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Friday, March 09, 2007


EACH word created brings you closer to him
You hug love one last time
Knowing you belong to heartache
You’re not educated
But tongue speaks knowledge when we kiss
You’re not a poet who rocks with style
Dior is not your Christian
You want to be noticed
To be called beautiful
So you toss to the world your costume jewelry
Pile them high on the Brooklyn Bridge
Swinging your nylons on fire
They burn sending ashes to the wind
Another stands near
Mimicking your tears
She sinks her life savings and profanity in a box
Waiting for you to do the same
You color your hair with mud
They will notice your climax
Tap dance your yearning
Your cries inescapable
With this obsession to be you again
© 3/2007 by Cathy Delaleu
Painting by Cyn McCurry

Just want to show you all the latest painting from my sister, Magalie which i've purchased from her. I'm so excited, I can't wait to display it on my walls at home. The name of this painting is "Calypso Heat". Check out more of her work here


Ali's Zay said...

Beautiful poem, but I can't see the painting. :-(

Talk to you later so we can talk about your MS. ;-)

Kai C. said...

this is beautiful....

have a wonderful weekend:-]

fallen angel said...

that picture at the top is a good representation of how ive been feeling lately. one sided boxed in by expectations. the other side living life like i have no worries...

FA said...


Quelle beauté! Il m'a été très difficile de me connecter sur votre blog mais Dieu merci, j'ai réussi!
Cordialement de France

mermaid said...

There is a higher self to everyone, an alternate spirit that visits us in moments of pain and clarity.

The mirror image in that painting shows one enlightened and one tortured soul. To see this division and union in each of us is divine.

You and your sister are so talented.

The Professor said...

Great poem. Er, can't find the painting...

Lyrically speaking said...

Xavier: Thanks for the visit, please come back to view my sister's painting I had to repost

Kai: Thank you, hope you had a good weekend

Fallen Angel: I saw the top painting and felt the same

Fa: Merci pour la visite, retourne encore

Mermaid: Thanks for your sweet comment

Professor: I reposted my sister's painting, don't know why it wasn't showing, thanks for stopping by

paris parfait said...

Great poem! Well done, Cathy.

joey said...

i love this... it made think of many of my strong women friends!

love you writing and congrats on essence! with terrence howard on the cover no less!

CQ said...

Great poem! And your sister's painting is really good too!

FA said...

Bonsoir chère amie,

J'aime et j'adore ces peintures. La première fois que je suis venu les découvrir sur ton blog, j'ai de suite penser à une véritable ressemblance avec Paul Gauguin.
Bravo ma chère pour ton talent.
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une agréable soirée

crimsonflaw said...

beautiful...thanks for spendng time with 'gargoyle'.

there is sadness in knowledge. and the way you split the self makes it worthwhile...