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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes,

My weekend was uneventful...I stayed in, hybernating with a remote control in one hand and my laptop with the other. I think that's the best medicine for winter, if you have a pen, paper or computer, that's enough to keep your fingers warm and your mind inspired. A girlfriend of mine who is a computer genius gave my laptop a boost and major makeover, I now have photoshop which is cool. The paintings you see below are created by my sister, Maggie, using acrylic on canvas and I played around with photoshop, I think they look nice. I have some more which I will display this week. I love using colors so I'm in a huge playground with this new software. So, how was your weekend? Tell me, did you play in the snow or stayed under covers with your honey? Of course I had some writing done...

She says my eyes are bigger than my lungs
I should take time to grammatize my breathing
She thinks I’m too quick to drink the lies of a male lover
Wants to comprehend why I write so much with his sharp girth
His semen becomes the ink that spills all over my sheets
She frowns at the sight of me swallowing his slang
My writing becomes his street-life
His junky
His drug addiction
His sentimental education
His morals I speak in reverse with no exception to rules
She tells me to find another man
Without bed or pillowcases to slap me around
One who holds a Masters
One who won’t read my vocabulary cause’
Of theatre presence
A man with guide of antiquities
My sister worries I will be looked down
As a natural disaster
© by C.Delaleu


The Professor said...

Winter's a time when I sit alone and dream of what I'd have done if I hadn't been single.

Photoshop is pretty cool although I think the steep learning curve is what's keeping me at bay. Good job, and before I forget, nice poem!

Kai C. said...

hi cathy,

my weekend was good...i was working on my book. and i update my blog, i got another new one, its called princess kai..its really girlie & i stay home & wrote poetry...

what else i did, oh yeah my mom was making me laugh!:-]


Kai C. said...

oh yes i have photo shop too:-]

Lyrically speaking said...

thank you Professor, your latest work on your blog is on fire, great cure for the winter blues

Miss Kai, I can't wait for your book to come out

mermaid said...

It's tough when someone you love believes you are destroying yourself, and you know you are reinventing yourself, expanding, and going where others fear to go.

Anonymous said...

my weekend was like yours...uneventful yet relaxing. I enjoy quiet, relaxing, peaceful weekends.

great poem & the paintings are wonderful! =)

Littlemilk said...

I talked to a good friend. I did some blog writing. I did some soul searching concerning a tatoo I want to put on my right leg. I watched television.

Not a bad weekend.

Shelle said...

stayed in myself and wrote, played w/ the kids. redecorating daughter's teenage room.
the paintings are really nice. love the colors.
she frowns at the sight of me swalling his slang...his sentimental education...
yeah like this a lot.

amiamazing said...

I have a poem in response to this post...Its posted on September 28...called "Omm" and "AnthouNY"

natural disasters work hand and hand with divine order...

thank you for your feedback...I apreciate it...:)

Atyllah said...

Winter is the time for a fire, bed, snuggling, cocoa, and yes, a pen, paper and a laptop - all together.

Stunning poem and the paintings are beautiful!

Ubong Da said...

hmm u write very well, I hated poetry with a passion while in school. The rhymes weren't just flowing back then, but what you wrote there was great and very creative. U must be a very creative writer. Am going to read more of your blog maybe some of the creative stuff would rub off me.

I just started blogging, If you have the time pop into my blog and leave me a feedback.

Stephen Bess said...

A beautiful painting! I love it. The poem is very nice as well. Your weekend sounded pretty relaxing. My weekend was spent seeing some of the family on Sat and Sun. That's always fun but draining. :) Peace~

paris parfait said...

My weekend was nice - quiet time with my husband, shopping, etc. - a nice change from the usual hectic pace. Your poem is terrific!

Anonymous said...

Photoshop is the shiznit!! I have friends who have it (they got it for digital design courses). I love what they do with it. Makes me want to go get it.

fallen angel said...

those pictures are AWESOME!!!!

Shai said...

I am finding more folks who like the new book smell. When I get a new book I have to smell it. LOL.

RomanceWriter said...

I have one sister and I know well the way you described feeling in this piece. It feels fimilar and authentic to me.