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Sunday, June 17, 2007


You bathe me in a pool of rose petals
lather my skin
With shea and mango
Restoring my broken heart
You reach down
Dry me with your tongue from head to toe
your minty breath on my cheek
You whisper like a kiss promising you’ll never make me cry
Take me in your arms
Covering me against the night chill
Stunning and effective
This power of being sexy in your eyes
A delightful surprise when your luscious tongue pays a visit down my throat
And I sigh
We make love under the peppered stars and moonlight
As I weep a sweet lullaby
My skin is fortified with your love
natural radiance I now glow like a sunrise
No more tears of casualty
Your love smooth like kallaloo
Stroking face, hands and breasts with your essence
It vibrates in my heart
A beginning with no end
I savor you my love…
You are to me more than just a friend
(art and poem by C. Delaleu)

Happy Sunday to you all! In case you haven't noticed, I now have an art blog where I will display all my paintings and drawings, please stop on by to see what's new in my Loose & Juicy Art world.


Rethabile said...

Yeah, you're definitely back...

Fabrizio said...

...Well... ehm... hallo? Yes, I'm calling to BOOK some peppered nights. Yeah, it's for me and my girlfriend...

...August... Yes, we'll be on holiday...

(Do you think i can still find some for my summer???)



Anonymous said...

you do take me there Ms. D., visually and mentally.

Anonymous said...

I wish if i can share my art reserch portal with you.

IJEOMA said...

you are really talented.. you should do something with this..

mermaid said...

It's amazing how a lover can make you feel so beautiful, isn't it? So beautiful, that you can write about it as if it were your 1st time touching the world with you in it.

Ty said...

Love ya and your writings. Glad to have checked out your blog again and glad to see you painting. Live Your Dream.

laserone said...

I really like this. :) Very nice.

Lyrically speaking said...

Rethabile: Being back is a wonderful feeling

Fabrizio:LOL, peppered nights, I like the sound of it

Sojourner: That's my purpose, to take you there...

Saturn: thanks for the visit

Ijeoma: Thank you

Mermaid: Love makes you loose in a sweet, crazy sort of way

Ty: It is great to see you back in blog world, we missed you and I will keep in touch more often

Laserone: Thanks, come back again for more

natural muze said...

you are very talented. i love this...doesn't poetry just make you feel like sunshine inside?

:) Silvia said...

Cathy your poems are absolutely beautiful.

Mizrepresent said...

Wonderful, sweet, and sexy.

Blu Jewel said...

what a simply divine poem. love au natural

Deb said...

That was so beautiful - "the power of being sexy in your arms" - sigh...

MysTery said...

Aww. Nice poem. :)