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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

She is sprung
where love's solstice features certainty
unguarded with a language bearing sweetness
She is one with leaves of hope
gambling with a lover's invitation
scoring oneness to their surroundings
attachment to his embrace is vital to her well-being
She is sprung
2/07 by C. Delaleu

art by Haitian painter Michel Ange-Altidort

GRATEFUL I am for:

* The dentist, although I can't stand the sight of needles, the end result is priceless

* First dates...especially when he's a gentleman with a sense of humor

* Short weeks, after a holiday the week usually flies by and we're again facing another weekend

* Cable, I finally signed up for HBO and now I won't miss my Def Poetry Jams :)

* Chicken and mashed potatoes, it was delish for lunch today

* Walnuts, I had a handful this morning and saw in the news that it's good for the heart

* My landlord who is like a mother to me, last night she was so thrilled like a little girl that I spent a couple of hours with her watching American Idol


Kai C. said...

hi cathy

i love that painting & your poem....

congratulations on def poetry jam! it must really exciting....

btw i luv that new look on your blog.


Lyrically speaking said...

thank you Kai, you're so sweet
you mean congrats on getting "cable", lol, i've been hooked on HBO since I got it last week. I know my butt needs to get back to writing instead of vegging on the couch :)

fallen angel said...

first dates, cable, chicken and mashed potatoes, walnuts, and "american idol." i would say those are all FABULOUS things to be grateful for!

by the way, i have a piece entitled "sprung"'s not for kids! ;-)

mermaid said...

A beutiful metaphor of Spring and growth and connection to all that is around her.

S Bess said...

Hi Cathy! I did a post on your book today. I hope you like it. Enjoy your evening. Peace~

By the way, I love the art and yes, give thanks. :)

Fabrizio said...


Seems the signin was good!

I had a vaery busy week, but I'm back on the blog.

See ya!


Libra Moon said...

I am Grateful for Miss Dela... who's Words always make me Smile.

Thank You Miss Dela!
Libra Moon

Anonymous said...

Love the poem & the painting!!

I'm always grateful for chicken. =)

paris parfait said...

Great poem and great gratitude list! And I dreaded going to the dentist on Tuesday, but like you, was pleased with the results.

paris parfait said...

Great poem and great gratitude list! And I dreaded going to the dentist on Tuesday, but like you, was pleased with the results.

paris parfait said...

Great poem and great gratitude list! And I dreaded going to the dentist on Tuesday, but like you, was pleased with the results.

Writer on Board said...

Dear Miss Cathy,

I read on Morphological C. Congratulations on the book. Nice stuff. I'll get a copy. Thank you.

getzapped said...

Fantastic poem. I adore "she is one with leaves of hope", splendid imagery.
Btw, I've also heard walnuts are brain food - providing us with more cognitive function and they help support the immune system. What a sweet gesture, spending time with your landlord. Peace.

Thami Mhlanga said...

Hi Cathy

Loved your poem...

grateful? Im grateful to GOD,AFRICA and the WORD

Be blessed beautiful child of AFRICA

Pat Paulk said...

That perfect touch of love that brings blossoms to the tough of sun and rain. Love it!!

Dancewithme2 said...

Ok - so that pic is absolutely captivating. I LOVE the color. My mom often travelled to Haiti when I was little. So, our house was full of Haitian art and beaded flags. Sometimes the paint would still be wet when she unveilled it and remain wet for weeks. Being young and not knowing any better - I would smush the soft pieces with my fingers and imagine that I had created the whole thing.

I love the poem - I feel sprung sometimes and get that - 'tippy toes, flutter in the stomach, happy feeling.'

I LOVE DEF POETRY JAM too - unfortunately I got rid of HBO when the WIRE went off - I'll pick it up again now that my show is on. :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Fallen angel: Your tightly written pieces are compelling, you always sketch great details into your writing

Mermaid: Thank you, spring is in the air

Mr. Bess: Thanks for a very moving read on your blog, I am really at a loss for words. Your genuine support is appreciated.

Fabrizio: Welcome back to blogworld, make yourself at home

Libra Moon: Your energy is always felt here, your review and comments mean a lot

Madame Parfait: Merci beaucoup, the dentist is not my favorite at all but I know he plays a big part
in my smiling

Miss Urban: There's nothing like well-seasoned chicken, I don't eat it all the time but when I do I enjoy it

Writer on board: Thanks for stopping by and for the support

Getzapped: Yeah I heard it in the news about the walnuts, I enjoy spending time with my landlord...she is so sweet and funny, she doesn't have any kids so I feel like i'm her daughter and she treats me like family

Thami: Thank you for the visit and for sharing your gratitude, come back again soon

Pat: Yes, there's nothing like it to brighten up our wintery days

Dancewithme2: I see you have some fond memories, you should share them with us on your blog...that's wonderful to read about your childhood. The creative spirit of Haitian paintings are unique, there's nothing like Haitian art.

Fabrizio said...

Thanks for enjoin' my experience,Cathy!



Rethabile said...

Poem + Painting = Pure Cathy

This is sweet, sis, you thrill.

Lyrically speaking said...

Fabrizio: You're welcome, I like visiting your page

Rethabile: You are so sweet, your comment means a lot, merci pour la visite

Xavier said...

M rinmin jan-ou souri lè m'ap pale avè-ou nan telefon! Ou fè kèm kontan ampil. M'ap tan liv ou ak ampil inpasyans. fok nou fè yon pwojè ansam. Mèsi ampil pou tout enkourajman ou ban mwin. XOX

Lyrically speaking said...

You're welcome Xavier, we are here to encourage each other and i'm so glad you shared your work with be continued a plus tard

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

first dates are the best..makes some stomach sing and do somersaults! love the art