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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I know i'm a day late with my gratitude which is way overdue, it will be shared next Wednesday.

I've provided dinner pics for your viewing pleasure, last night I was starving and wondering what I should eat. I wanted a little dose of Italy in my food, lol. I went to the market and got myself a pack of gnocchi. Back in 2003, I was introduced to gnocchi when I visited my girlfriend in Venice, Italy. She made the potato dumplings with salted fish over some white sauce, it was heavenly. What I admired most about Italians over there is how they're able to control their food portions, they don't overeat like us Americans. Anywho, after boiling the gnocchi, it was ready in less than 5 minutes:

1. Add olive oil (I love this organic olive oil here)
2. Add Cilantro and onions
3. Add 21 Salute seasoning (you can purchase at any Trader Joe's)
4. Add Prego sauce or my own favorite Amy's Marinara sauce then I added my 21 salute seasoning shown here, it's flavorful with 21 different seasonings...
Voila! Dinner is served with salmon. I cooked the salmon separate and to give the salmon a BANG, I add spoonfuls of Sofrito, garlic, onions in olive oil, ummmmmmmmmmmm. Who can resist such a dish? If you've had gnocchi before, please share your recipes here, let me know how you cook it and with what meat or vegetables.

If you've never had gnocchi, simply share with us your favorite dish for dinner :) I'm curious to know what's in your plate.


Soldier said...

Gnocchi + Roasted Veal + White wine sauce + a side of Vegetables, all in controlled portions / a glass of wine
Heaven !

I'm in Nyc very soon, we HAVE to go out to dinner

IJEOMA said...

interesting.. have to try that out

Rethabile said...

I shouldn't have visited your blog now. I'm starving, and it's the most painful thing to contemplate good food on an empty stomach...

Lyrically speaking said...

Soldier: Gnocchi with veal sounds soooooo good and the glass of wine, mon Dieu, c'est joi de vivre.
Let me know when you're in me

Ijeoma: Try it, you'll be hooked

Rethabile:Lol, good food, art and poetry, who can resist?

Keath007 said...

awwww man - I shouldn't have read this post so close to lunch time :)

My tuna fish sandwich looks pretty plain now ...

Writer on Board said...

You got food. You got poems. You got paintings. Sofrito, too? I love your house. And thank you.

Omar Ramon said...

looks delectable..i don't really have a favorite meal..i do love almost anything with mushrooms and i love crabmeat/ it out!! lol I love things with a doughy texture crepes, or past (ravioli,gnocchi,etc) pastry -type chicken pot pie-style casserole-y dishes...Dang I'm hungry. lol

portion control is soooo essential...i am in the proccess of reclaiming my self control in the eating department. binging is not cute. LOL

I just remembered...i still haven't gotten your book yet...we need to handle that.

Bygbaby said...

I love gnocchi but do not cook it. Your recipe looks dame good though!!! I cracked up at the Goya because we got Goya all up in our cabinets. LOL


Michelle said...

wow! looks heavenly!

fizzio brown said...

Gnocchi, I must try it, but oh wow, your dish looks mouthwatering!

Mizrepresent said...

Ummmm, that looks so good!

Fabrizio said...


This IS veeeeery important.

The original italian word is SOFFRITTO!
Not sofritto.

One more "F" and it's more tasty!

laserone said...

mmmm, that sounds so good. I always get hungry late at night, now I'm hungry again! :) :)

The Brown Blogger said...

did you save me some?

Stephen Bess said...

I'm still giggling about Fabrizio's comment. "One mor F..." That's cool. This sounds and looks delicious. I love fish. Period. I'll bet this tasted good. Cathy, you can burn, huh? :)

Lyrically speaking said...

Keath007:Tuna fish can still be tasty, add some tabasco sauce and a little cayenne pepper to give it a kick

Writer On Board: You know I have to show warm hospitality, what is a home without food, drinks, art and poetry?

Omar: Wow, you gave a long list, you made me hungry, especially with the ravioli and chicken pot pie. Can you make it to the Harlem Book Fair? I'll be there selling my books and paintings

Bygbaby: I love me some Goya too, I have a lot of their products in my cabinet, I can open a Goya store, lol. I also love their yellow rice.

Michelle: Thank you :)

Fizzio: Please do try it, you'll love the taste

Misrepresent: Thank you, it tasted good

Fabrizio: I really thought Sofrito was a Spanish word, I guess I was wrong, lol, on the bottle it's spelled with one F :) it must be the American version

Laserone: Control yourself, eating late night snacks is dangerous

Brown Blogger: thanks for stopping by. Sorry, can't send any food via blognet :)

Mr. Bess: Yes, I can burn...I try my best not to eat out, love my home cooking

get zapped said...

You've got me hooked and I haven't even tasted it! I will make this sometime. Thanks! Looking forward to your gratitude list next week.