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Thursday, February 01, 2007


So you wanna keep it real?
When your fake Gucci bag was made by child labor
Brag about your diamond in the ruff
Your bling bling worth the price tag of Africa’s sweat and blood

You wanna make it clear?
Validate that ring on your finger with insurance
Too ashamed to admit your sparkling jewelry
Caused brutality
Romance with Fendi is a civilian’s fatality
Calling for amputated limbs
Taxing children like cheap labels
Their blood fading from counterfeit skins
Stitching slander
you brag
brag with a foul breath about your bling bling
your plastic Luis Vuitton
interpretates Miss Bougie
You’re the shit
Miss Designer label with the lopsided logo

Keep it real…
Can’t you smell their greed?
Sweatshops boasting immigration
In blood-stained rooms
refugees funding in open-pit mines
with cocaine packing lungs of child soldiers
execution of human rights lurking heat
sniffing minimum wage
made with your cash
melting your taxes
into fake pleather
made in your USA

just remember
let’s keep it real

© 2/1/07 by C. Delaleu
picture by Amnesty Magazine

blood diamonds, the enslavement of africans
many have their opinions about this subject, feel free to express yourself


fallen angel said...

yeah, i always cringe when i hear "kanye west's "diamonds" songa nd think about what he was talking about. yeah, he did a remix where he tried to better articulate what he now knew about diamonds from sierra leone, but i still had mixed feelings...

Bygbaby said...

This is a powerful piece! I think more people need to be aware as to what is going on in Africa in regards to diamonds. The sad thing about it is that the sale of diamonds is not benefiting Africans as much as it does Europeans.

This would be something to god to pass out in protest on Canal Street in China Town NYC.


constance said...

Very powerful indeed...I agree with bygbaby....

Hey, so you're now experimenting with Photoshop? That's really great! But really, please, please do continue're just about to warm up to painting again and I've seen your works....there's something special and unique there. No doubt, digital works looks really impressive - you can play around with all kinds of colours, techniques without being afraid...yet...well, I really hope you'll not be tempted to give up painting traditionally along the way ok?

constance said...

hey, you've just been tagged!

Lyrically speaking said...

Fallen Angel: You are not alone, I don't tolerate the idea that innocent kids are the ones being used to dig out these diamonds. And it is natural to have mixed feelings, while we're sitting pretty with diamonds in our fingers, children are being taken as slaves to labor. I feel before making such an expensive purchase and bragging about it, make sure we know the history behind it

Bygbaby: Thanks for the visit, yes, it's sad and you're right that it is to the Europeans advantage although they swear it helps with Africa's economy

Constance: Photoshop is my best friend :) and I will respond to your tag, I read it and I think it's a good one, thanks

Kai C. said...

good job!

my friend has offering you some chicken salad. i thought u might like some.....

have a lovely

Stephen Bess said...
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Stephen Bess said...

I can't begin to express my disdain for what the West has done to Africa and it's people. It hurts deep though. The pain is so deep that I can't begin to explain. Anyone who is of African descent and in touch with their African selves can feel what I'm saying. If anyone who is reading this comment is not in touch with that part of them (African) then perhaps they should just look into that part of them that is simply human. Do that and study the history. Great post and poem! Peace~

Ruben said...

People just see Africa as a place to go on Safari, but they rarely think about the tragic situation that so many people are suffering through.

Rethabile said...

"You’re the shit
Miss Designer label with the lopsided logo."

A gem. No pun intended at all. But this line, this line is pure Cathy.

amiamazing said...

I would love to hear the dialogue of the African people...and what their views are against the consequence of establishing a means of survival...

paris parfait said...

Very powerful piece - well done!

JAHMODI said...

Keep up the good work.

getzapped said...

I honor you for this post. It's very sad this is going on. I'm happy to say diamonds are not this girl's best friend. Never cared to have one, and now I really won't wear one. I hope this resonates outward, to help those children. I will pray for them. Peace to you.

And I agree with Constance, don't give up on painting.

Lyrically speaking said...

Stephen: Me and you both, it is disgusting what I read about what's going on over there and I've heard some wild stories.

Ruben: Africa is beautiful, I've never been but I know someday I will land on her soil and appreciate her more and more, sad how our own people are killing each other for greed

Rethabile: Thank you, I wanted to emphasize in this poem :)

Amiamazing:I am willing to hear what others think about this matter and I hope people will gain more knowledge and understanding

Miss Parfait, thank you
Jahmodi: thanks and welcome to my page, hope you come back again

Getzapped: Naw, I won't stop painting, the love and desire is still there. I need to make more time for it. It's nice to hear all your feelings on diamonds.

Majeak Ann said...

I am glad you are expressing this and sharing it in a poem and in also in a very direct way. I trully appreciate this.
I just saw Blood many things we all have to learn. Educate ourselves...
Once again, thank you for doing it.

Libra Moon Goddess said...

What really enrages me is the "Quality" sacrificed in our domestic products by selling our manufacturing to foreign lands. (This being said from owning a Fashion Boutique and receiving "Made In China" trash). We are believing that we are are "helping" these nations by giving them work when we are only enslaving them to fill our greeds.

Documentary to Watch:
Edward Burtynsky
"Manufactured Landscapes"
a feature documentary by Jennifer Baichwal

With Sympathy...
Libra Moon

mermaid said...

You don't hold anything back. It's the only way to truth. BTW, I'm also excited about my own talk titled Mothers with Stories to Tell. Good luck, Cathy, though all you need is your true spirit there.

Lyrically speaking said...

Majeak: So you enjoyed the movie? It was informative, a great story line

Libra Moon: I will check out Manufactured Landscapes, thanks

Mermaid: Thank you, congrats, please share with us when you get a chance

Capucine C said...

WOW the piece is breathtaking.. glad I stopped by.