Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mysterious is the wind beneath her expression
She returns to a place she calls home
where containment of the past is a waterfront
Beyond Lamu she takes refuges
her village a percussion of sadness
hypnotically draining out of her pores
phonograph colors spiral a fertility dance
slowly tipping the crease of her eyes
The fishbone of lips pout musical pieces
spills a constellation to her heart
Sentimental texts unread with tenderness
Yearns for romanticism
She’s stenciled like dry indigo
Dyed with a strong longing to love
She weeps her battle for public opinion
keeps emotions at bay
uncovers the rhythmic steps
of a miserable woman
devoting time to loneliness
© 2/2007 by Cathy Delaleu


getzapped said...

She's absolutely beautiful in her sadness. Where did you find such a picuture? You captured the feeling well in your poem - I adore "her village a percussion of sadness". Oh, I'm happy your event went well!

Kai C. said...

beautiful cathy & i love that pic..

did u have a wonderful valentine's day?

Lyrically speaking said...

Getzapped: thank you, actually the pic found me on myspace, lol, and I couldn't help but write about her.

Kai: Thank you, yes, I performed poetry in the city last night and got home late, I am so so tired right now since I had to wake up early for work. Hope yours was a sweet one

Libra Moon Goddess said...

By Golly Girl!... this leads to the question "What came first?... the chicken?... or the egg?" Was the poem written for the image?... or was the image created by your words? Either way, they fuse together as one breath... Thank You for sharing this Beauty.

(the snowed in)
Libra Moon

I am still trying to watch your slide show of your book signing. I work with Mac computers and the program used is not so friendly... plus I'm "still" dialup... Geesh...

Dancewithme2 said...

I LOVE that image. Your poem is beautiful and perfect.
(btw - I made a salmon and avacado sandwich - DEELISH). :)

Rethabile said...

Cool. Each poem you write keeps that island truthfulness I like so much in your work. I find the sam thing in Geoffrey's work; but then, he's from a tropical island, too. Sing on.

GoGo said...

Stumbled across your blog. I like your words, strong, potent, and hidden imagery under directness.

I'll be back for sure.


Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Libra Moon: Before I found the picture the poem was already created but not complete...then I got inspired to finish it up, thank you. I know, i used to have dial up it is a pain in the butt, even my DSL gets slow sometimes

Dancewithme:Thank you, oh yummy, salmon sounds like a great choice for dinner, i might cook that when i get home, great idea

Rethabile: I need to go and check Geoffrey's work or maybe I have and don't remember, merci beaucoup

Gogo: It's a pleasure and please come back again, thank you

S Bess said...

I love the lines, "She’s stenciled like dry indigo
Dyed with a strong longing to love"

Beautifully written!

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Mr. Bess, I love getting such positive feedback from you all

SilkySmooth said...

check me out

amiamazing said...

Hello...Thank you for the comment on my "Octavia Blog"...maybe you can give me advice on how to publish? Please e-mail me for your recognition...


mermaid said...

Woman in chains, woman freed by these words (at least I hope so).

Anonymous said...

wow...this is deeply beautiful and the photo is amazing & artistic! I love it, Ms. Dela!

Also...I'm really feeling the new look of your blog. I was thinking about changing the look of my blog. Haven't found a layout that I like yet.

fallen angel said...

been tinkering with the template i see. it definitely makes the black and white arTwork stand out AND LOOK fabulous!

TequilaGuy said...

Awesome ... another gift, from YOU!

Lyrically speaking said...

silkysmooth: thanks for the visit

Amiamazing: the pleasure will be all mine, I will email you, not an expert :)but i'm willing to share what I know

Mermaid: Thank you and I hope has that kind of effect

Miss Urban: I needed a change of color, scenery...slowly but surely learning how to embellish my home. I can't wait to see yours when you do find want that suits you well

Fallen Angel: thank you, yes a little color goes a long way, spring is in the air, almost :)

Tequila: It is so awesome to see you here...where have you been hiding? Miss you lots so come back again soon

Anne said...

I LOVE the picture in this post. So beautiful. Congratulations on your book. Now I must go out and find a copy. You do nice work.

Thank you for visiting my post earlier. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.

Copasetic Soul said... amaze me with your words. just beautiful!

that pic is fiyah too!

Xavier said...

Allo cherie! Beautiful poem and the photo gives me ideas. I love it when that happens. talk to you soon.

Lyrically speaking said...

Anne: Thank you and I hope you are doing much better, your blog is worth reading

Copasetic:It's been a while, i need to stop by your blog, thanks

Xavier: Ah, tu sais tu es pour moi la definition de l'amour, lol, your writing is incroyable, i'm still digesting your manuscript