Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

painting by Chelin Sanjuan

Don't you love this painting? I saw it and couldn't help but admire the details exploding with colors. What makes art powerful is when you could feel the artist's passion.

Is it me or is the week flying with a speed of light?

It is Wednesday, that time again to show "gratitude" with a smile...

I am grateful for:

* Hot Showers

* 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates (now that's a good sign)

* Poetry readings, I went to the Urban Juke Joint last Friday and read my poem "Haitian Food", it wasn't at all planned. I was there to show support to another poet friend who was being featured and he encouraged me to put my name on the list. It was great crowd.

* Writing, editing, writing, I am on a roll

* Romance with my own novel in progress, didn't think I would but I'm so inspired

* Many of us search for a song and Urban Butterfly has that ability to gather us together with her words, I am grateful for this gifted poet

* First interviews...I was interviewed last Friday by Stephen Early Jordan aka Bougie and it will be aired via podcast this month in his blog, I will let you all know when

* Popcorn, hot, buttery and perfect for those HBO movie nights with a special someone

* Whole wheat wrap with a little cheddar cheese, chicken, lettuce, mustard and tomatoes, ummmmmmmmmmmm, delicious and top it off with a Jello chocolate pudding snack :)


Kai C. said...

the painting is pure beautiful....

your gratitude have always made me smile......

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Kai, yeah this painting is a knockout, I can't wait to go home and start painting

Paula D. said...

Yes! The painting is wonderful!!!

getzapped said...

lyrical- you make me smile. Your words are so fresh, as if you are sitting across the table. I adore Urban's gift, too. And WOW!, this painting is gorgeous. It's great to hear you are inspired with your own work (it shows), we need to cherish those moments. Enjoy the week, it is going by quickly....

Copasetic Soul said...

the painting is nice....nice selection. where do you find them?

YEA BABY @ 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates. poetry readings, writing AND interviews!

and i thought I was an HBO junkie! can you pass the salt?!

Xavier said...

The painting is hot... no doubt.

Nice list too. I can relate...

[arms folded, tapping foot] How you gonna tease me like that!? Slipping me some hot mess in the afternoon and keeping me waiting into the night to see what else you have for me. I gave you all I had and you really seemed to enjoy it, now it's my turn to enjoy you, unedited and unabbridged...

...Please send me the rest of the story. J'attend avec impatience le fruit de tes entrailles bénis :-)

constance said...

yes! It is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring work with us LS (ah...if only I could paint like that!)...I really can't wait to see your next own painting!

how time flies...the weekend is coming have a wonderful one :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for you, Cathy!

You're such a sweet spirit & passionate spirit! Thanks for the shoutout!

I LOVE this painting!!! You have an eye for beautiful art, but then again, that's not surprising because you're an artist!

It has always and will continue to be a pleasure to be in your presence, Luv!

Keep radiating that beautiful light!!

Love U!! <3

Anonymous said...

oh yes...and girl, I LOVE me a good hot shower!! lol

it's like Heaven!

fallen angel said...

2nd, 3rd, and 4th dates????? now that right there is something not only to be grateful for, but ECSTATIC for! i wish you nothing but the best cathy! :-)

Lyrically speaking said...

Paula: thanks for the visit, come back soon

Getzapped:thank you, there are many things to be grateful for and i'm glad i'm able to list them here

Copasetic: I simply google a lot of times to search for the most refreshing pieces, finding them is like finding treasures. HBO is getting me in trouble, lol, the movies are addicting and when you have company, forget it

Xavier: I know, I know, i'll send the rest of the MS :) sorry for enticing your thoughts with a tease, lol

Constance: I am at the moment working on some paintings which I'll post next week

Miss Urban: You are more than welcome, you inspire many of us here, much love

Fallen Angel: So sweet of you, thank you

Miz JJ said...

I love that painting.

Popcorn...yummy. I went on a hunt the other day for a popcorn maker. Mine is on the fritz. Completely traumatic!

mermaid said...

I do, I do love that painting. Her expression is so innocent and knowing with the same curl of her lips and the sway of her hips. She is Goddess energy all around.

Libra Moon said...

Good Day Miss Dela!

I have been experiencing trouble loading your blog site these days. Your page keeps jumping to "" and crashes my browser. I have finally accessed you through another browser (with much dificulty). Don't know what to say as to why this is happening.

I am so Grateful for your uplifting Spirits and Words! and a 4th Date... Congrats! Don't ya Love the "Giddy" inside?

Enjoy the Day!
Libra Moon

Stephen Bess said...

I'm looking forward to the podcast. I can put a voice with the eyes. :)
Yes, Urban Butterfly is a wonderful poet.
Now, I'm hungry for one of those wraps or some popcorn. It's almost time for lunch.

paris parfait said...

Well you have lots of good news - fun dates, being on a roll with your writing and what a lovely painting!

Thami Mhlanga said...

I think I should be grateful of lyrically speaking, I enjoy her writing, but I should say as writer Im grateful of writers I learn in word I trust

Fabrizio said...

Yes, this painting is great, but the one of GRIP is even better!

The first interview...mmm... sounds good!



Dancewithme2 said...

It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the 4th date - that does mean something. :-)

Lyrically speaking said...

Miz JJ: Thanks, great idea, perhaps I should get a pop corn machine :)

Mermaid: She is beautiful,a magnetic beauty

Libra Moon: Many thanks for the visit, I don't know why you had difficulty with my page :( hope it's ok now. 4th dates are good, not sure about the 5th one :(

Stephen: Can't wait, i'm excited about the podcast, of course I will let you all know when it's posted

Thami: Thank you so much for the beautiful words, you are so kind

Fabrizio: Ciao! Thank you

Dancewithme2: Honestly, I don't know what the 4th date means :) well it's a good sign at the same time it could mean "danger", lol