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Friday, March 16, 2007

She’ll pretend happiness was present
Fluttered sweetly on her flesh
Revived fantasies shaped like butterflies
Roaming freely inside her heart
The whispers are questions
Wounds made with droplets of tears
His sustenance was her scent
This is the end
He was once the beginning of her sentence
High in context
Her words unwind into a comma
With a mere period after his name
© 3/2007 by Cathy Delaleu
Artist: Lara Jade


It takes five dates for her to figure out he isn’t the one. The first date always sweet, soft and mellow, almost like a walk in Central Park at noon with leftover rain still moist on the ground and the potent smell of daisies. The second date sweet with the taste of hot chocolate and marshmallows in a small café, the intimacy almost giving her a cavity. She starts to believe his intentions are genuine when on the third date; popcorn and giggles are shared during movie night at his place. By the fourth date it’s blissful with dinner he prepares himself. Her heart grows soft for this near-perfect gentleman until…

1PM at work

“I thought you were going to eat at your desk,” he says over the phone.

“I changed my mind, I decided to eat downstairs,” she tells him.

“Who did you lunch with?”

“Some co-workers,” she replies.

“Men or women?”

“Huh? What kind of question is that?”

“Answer the question, were they men or women you lunched with?”

“Does it matter? Do I have to answer that question?”

“No, you don’t have to. I was just wondering.”

She finds it strange. The question didn’t make sense to her.

Their fifth date is when he tells her he is falling in love. She doesn’t feel the same.

“And why not?” he demands

“We hardly know each other”

“Are you interested in someone else? Is that the problem?” he says, raising his voice

“Yes, there is someone else. I can’t love you when I’m in love with myself.”

She walks away with a satisfied grin on her face. The signs were there all along, it takes five dates for her to see his true colors.
Poof, be gone!


Kai C. said...

is this a part of novel? sounds really good!

the poem is beautiful too...

& happy friday!

getzapped said...

Girl, you floor me! Yes, we tend to miss the signs until we are hit with them (well, almost). This is something we need to be alert to, and I hope you find one that doesn't have a period at the end.

I love how you wove this together.

Peace and have a great weekend!


The image is beautiful! I love the pretend-like state of the poem -- yet the realization of gripping reality.

Thanks for visting my blog! Please, do come again...

:) ep

cosmic clown said...

hey lyrically yours,
nice to come to ur page after a long time....beautiful works all over...beyond words to ur works.....i would like to add u on my link........keep smiling.....

Libra Moon said...

Way to Walk Girlfriend!!!

Libra Moon

Rethabile said...

It's cool. I dig. Keep writing, sis. BTW, I haven't a copy of the Essence in Paris, but I'll keep looking. My last resort is to check the American Library in Paris. they'll have it there, I'm sure.

Capucine C said...

Oh my goodness, wow... I have been in that situation before. I love how you write it was like reliving a experience all over again. Thank for stopping by my blog. If you don't mind I am going to add yours to my favorite blogs list

Hassan said...

Damn you for that!

That means either I've been on either side... or expirenced it from both sides.

I love it.

Ananda said...

thanks cathy for stopping by. i love what you are doing with your work. keep writing. keep sharing. you are a tremendous inspiration. peace and love. happy spring. ananda

Borut said...

Something alluring about your blog. Black and white magic!?:)

constance said...

You are right LY! I love this one! Experienced this before too :D You know what...have you tried writing short series/scripts for TV or something? I'm still thinking of what you've written before (3 episodes). Oh and I forgot to ask you in my previous comment....when will we all see your own new painting? :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Kai: Thanks, yes, it is part of a short story i'm working on and I think i'll keep it interesting by posting a short one on Fridays

Getzapped: You're right, most of us ignore the signs, we get lost in the moment

Eating poetry: Your poems are beautiful, i'll be coming back for more inspiration

Cosmic: It's wonderful to see you back here, miss your presence

Miss Libra Moon: Thank you, it takes courage to walk away

Rethabile: Merci, I really thought Paris would have Essence Magazine, oh well, I guess I'll have to save you a copy :)A bientot mon ami

Hassan: Thanks for the visit, nice to see you here visiting my humble home

Ananda: You are welcome, always a pleasure to stop by your world

Borut: Thank you, please come again

Constance: I know, i've been slacking on painting, but I will make up for it very soon...thanks for the encouragement

Thami Mhlanga said...

Wow...that was beautiful

Copasetic Soul said...

im so diggin the poem...

i like visiting your page!

Epsilonicus said...

You always find the most beautiful paintings and picutres! How do you do that?? Where do you get them from???

Lyrically speaking said...

Thami: Thank you

Sir Copasetic: the feeling is mutual :)

Epsilonicus: Wow, I haven't seen you in a while, hope all is well. I usually google search all the art work you see posted, it's not hard to find out once it grabs your attention

Blu Jewel said...

there are so many reasons why i love this post, but i'll try to limit them to a few. 1) i have a ten minute takes 10 mins to know that someone is attractive and there's a vibe, but after that you have to be able to back it up or i'm out. 2) women need to stop ignoring the signs that he's Mr. Wrong just because he's syrupy sweet. the line about "who did you have lunch with" would certainly have been the deal breaker for me. 3) life is too short to waste on a possibility.

thanks for this great post.

fallen angel said...

ok, i admit, i can't concentrate because that "in my mind" song is SERIOUSLY speaking to me right now. excuse me, i have to make a phone call...

joey said...

i love your flavor! sometimes i can just see you, sittin in our venue, chillin with the poets...vibin'

Lyrically speaking said...

Blu Jewel: You are welcomed, I do have friends who still remain with possessive, insecure men. I see the signs and I bounce, I can't stay simply based on his good looks,it's not enough for me. Many are also desperate which is sad.

Fallen Angel: Lol, I will be changing that video soon, I just love the's meaningful, a great surrender

Joey: and you're free to join me in that poetic vibe with other poets :)

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

just found u, the haircut is adorable..I felt the same way when I cut mine last of heart ache and pain. it takes me 2 dates...if I'm lucky! great read..will be back for more.

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Gemini, I thank you for the visit, it takes you 2 dates? sometimes it takes me 2 but most of the time on the 3rd date or 4th is when I start seeing the signs often not at all good, thanks so much for stopping by, come back again

Shelle said...

yeah yeah i'm feeling cool breezes on a hot summer's day...

Bygbaby said...

I can imagine homegirl walking away with him looking like a fool.

I have several female friends & this story is soooo familiar. My thing is, when yo' man starts to flip the jealous/possessive script, it's time to bounce out.