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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Gratitude this week is...

* Love, with it I see clearly and without it i'm lost

* Books - I can't get enough of it, I love the scent of a new book, new words, great inspiration

* My girlfriend, she is a poet who calls herself "NightWriter" and she has been a tremendous help with my poetry rehearsal for my book release party

* WriteNow Writers', it's a small group of poets/writers and we've been going on strong since October 2006. It's been great getting together and encouraging one another with our writings

* My daughter, she made me laugh when she sang to me last night

* Egg white omelette with scallions, red bell peppers, lil bit of cheese and lil bit of turkey and some hot sauce (yummmmmmmmy)

* The lyrical mind of Stepen Bess, his writing refreshes and boost the immune system :)

* Sleep

* Photoshop, i'm having too much fun, I used this old pic on top which I embellished playing around with the software

* Makendal is a friend of mine who is a wonderful Haitian poet/writer, I decided to post one of his work below...his writing seduces the mind and senses, the side effects are contagious :)tell me what you think. His


nights alone
i strip myself naked
strip my mind and my soul
and use the erection of my pen
to make love to my paper mate
pen and pad
i kiss each line with bliss
and reminisce
letting my ink ejaculate
from my brain's urethra
with a plethora
of verbal spermicidal fluids,
grinding my mind slowly
and passionately letting my soul erupt
in orgasm after orgasm
line after line
i embrace the silence
and the emptiness
kissing my thoughts slowly
and running my fingers down my soul's spine.

i become one with my emptiness
i confess
but do not
let it overcome me
for in this sensual session
i find the blessing
of loving self
and being self
all by myself.

i taste her,
this paper
and smell her newness,
sometimes I rape her
spread open
seemingly panting
and wanting
to feel me
painting with my brush
but she does not caress me back
until i have finished filling her
having given her
all of myself
and blessing her

with my mental prayer.

my instrument becomes her vibrator,
as she caresses my ball
points and makes it her point
to point me in the direction of her boiling point,

she's selfish
sometimes waking me up in the middle of the night
to find a light and grab my constant erection
to give and give and give
with finger/mental thrusts,
lip/tongue licks,
eyes wide shut,
panting, yet hardly breathing,
toes curled
until spent,
mentally dehydrated for a moment
in after shock
i lay back in the dark
hands numb
and fluids a collage
impregnated into her
to give birth to
another child
I name poetry,
my poetry.

she is fertile
on my nights alone,
a nymphomaniac
infectious, turning me into
an insomniac,
and i love her all the same
because she is always there
on my nights alone.
and she

is poetry.


Kai C. said...

that poem is so beautiful. your friend is very talented.

hey my friends are having a support group. because they are addicting to my blog.
wanna join them?
urban butterfly is joining.
i'm gonna ask xavier to join too

Lyrically speaking said...

Sure, sounds like a great idea, thanks for the invite Miss Kai

Kai C. said...

your welcome
warm hugs

Kai C. said...

your welcome
warm hugs

paris parfait said...

Wow! What a great poem your friend wrote! And the support group sounds lovely. You must be so thrilled about the book release party! And I didn't know you had a daughter! (You look much too young).

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Miss Parfait you are so sweet, I will post the evite to the book party later this week. Yes, my baby is 8 years old. You know i'm not that young, lol, i'm a very ripe 35.

mermaid said...

I'm in love.

fallen angel said...

"nights alone
i strip myself naked
strip my mind and my soul
and use the erection of my pen
to make love to my paper mate..."

WOW!!! he is pretty tight!!!! i think i'm a little hot and bothered over here!!!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi LS. I agree with kai c about your poem. I was about to say how lovely it is and highly intoxicating to the mind & senses and this with the combination of your creative post too.
I was delighted to have you visit me the other day. So sorry I couldn't comment before that. You have a lovely blog and your inner spirit shines. You are also very passionate about your writing art. May life hold you in its arms, sacred, well & safe. :-)

Rethabile said...

Oh boy. I get a good dose of music every time I visit. Excellent poem (are you people all talented?), excellent post.

I second you on Stephen's gifts. I'm dying to meet all of you on my next trip to America.

Cheers, and keep enchanting.

Rethabile said...

35? Very young.

Makendal said...

I can only say that I'm honored that Lyrically Speaking (Cath) added my poem to her blog. The sister's pen is unbelievable and she has a way of using her pen, her words like a paintbrush to make you see the vivid colors of her soul and her mind.

Kai C.-Thank you sister...I'll be checking your page out very soon.

Paris Parfait- Blessings and Merci Bbeaucoup...mesi anpil!

Mermaid- Love is a beautiful thing!

Fallen Angel- it's ok if this fallen angel falls, as long as she falls right onto my blank paper so I can rise her up with my pen...

LS...wish i could be there for the book release and signing, but my ink and my pen is with you in spirit...keep the pen attached to your major arteries and let the ink of poetry flow into the world's heart...

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Kai: I'm glad you enjoyed Makendal's pen, your support group i'm sure will be enjoyable

Mermaid: Yes, love is sweet especially when it's the right person

Fallen Angel: Be hot, be bothered, I get like that each and everytime I read Makendal's work, glad i'm not the only one =0)

Susan: Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you back again

Rethabile: Can't wait to meet you too

Makendal: "Le Roi" WELCOME to blogger, hurry up and start posting your succulent menu of poetry for us to digest, i'm sure everyone here can't wait. I'm thrilled that you decided to join blogger world.

getzapped said...

Whew! I'm speechless. An orgy for the mind, body and spirit is what Makendal shared with us.

But, I too am moved by your gratitude list, how sweet to have your daughter sing for you, and I'm delighted you've discovered Photoshop! It's such a fun program and I love what you created. I see a lot of sensitivity in the piece. So have fun in the digital world of art! Peace.

Lyrically speaking said...

Yes, photoshop rules! I'm loving it and trying not to get addicted.