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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Gratitude this week, i'll keep it short and brief, yeah, sure...

1. Stephen aka "Bougie", he is an awesome writer/poet/friend/supporter, check out his blog ( He is what you call "good quality" inside and out. His book "Bougie Black Boy" is an adventure ride he delivers in a collection of essays masterfully written with thought-provoking subject matters.

2. Pomegranate juice, a glass a day keeps the heart smiling and money-hungry doctors away. Did you know it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure? It's loaded with potassium, so if you're not in the mood to eat a banana, try a glass of this delicious juice. Thanks Mom :)

3. Book and poetry CD by Roger Bonair-Agard, he is slamming, I am loving his words, if you need inspiration he's the man for you

4. For lunch, whole wheat pasta and grilled chicken, very tasty, yummy for my tummy

5. Banana pudding (I had to throw something sweet in there), lol

6. My poems are published in the January issue of Flutter/Vintage Magazine


On the train
No one wants to give up their seats
No one wants to give up comfort
To be selfish is a treat
Created only in the East
In the East we eat rice and curry with our hands
It demonstrates pride
We boast about our dirty streets
Have you seen them?
Spits have dried our history
Winter’s last 60 degree weather was December 1804
Back then I was reincarnated
My name was Lady Katherine
I used to heal with my words
Turn ugly into humanly beautiful
I was the relationship doctor
my magical verses had people fall in love

I was a threat
Village people burned me at the stake
Made my children watch me die
They saw my charred flesh
Smell the roast of indigo
Of runaway slaves and boatpeople
They ate my flesh for good luck
Their children will grow smart
All left-handed and unafraid of East coast’s lies
I see them now
The kids are in bed
Waiting for me to tuck them in
they don’t want to give up their space
Their comfort
Their history
I repeat my story in their waxed ears
Listen to the birth of our culture
Listen to La valasse cry for pain
They cry
Laugh and shout in anger
Kids beg me again for another story
Slamming forks and knives on my back
Heaven knows how many I’ve accumulated
Tell me your story
Someone told me a woman’s lips feels better on Ayiti Peyi
My story is inspiration magnified by duty
Duty to rally the flag with prayers
Inspiration makes me stand
And I’m the only passenger on the train
Offering you my seat
© 2007 by C. Delaleu
Painting by Henry Pelissier


Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by...
I love your list and your poem too. Especially:
"Inspiration makes me stand
And I’m the only passenger on the train Offering you my seat"

getzapped said...

I just want to say thank you for your inspiration. I look forward to your gratitude list. You're so down-to-earth and uplifting all at the same time. Peace~

Poetry by Kai said...

wonderful cathy!

love the gratitude list

fallen angel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the poems being published!!!

roger is definitely more handsome in person than you could EVER imagine.

my guilty pleasure the past couple of months has been pomegranate green tea (made by arizona). it is freakin' FABULOUS!!!

Poetry by Kai said...

hi cathy again
u have been tagged:-]
will u accept?

btw i forgot to say congratulations on your poems being published again.

warm hugs

Joy said...

"And I’m the only passenger on the train
Offering you my seat"

You are trully inspired and inspiring

Thank you for everything

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

congrats on getting your poems in the magazine...MOVING ON UP LIKE GEORGE AND WEEZY!!!

Blu Jewel said...

great list. i love that painting. poem is creative and wonderful

S* said...

Sorry I haven't been around in a while.

Congrats on getting published! I'll say again, you have an extraordinary gift.

Stephen Bess said...

Whew! I love this poem! That was a beautiful commute.

RTMac said...

Thanx for your visits to my site...nice to see your work...very good...good stuff
words as well


Ariel said...

Beautiful painting.. or is that pastel?...

Sorry i dont read most posts, or comment on them. I generally zip though peoples blogs.. unfortunately :/

Maybe i'll see you on illustration friday again this week! :)



The Professor said...

Great, great, great. You have a way with words. I wish I could write poetry.

Vesper said...

congrats on getting poetry published!!! ;)

Rethabile said...

Ha! I like.

Maybe you got inspiration because you're standing...

Amber said...

This poem is brilliant, and so is this painting! Did you paint it? I love it.

Congrats on your work being published. Well done.


mermaid said...

Your perecption of reincarnation, or yourself as a soul burning...well, you're still burning, and I carry your light.

_Soulless_ said...

The poem comes full circle -- a ring, a treasure trove filled with stories of the past, lived and/or told. ^_^ (Been reading past pieces, too. Loved the tales woven into each -- refreshing creativity.)


Fabrizio said...

Ehy, lot of compliments for the publishing of your poetry!

I hope I'll find the way to publish my comics

paris parfait said...

Wonderful poem and I really like your gratitude list (and banana pudding, although I haven't had any in years).

Deb said...

beautiful... congrats on the publications!

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you all for your beautiful responses