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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I feel the week has been dragging. Yesterday, I’ve been thinking what should I be grateful for? Winter is showing it’s ugly face; cold and moody people surrounds me and most are annoyed with the 30-degree weather (actually it's dropping to 20 tonight).

Regardless, I’m smiling away. I won't allow anyone to spoil my mood, not even some crazy characters who are pushing my buttons. Blogger was acting up yesterday so I couldn't post my gratitude. Here's my list:

* Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C and helps with my weak immune system
· Mom’s bonnet, I love that hat, it’s old but keeps my head warm
* I was contacted by Essence Magazine, they chose one of my poems to be published, i'll let you all know which issue
· My health – legs are getting stronger, I’ll be back at the gym in no time
* Rethabile’s poems, his words are impeccably thoughtful and takes you there
· My journal, I write, write, sigh, write some more and sigh :)
* Chocolate Jello pudding, yummmmmmmmmmy! Something sweet is always a treat
· Scented candles, soothing and calming scents keeps the moodiness away

I watch…
Intently I watch him asleep
Next to me, he dreams
With such intensity
I want to caress his face but he looks so peacefully laced with
His dreams perhaps of “we”
Masterfully dancing in our journey of Ben and Jerry’s flavors
Homemade euphoria when he scoops my creamy fudge temple
Part my chocolate sea thighs
With an electric harp chiming behind us
Like a choreography of romance
Kissing my mouth with formal reverence
We twirl in unison into sweet sorbets of theatre du soleil
Palatable and vibrant
Repetitive and tedious as my body color paints
Thousands of strokes provoked by the grinds
Of a rapturous behind
It’s only been five months
But that is why I want more
More, please…
And refreshingly dense
Is our couple’s dance
And I surrender to such 07’avalanche
Compressed coffee to last for centuries
Stronger than Kona, Bostello, Folgers or Starbucks
This romance exhibiting tropical images
Impromptu and limitless
With a play-list of endless…endless
Love layered in my periosteum bones
Dug deep in the marrow of my soul
This door no longer closed
In my eyes he is so beautiful
Nourishing bones with love cells
All 206 of them with a spell
Protecting my organs
Deliciously planted as we reject all negative preserves
From this universe collecting discrepancies
He stirs…
Eyes of nutmeg are opened
Glazing bookshelves of arousal as he displays
Such swollen erection
“Good morning, baby,” I say to him sweetly
And he kisses me slowly
Opening my eatery with vitality
Bone snatcher of my soul
We make such a delicious combo
And happily I feed him diligently
(c)by C. Delaleu


getzapped said...

Your cheerful demeanor strikes back at the cold and those "crazy characters"! Your trooper attitude is refreshing as usual. Stay warm inside and out. By the sounds of this poem - some are staying very hot :) Congrats for getting published! Peace to you.

paris parfait said...

Your cheeriness is inspiring! I used to eat Jello chocolate pudding as a child - I have a photo of it smeared all over my face. :) And what a terrific poem! Congrats on Essence selecting one of your poems!

Honey-Libra said...

"I want to caress his face but he looks so peacefully laced with
His dreams perhaps of “we”"

I think this my favorite line...and I need to drink some more OJ LOL..yea for the poem def let us know I'll make sure to get the issue

Lyrically speaking said...

Getzapped: Thanks, this weather and negativity can wear you down if you only allow it

Paris: Miss Parfait merci beaucoup, j'aime aussi votre poesie

Honey-libra: Yes, I'll let you know, I don't know exactly the month but I will keep you posted,thanks

Shelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! on getting published!
ah the poem had me sighing all the way through. you captured a moment so sweetly.

Stephen Bess said...

It may be cold...and it is cold, but these words soothe and warms my spirit! Lovely. I love the picture! You look so smart, but you sizzle at the same time. (((Tisssss))) *smile*

Poetry by Kai said...



Copasetic Soul said...

umm, so now that you will be a published poet, does that mean you will forget about us non-published one? Congrats my sister!

i liked the poem

i liked the video...i feel the fathers pain.

fallen angel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the published poem!!!!! yes, please let us know which issue! i already subscribe to the magazine so i am definitely EXTRA excited for you!!!! :-)

Libra Moon Goddess said...

Ooh-La-La!!... a beautiful warmth flows through these words Miss Dela. Thank You for sharing!

Congrats on the publication!
Keep in touch...
Libra Moon

constance said...

How beautiful this poem always :)

mermaid said...

Fire can burn all who come close, or light the way for dark souls. Keep blazing. You may even partially thaw the most frigid of souls:)

Joy said...

Congratulations on the publication!

Such a wonderful poem, smooth and sweet!

flounder said...

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Fabrizio said...

I join about gratitude for Orange juice and vitamin C: I need it a lot this time!


amiamazing said...

the perfect image of love decadence...


Dancewithme2 said...

Some people need their coffee to jumpstart their day - I need my "not from concentrate" OJ to jump start mine.
I can't wait to read you in essence - its my favorite magazine. Thats exciting news. Congrats!!!!

Littlemilk said...

Right! Praises to the vitimin C! And yeah, negative people can get you down, and so can the cold. I got zapped on Friday by them both.

Congrats on poem in Essence.

And thanks for hitting me up, I do enjoy your blog.

Ciao, ciao

Rethabile said...

Cathy, wow. I like the language. The way it flows. I like it because it speaks honestly and isn't stilted. C'est de la poésie honnête. Voila. Bravo.

Lyrically speaking said...

Shelle: Thank you, I am thrilled

Stephen: I'm glad my words warm the heart and soul

Miss Kai: Thank you...

Copasetic: Of course not, I don't forget and never will, thanks to you all I stand here today

Fallen Angel: Thank you

Libra: Yes, I will keep in touch, well, i'm not going anywhere anytime soon :)

Constance: Thank you
Mermaid: Thank you, your poems to me are inspiring

Joy: Thank you

Flounder: Thanks, I will check out the website

Fabrizio: Yes, vitamin c will keep the germs away and the cold

Dancewithme: I can't wait either

Littlemilk: thank you for stopping by, I enjoy your blog

Amiamazing: Thank you for the visit

Rethabile: Thanks for appreciating this piece, merci aussi pour tes poesies

Anonymous said...

Gratitude is such a beautiful thing. I think I may start doing a weekly, or biweekly gratitude list (not sure yet). Congrats on being contacted by Essence magazine!! That is such an honor!! I love that magazine, one of my favorites, and I always read the poetry section. Rethabile's poems are awesome!! I write & write & write in my journal too!! It's so therapeutic. Scented candles are my favorite!! I always tell my friends, they can never go wrong by getting me candles for a gift. I just love them! =)

Your poem depicts a beautiful scene between lovers...something I long for...

Lyrically speaking said...

I long for the same Miss Urban, to feel love and be loved, ahhhhhhh, well, hopefully it will happen for us someday. Need to post about it "Read all about it, seeking a lover" lol...