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Friday, February 23, 2007


Love’s bone marrow hangs like stars in her eyes
You hold on to her with the thread of fingers
Praying fervently that she never leaves you
She is your beginning
The image of silky strokes
A sweet fruit of virtual love
That palpitates your name
You run your thoughts
Up and down her buttery curves
Her candied preserves becomes tiny rockets
Smooth like confection
She is gracious
You take your own sweet time to savor
Her tasty hors d’oeuvre
You hold on to her flesh
Praying fervently
She will forever leave you in the upright position
© 2/2007 by Cathy Delaleu

Painting by J Piret


S Bess said...

Very nice poem! I love the painting with it. It goes so well together. I thought that it was your piece at first. I was about to say... :)

S Bess said...
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Lyrically speaking said...

Mr. Bess, thank you. The poem of course is from "moi" :) but the painting is not, I will display some of my work perhaps next week

fallen angel said...

mmmm hmmmm...someone's feeling a bit "caught up," huh? "nite and day" AND a piece entitled "grip?" mmmmm hmmm... you aint fooling us! ;-)

Kai C. said...


paris parfait said...

Delicious and romantic poem!

Lyrically speaking said...

Fallen Angel: Welllllllllll, I can't deny it, lol, and I thought you wouldn't notice :)

Miss Kai: Thank you

Miss Parfait: Merci, oui tres romantique, c'est l'amour

urban butterfly said...

The poem is beautiful. And the painting is exquisite!

Xavier said...

I'm really feeling the poem and the painting. You obviously have Some brotha out there sprung like a MOFO. LOL

BTW: Thanks for all your input. Let's do big things in July. From Harlem to Miami let's set em up and knock em down making history as we go!

Thami Mhlanga said...

Wonderful poem...I think it's time I learnt your language,i love the way it twists my tongue

blessings be!!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Urban: Thank you

Xavier: You're welcome, oui, let's make it happen

Thami: Thank you and please come back again