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Friday, March 30, 2007


He has me spinning with lust and perhaps the L word. It’s going on three weeks and I am floating with clouds transporting me to this sweet, wonderful world where I am all his. I am daydreaming again at work in front of my computer, this cheesy grin on my face won’t go away. Yeah last night was our hot series of bump and grind. He had me at hello, hello, HELLLLLLO

It’s 10:30 am; I wish the day would end quickly so I can see him later tonight. He is in my thoughts. My phone rings and I’m thinking it must be him.


“Hello, is this Katy?” a woman’s voice asked

“Yes, it’s she.”

She says, “This is Julie, you don’t know me…I heard the voicemail message you left in Greg's cell phone.”


She starts crying profusely. “I am his fiancée your number showed up in his cell phone.”

“Excuse me, fiancée?”

“Didn’t you know? Didn’t he tell you he has a woman?”

“No, he told me he’s divorced with two kids.”

“He divorced his wife two years ago in order to be with me.”

I am totally stunned by the revelation. My insides are boiling with anger and disappointment.

I say, “Look, I’m sorry to hear…”

She interrupts, “Did you sleep with him?”

I reply, “You need to talk to him, I have nothing to say to you.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore, I’m packing my shit and getting out of here. You can have him all you want.”

“I don’t want him. If I had known about you I wouldn’t have bothered, he lied to me so why would I want to be with such bastard?”

Julie barks, “He’s not going to find me here when he gets home…I don’t care what you do with him.”

I repeat calmly, “Julie, I don’t want him.”

After she hangs up on me, my phone rings again and it’s Greg apologizing and asking if Julie called.

I say, “It's over, I have nothing to say to you.”

“Katy, look, I’m sorry. I had no idea she was snooping...”

I raise my voice, “Snooping? She’s your fiancée, she has the right to snoop.”

“I still care about you.”

I hang up, he calls me again, blasting my phone but I don’t answer.

I am so disgusted.

My desk at work feels like a war zone, I want to run and lock myself in the bathroom and cry, instead I decide to write a poem dedicated to love, pain and anger.

My boss stops by my desk, “Are you okay?” she asks, noticing the tears

“Yes, just a case of heartburn.”

3/2007 by Cathy Delaleu
Art work by Teresa Brazen


Ali's Zay said...

Oh man...


M'ap rele-ou aswè-a. I promise.

Kai C. said...


men stinks sometimes!

u got more short clicks?
i am really enjoying your short stories...

happy friday!
have a great weekend!

Soldier said...

One of those moments when you feel like your life is on pause and you wonder what's going on.

When it happens in public, it might feel worse but it's actually better because you can't let yourself go too much so it prevents you from doing crazy things

but it HURTS !!!!

Stephen Bess said...

Wow! It makes me sad to hear of someone being so selfish and insensitive. Somebody is praying for you. It could gone longer and the pain could've been greater. I wish you peace sister. Bless you.

Stephen Bess said...

...the poem was beautiful and sad.

Melanie said...

this is a wonderful piece!

cosmic clown said...

oh lyrically urs u touched my heart....infact very true feeling and this kind of persons should be hammered....
Your painting is awesome....:D

ijeoma obu iheoma said...


Lyrically speaking said...

Mr. Ali's Zay: I have to get used to your new name, or i'll just keep it at Xavier...tu dois m'appeler, qu'est ce qui ce passe dans ta vie?

Miss Kai: Some men stinks, not all, yes I have more short clicks which I share only on Fridays so come back for more, have a good weekend

Soldier: I know, it does feel that way especially when someone do you wrong and all you want to do is crawl into a dark hole and not come out

Mr. Bess: Thank you, but you learn from those experiences that makes you a stronger person down the line. You can either be bitter for life or take it as a lesson and move on

Melanie: Thank you and come back again

Cosmic: This kind of story i'm sure happens often out there with women dealing with jerks...some don't realize they're jerks but most wake up out of the clouds and get out of the situation quickly

Ijeoma: Thanks for the visit

Chameleon said...

jeez... thats tough.
great piece.
is this about you? no?
love it tho.

JohnB said...

What a one to read as it is being my first visit here! My brain pictured this heavenly celestial body floating merrily along only to become a hot burning and plummeting meteor...well done, you had me totally captured.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

UGHHHHHHHHHH is alls I can say...having a totally perfect day then one phone call can screw it up royally...i've had this conversation with the other woman almost verbatum! get out of my head girl!

Lyrically speaking said...

Chameleon: Good girls don't tell :)

Johnb: thanks, i'm glad you stopped by

Miss Gemini: yeah, can you imagine? the day was totally ruined from that phone call

Thami Mhlanga said...

It seems as if man are never really satisfied...most of the time what they have is the best they can get but too blind to see it

Tańtruм said...

Wow! The poem was beautiful! I hate that you had to go through that, but I am happy you chose to be postive about it. You are so right, it will make you stronger. Tears don't compromise your strength.

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Jac said...

Dunno what to say.

Royce's Daughter said...

I haven't been here in a while...but was on GG's blog and lead me here. Glad it did, your work is awesome!!! Adding you to my blog roll...hope you don't mind!


Anonymous said...

Damn. Those are times when it seems the world stops and just falls apart. Keep your head up.

jali said...

Karma is real - he'll get his.

Lyrically speaking said...

Thami: You said it, no need to elaborate

Tantrum: It happens to the best of us and only make us stronger

Royce: Wonderful to see you here, I will also make the effort to visit your home

Epsi: Thanks, it feels like the world comes to an end but of course it doesn't at all unless you allow it

Jali: I do believe what goes around comes around

Dancewithme2 said...

Dayum - thats deep. "HEARTBURN" - can't decribe that type of beartbreak any better than that. Loved it.

Lyrically speaking said...

Dancewithme2: thank you, the good thing about heartburn is that it goes away eventually

K.O. Johnson said...

This is a powerful piece. Just know that ill behavior definitely isn't limited to men. There are some sistas living foul as well. Whatever the case, the truth always come to light. It may hurt like hell, but I have to believe that "this too shall pass.". And when this brothers heart mends, I'm loving me the hell outta somebody special and deserving of my love. Thanks for sharing Lyrically!

FA said...

Bonjour ma chère amie,

Contemplation divine
Regard parlant
Que cette déesse latine
Au physique touchant
Lui parlant...

Avec mon admiration, je tire ma révérence en t'adressant d'affectueux bisous.

Afrik said...

I dnt know what pleasure pple, espcially men have in two timing? U got a fiancee or wife, nd yet to still wanna fling around. I heard similar stories like dat too,but it's just so sad.