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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It is time for a change and today
I am a woman spellbound with confidence
My literature stems from a spirit in search of freedom
In search of this meaning of contentment
Loving my habits without distinctions
The enrolled years of pain have evaporated
My follicles sing a petition
I'm at peace
I am granted security at last
(c)3/2007 by Cathy Delaleu

Today my Gratitude is short, very, very short :) and I must say it's worth it...

I'm grateful for:

* Marvin, my hairdresser whom I gave the green light to chop all my hair last night. "I'm cutting off your stress," he said to me yesterday and it felt like he was cutting off many years of heartache and pain. I feel and look different.

* Spring in the air, flowers blooming in every color

* Veggie egg-white omelette: lil bit of cheese, red peppers, scallions, mushrooms and a lil bit of hot sauce

* Jerk chicken soup, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, that was my lunch for today and it quickly warmed me up inside

* Cracker Jack, that was my snack and it's one of my favorites :)

* Sweet Butter body mousse I bought from Quench Essentials, it caresses the skin with sweetness and it smells heavenly. This vendor is a talented blogger, I suggest you all to check out his website


Harlem Purl said...

I had that soup too and it truly did hit the spot:)

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Purl, you know after I ate the soup I was still feeling hungry so I had to snack on my Cracker Jack :)

mermaid said...

I love the last line. At last! Security only comes from within.

joey said...

pics! we want pics!

Harlem Purl said...

Those pictures don't do your new do any justice. I cannot say how much I luv the new look!

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Purl, thank you, you know I wanted him to cut more but he said it wouldn't look right. I am loving my new do, I feel so freeeeeeeeeeeeee

Layla said...

WOW! This is the first time I have visited and you are stunning with your new hair style! You looked great before but the focus was your beautiful hair, now the focus is your beautiful face.

I like your blog, will be back to visit.

Lyrically speaking said...

Mermaid: Thanks, hope you come back again to see the new me :)

Joey: pics are at your service

Layla: Welcome and enjoy your stay, thanks for visit and come back again

Hassan said...

I enjoy now seeing your cheekbones, for they now overtake the attention your tresses captured.

Shai said...

I never heard of Jerk Chicken Soup. Freedom, work it.

Bygbaby said...

first, you new look is very becoming & it makes your eyes really stand out!

Second that soup sounds awesome, I think my baby's momma (LOL) would kill for some of that.

Third, thanks for the love & Quench Essentials is the bomb if I say so myself so I hope to have you addicted before your jars are empty


Thami Mhlanga said...

Love your new look, African sisters are getting lovelier by the day or is it just my illusions

Libra Moon said...

Miss Dela... LOVIN' the facial features your new doo has exposed!... WOWee!!! Way to de-stress!

Your poem is fitting to my emotional side today. The past two weeks have been very hard... I have spent more time beating myself up than Loving me. My funk was due to finances (that I did not have) and have spent almost 2 weeks in solitude Meditating, Visualizing, in Ritual, Chanting, and Sharing Gratitude while declaring my Desires to my Higher Self. At one point I kissed all of my apartment walls in appreciation of what I have and intend to keep. Another moment had me verbally screaming to the Universe my intended Desires.

"By March 21st I WILL HAVE $10,000.00 enabling me to keep what I have in my Life and help my business in getting it to where I need it to be!!!"

... and then I let it all go and pulled myself from under my weighted chains, walking and talking tall.


Yesterday was March 21st and I recieved a phone call... I not only was Gifted with my Desire as requested, but was Gifted with MORE THAN double of my intention with MORE to come!


It is time for a change and today
I am a woman spellbound with confidence
My literature stems from a spirit in search of freedom
In search of this meaning of contentment
Loving my habits without distinctions
The enrolled years of pain have evaporated
My follicles sing a petition
I'm at peace
I am granted security at last

... these words have become a new Mantra in My World and will be added to my morning Rituals of staying on top of my Higher Self.

