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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


You peer into my soul to find secrets
Your baritone voice is silky with mystery
Confusion keeps me prisoner in bed
You beg this tender body to share intimacy
Where the 3rd floor quakes an x-rated warning
I walk up to the valley of danger
You wait with euphemism in your eyes

Anxious to plunge into my world region
Darkness is a black porch
Your face and body fans a desirable flame
Gentle ness guide my hands to your hardness
You say, “Don’t be afraid of what’s natural”
But nothing is familiar
In the way you pull off my skirt
I am sprawled in your bed
You hold me like a five-year old
Caress my hair with your chin
Encourage me to touch your throbbing
A mosque with range frequencies
6 years later at 13
I am lost with broken journals
In blood soaked tears
My limbs are backwards
Skirt is upside down
I can’t stop the recollections
And Daddy is not here to shake them away
He can’t hear my nightmares
the surfaces where you scratched
your name
© 3/2007 C. Delaleu
Art by Ileana Frometa Grillo


· Thanks to HIM the weather sheds no tears only rays of sun
· The new I-pod I bought for myself, FINALLY up to date with technology
· Everything bagel with cream cheese was my hefty but satisfying breakfast
· “Weary” song from soulful Amel Larrieux that continuously plays in my head “if I could trust someone to have my back and never do me wrong, then I would give my love…”
· Lorraine who took the time to read in 2 days- 120 pages of my latest manuscript and giving great feedback
· Courage allowing me to peek at the past without any display of hatred or anger


getzapped said...

This poem is so powerful, it will take time to digest. It saddens me deeply to know this happens to many young people, only to carry that fear throughout their lives, scarred and scared to let love in or, it enters in perverted ways, twisting us up even more....

Have fun with your new iPod ;)

Lyrically speaking said...

Getzapped: Thank you, it's really not a subject I enjoy bringing up since this poem is based on my own personal experience but I felt compelled to do so.

I am having fun with my iPod, it holds 2000 songs so you can imagine, so far i've downloaded 40 tunes

mist1 said...

I am lost with broken journals too.

Soldier said...

Il faut becaucoup de courage pour non seulement penser a ce genre de souvenirs, ensuite décider de les écrire, et en plus les publier sur un blog...
But it helps in the process of letting go, its a step of the therapy.

Bagel with cream cheeeese, yes !!! C'est mon petit déjeuner à moi aussi, i even spoke about it in my last entry, we're in sync :-)

Kai C. said...

you got yourself an I-pod?now you have become
like me!

beautiful poem as always!

Miz JJ said...

Beautiful poem. Made me feel such anger. I want so much to protect the girl in the story. That brought up a lot of emotion for me.

Congrats on the iPod. I love mine!

Lyrically speaking said...

Mist1: Thanks for the visit, most writers tend to be lost in translation

Soldier: Merci, c'etait necessair. It was necessary to write this for my own sanity

Kai: Yes, i'm a fanatic, i can't wait to go home and download more music

Mizjj: Let go of the anger as I have done so myself that's when the healing process starts

Harlem Purl said...

Wow. What an emotional poem. Your thoughts are so vivid.

Bout time you got an ipod. Took you long enough (lol)

getzapped said...

Yes, my memories are deeply buried, yet still haunting. Healing love for all those wounded...

Geez, 2000 songs!


"In blood soaked tears
My limbs are backwards
Skirt is upside down
I can’t stop the recollections
And Daddy is not here to shake them away
He can’t hear my nightmares
the surfaces where you scratched
your name,"

I absolutely love it!!!!

mermaid said...

'Courage allowing me to peek at the past without any display of hatred or anger'

I see an invisible line linking this to that poem. The woman is full of forgiveness and hugs the child who could not protect herself.

cosmic clown said...

Very touching.....infact one doesnt know how to react....hope it is personal to u.....very softly expressed.......touching i would say one more time......The painting is awesome and speaks for itself........Lyrically yours....I am speechless......

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

simply powerful and personal I couldn't finish reading it the first time had to come back to this..makes my heart ache..

jali said...

I love your work! I'll keep reading.

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Purl: Thanks for the visit, I know it's about time, i'm addicted to this iPod. I downloaded more music yesterday

Getzapped: Believe me 2000 songs are not enough :)

Slum Facade: Thank you

Mermaid: You describe the painting so perfectly

Cosmic Clown: Thanks for appreciating this piece

Miss Gemini: I know this is a bit sad but I felt a little better after I wrote it

Jali: Great to see you here, come back again and thank you

Kai C. said...

are you still having fun with your new I-POD?:-D

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Kai: My iPod is a valuable possession, can't leave home without it, i've downloaded about 20 songs last night...i'll list some of them next week :) thanks for asking

Blue Athena said...

Very nice! Great clarity of thought. :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Blue Athena: Thank you, come again

omohemi Benson said...

love the poem,but am more in love with the picture or is it a painting?

Lyrically speaking said...

Omohemi: It's a painting, wish I could paint like that but i'm practicing my craft, thanks for stopping by