cheesecake :)

Soldier said...

orange, that damn sunsetish orange. It was the color of my first appartment. It was nice during the day but life really started from sunset to sunrise. Big red couches and vodka martinis, a crazy dog, a dysfunctional fish tank, clothes everywhere, a Craig Armstrong cd playing, and a good friend to talk to.
How i miss those days !!! Now i have a job. lol

urban butterfly said...

The call to write!! What an awesome calling!! =)

I love orange too!

Flowers are some of the most beautiful creations to me. I LOVE flowers!

I have nappy-curly hair!! lol. It's so hard to manage sometimes!

Perfume oils...I like them too!

Andrea Bocelli! What an amazing voice he has! I love him!

I've been told I have a nice voice as well. That's such a sweet compliment to receive from people!

I don't wear rings!! They're so uncomfortable!! LOL. But I love artsy ear rings!