Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Thursday, July 26, 2007

He comes undone
Fully naked with tinted muscles
Lips drip lustful lyrics
I watch
Hungry to strangle him to death
Until his nightmares become orgasmic lullabies
A buttered smile caresses my thighs
I act surprise
Submitting to this copy of erotic poetry
He gives me his fingers to play with
I dip them in rum punch
His flesh tastes like peach
We light a candle under a blue tent made of coconut shells
Racing time with our ageless kiss
I tell him I want to love you like Harlem love Manhattan
Love like pregnant rain in the spring
With a flooded vagina spilling over the Brooklyn Bridge
Shut down traffic while my screams fly us to Greece
Where a blue moon licks warm waters
Love like slow dance and cheesecake
Love like pen and paper in acrylic colors on canvas
Like breakfast with a half-closed sun
Like moon under silk sheets
Glow like your star
Electrify senses...
Your senses like nightlight
You come fully naked
And I submit
To your guideline
©2007 Cathy Delaleu
Art by T&C Artwork

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend!!


Soldier said...

... You're beautiful ....

... in every single way ...

... really, you are ....


Dancewithme2 said...

Whoever did your hair - did a GREAT JOB!!!
How was the fair? I was waiting for an update. Hope you're feeling GREAT!!!
Have a wonderful and restfilled weekend.

Kai C. said...

beautiful, miss cathy

writerwoman said...

His flesh tastes like peach- that line is delectable.

Honey-Libra said...


I love the pic!

Kai C. said...

you have been nominated by me...the best Rockin' Girl Blogger. :)
check it out, kai's poetry

fallen angel said...

"Submitting to this copy of erotic poetry
He gives me his fingers to play with
I dip them in rum punch
His flesh tastes like peach..."

mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmph! sounds like i'm not the only one feeling...erotic lately...? ;-)

fuzzy said...

I love that song! you are beautiful as soldier has stated! You have stired up somethin within me just listening to it!

Lyrically speaking said...

Soldier: Merci pour le compliment, I'm flattered

Dancewithme: You're too sweet, yeah the hurrrrrrrr is fab thanks to the salon
I will update you on the fair, it was great

Kai: Thank you

Writerwoman: I know i've filled your mind with colorful images, lol

Honeylibra: thank you

Kai: I am flattered, I will stop by your page when I get a chance

Fallen Angel:Yep, I've got the Erotic Fever, lol

Fuzzy: Thank you...thanks so much, the song is one of my favorites from Brian

Blu Jewel said...


i fantasize for this.

love the art

Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks Blu Jewel, you need to stop by often ;)