THANK YOU for Sharing Miss Dela!!!!!!!!...
Libra Moon

(This comment has just become my next post...)

joey said...

it's lovely sister!

thank you for the comments. Korim, the poet that performed "Spoken To" is my son! So double-thanks on that comment!

Lyrically speaking said...

Hassan: thank you, I also didn't notice my cheekbones with all that hair, now I do and I love it

Shai: Believe me you'll get hooked,the flavor is intense and it's perfect if you want something light to eat

Bygbaby: I must say thank you again for Quench Essentials, i'm using my sweet butter cream every day

Thami: Thank you, nope not an illusion :)

Miss Libra Moon: Wow, what can I say? You're a strong woman, keeping your head up high and not allowing any negativity to get in your way, you've faced your demons and now you're shining. I am delighted to know that my poem has been sort of therapeutic, bringing you tranquility which i'm sure we all seek. Thank you for the kind words, I hope you're feeling much better

Joey: Your son is very talented, thanks for sharing

Stephen Bess said...

Look at you1 You have such a beautiful face. No more hair to hide that natural beauty. This is why I like my wife's hair short. I love it! It helps you don't have a big ol' head. :)
By the way, I did see the poem in Essence. It's beautiful! I showed it to my wife and she felt it too. Enjoy your day. Peace~

getzapped said...

Absolutely beautiful! The new look really shows your face, the splendid lines and your nice smile and eyes. I cut my hair almost a year ago (above the shoulders) after having really long hair most of my adult life. And like you said, it is a big release, a letting go of the past and opening up. Way to go! Your poem is very inspiring. I'm in the process of a breakup (which is painful) but, also freeing. Your poem is great reminder to let the past evaporate and walk with the new. Thanks!

Kai C. said...

u look so pretty!


Fabrizio said...

They say that cutting hair for women means a radical cut in life.

New boyfriend? :-D

Anyway, you look great



Honey-Libra said...

Love the list and the HAIR is HOOOOTTTTT. It's so cute you make me miss my long hair something I might go back to if the locs ever leave lol

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

I'll say it again, the cut is HOT...peace is within..took me a long time to find it and when it escapes me or I lose it I forget where to look sometimes...

cosmic clown said...

hey Lyrically speaking....nice lines and thoughts more thing.....even i chopped off my hair for a change...infact one feels off burden a bit....:-)....Infact u should get back to ur painting.....they are magical....dreamy...n surreal.....leaving with a smile......:-D

omohemi Benson said...

Love your short cut,
Pretty picture.


Nice pics, I must admit...

Lyrically speaking said...

Mr. Bess: Thank you, so you enjoyed the poem with your wife,'s funny that you don't mind short hair, I encounter too many men who are only attracted to women with long hair

Getzapped: Thank you, very sweet, i'm sorry to hear about your breakup but I think you'll bounce right back

Miss Kai: Thanks

Fabrizio: Cutting my hair was a choice I made without a man in the picture :)I am looking so if you do have some single Italian friends let them know

Honey-Libra: Thank you :)

Gemini Girl: Thank you, I do feel at peace and the freedom is singing in my pores

Cosmic Clown: You should share pics with us of your short hair, now i'm curious, thanks for the visit

Omohemi: Thanks for stopping by, come back again, nice to have stumbled upon your blog

Slump Facade: I haven't seen you here in so long, it's really wonderful to feel your presence in my home, come again

Shelle said...

"i'm cutting off your stress..." i must admit this cut is HOT STUFF do look so beautiful!

Lyrically speaking said...

Thank you Shelle, I feel so wonderfully made up with this cut, no regrets :)

Blu Jewel said...

i love your haircut. sometimes i wish i had short hair so it would be less for me to maintain. you are beautiful and it radiates from deep within you.

fallen angel said...



Lyrically speaking said...

Blu Jewel: thank you, I think you should try it, you might fall in love and never look back

Fallen Angel: thank you, you have me blushing here :)

urban butterfly said...

Wow, Ms. Delaleau!! I mean WOW!!! Your hair cut looks soooooo good on you!! It really fits your face and accentuates your features! You look so radiant and beautiful! I love this look on you!