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Friday, March 23, 2007


I was bored out of my mind, sitting at home watching TV on a Friday night.
I could have gone to this party where my brother was dj'ing but I wasn't in the mood to be around a lot of people. I get an unexpected phone call from Clint, this guy from around the neighborhood. It was nice to hear his sexy Jamaican voice.

"What are you doing?" he asked

"Nothing, just watching TV."

"Let's watch a movie together, wanna come over?"

"Sure." I was flattered, he had never invited me over and I couldn't wait to spend time with him.

It took me ten minutes to get to his apartment. Well, it wasn't exactly his place, he had a room at his mother's. He opened the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek and I followed him to the bedroom. It was a small room, the queen-sized bed took most of the space. The TV on top of a dresser was facing the bed. I sat down, pretending to look at the screen, but my mind was elsewhere. Clint made me feel comfortable by massaging my shoulders and kissing me on the neck.

"What movie do you have?" I asked.

"Tell me what you're in the mood for," he said.

That was easy. I turned around to look at him with desire. He knew. Clint leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Are you sure?" he asked

We created our own screenplay that night and I walked back home in a daze. That week I couldn't wait to see Clint again. I was calling him almost every night but he was never home. It wasn't until I bumped into one of his friends that I found out some news.

"Yo, you can't catch feelings for Clint, he's a good guy but has too much drama. He just got out of prison for selling drugs, unless you don't care about that," his friend said to me.

I was devastated.

The following week, Clint was the one calling me like crazy. I avoided all his phone calls knowing too well I didn't want to be with someone who has a track record.

Six years went by, i'm at a poetry spot in Brooklyn when I noticed this good looking brother staring at me, at first I didn't recognize him, then I remembered those lips.
He approached me and shook my hand.

"Would you like to catch a movie?" he said amusingly.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Clint, my goodness, what are you doing here?" I asked

"I always wondered about you. I heard about your book and poetry, so here I am. How come you never returned my phone calls?"

I shrugged. "No reason. I had a lot going on back then." I kept the conversation brief then walked away. My girlfriend who was there pulled me to the side.

"Damn, do you know who he is?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah, an ex-con," I mumbled.

She shook her head. "Girl, he cleaned up his act years ago and is doing very well for himself. He got his own accounting business and he got money."

I glanced back at Clint who was busy chatting with two other ladies. He caught me staring and his generous smile melted my heart.

I walked away not accepting his offer for another movie. Sometimes it's best not to recreate a blockbuster film especially when the romantic trailer is a classic release.

Was it a mistake to walk away? Too late for me to wonder.

by Cathy Delaleu
Art work by Teresa Brazen


Miz JJ said...

Clint sounds sexy. I like this story.

writerwoman said...

Great story. I can't believe she walked away though- wow!

Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

Girl...I am not sure about all that walking away...let a classic intro become a classic full length novel...

Love and Blessings...


omohemi Benson said...

If her walking away was a mistake,
She'll never know.

Thanks for stopping by.

getzapped said...

Captivating! I've gone back and regretted it...who's to say? Have a great weekend.

Fabrizio said...

NO no no. Always ready to shoot sequels if there's a good... ehm... screenplay!

Look at James Bond! lol


It was a movie.
Maybe could be good doing a film!

Anyway, great story!!!

Simply Gorgeous said...

I think you did the right thing. Whatever the reason that made you not pursue him is probably the same reason that you don't want him now. It is good to have standards. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to blogsville!

Kai C. said...

do u have more stories like that? i really enjoy it...
have a wonderful weekend!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...
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Gemini Girl aka GG said...

yes a mistake and not too late...its the rocks that take years to have the dirt brushed off them that are the most interesting...

LittleGirlLost said...

If he's worth it that won't be the last you see or hear of him.
Nice Blog by the way.

Jaycee said...

Your blog is really artistic and I'm luving it...(saw ur comment on my medical blog)...

Jaycee said...

Infact I just added u to my ever increasing lists (trying to keep track of all blogs I have a slight interest in)...

Have a blessed weekend!!!

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

"Sometimes it's best not to recreate a blockbuster film especially when the romantic trailer is a classic release."

those words are so true. its always good to know when to let go

The Professor said...

Hmmm, nostalgia...

Thami Mhlanga said...

You are making me consider writing short stories, but I seem not to have time...anyway lovely story and would love to read more of that

blessings be

Lyrically speaking said...

Miz JJ: Clint is a heartbreaker, lol, a danger to society

Writerwoman: Yep, she walked away although he's fine as hell

Ramblings: You have me cracking up, thanks for stopping you wouldn't walk away, huh?

Omohemi: You're right, she'll never know what it would be like, but she made her decision not wanting to waste any time

Getzapped: Going back could be a mistake, I've done the same and it never works out the way you imagine it

Fabrizio: Thank you...James Bond is a definite classic that can't be reproduced especially if you have sexy Sean Connery in the picture :)

Simply Gorgeous: thank you

Kai: Yes, I do have more stories like that, I am posting them every Friday for your viewing pleasure

Miss Gemini: Mistakes are sometimes blessings in disguise

Littlegirllost: thank you for the visit, come again. Your prediction could come true :)

Jaycee: so sweet of you, thanks for the add

Professor: Thank you, i'm trying to follow your footsteps, you're a genius with your short stories

Thami: I would love to read your short stories, do share, can't wait :)

Blu Jewel said...

love this! i love stories that are reality based as this one is. life is very much like this and you presented it very well. i think walking away was bittersweet.

Lyrically speaking said...

Blu Jewel: Yes, I think walking away was the right's best to keep it moving

Jac said...

It is the nick of the moment of decision that matters. If you take a decision, stick with it.

It may be your sixth sense that helped you to take that decision.

Bygbaby said...

Baby, Clint sounds like a hoeish hot mess. A leopard rarely if ever changes his spots.

Walking away & and not looking back is a good way to avoid heartache & VD from a bother with a "track record".