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Friday, August 03, 2007

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone...well this week flew by too quickly. I haven't gotten a chance to relax, i've been a busy bee with painting and writing. I'm working on my 2nd poetry book which the goal is to have it published in spring 2008 and i've been keeping busy with my paintings. Tomorrow I head to Harlem to meet with this Haitian artist who owns a gallery. Hopefully, I can convince him to have my work displayed there :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, enjoy while it last.


If my garden is dry it’s because you didn’t finger it
You forgot to take a peek
To fill its soil with honey dust
Forgot to water me with delicate portions
Come back and bring with you the sun
Bring your fruit basket of goodies
The ones you hawk in the marketplace at the crack of dawn
Offer me your sugarcane the one you harvested throughout the year
I will savor the scent of mangos when you rub them on my breasts
And I will glow like the moon with papaya oil on my skin
Cheri, lick the chapters of my wrist where verses are revealed with your name
And the sheet of your tongue can travel down the pages of my palm
Where midnight treasures are kept always ready
To rub you
To knead you
To tap your tired soul into eternal rhythm
And open this silky paint box
Brush on and lick off
Where my body is yours, your caramel Afrodite
Give me reason to slow dance this troubadou
Tete-a-tete in this erotic connection
Where you tango with my tongue
I blossom into a siromiel linguist
English groans when you bite my neck
French moans when you part my lips
In Kreyol when you fill me completely
And make me shudder and cuddle me
Enhancing my bedroom with multicolor layers
Where I’m left in this kama sutra dome
Chosen as your protagonist
Gladly stretching thighs apart to offer you this zaboca already sliced
It is there to eat to your delight
So come here
Cover me with your cornmeal flesh
On your cot we can dream of our motherland
Whispering in my ears your poetic secrets to build me a home
For us to grow old on top of sebaceous mountains
Where our kids will run freely
I’ll look at you again with a thirsty heart
My corosol tears will tell you how much I love you
Rara bands will be out there chanting our folkloric song
© 2007 Cathy Delaleu
Excerpt from my poetry book Wrapping Thoughts Beneath Emotive Rain
Painting by Cathy Delaleu “No Interpretation”


Diane Duda said...

You asked about my angels. They are ebay this week.
Good luck with your gallery visit and your poetry.


Harlem Purl said...

I love the art. Very nice. You should stop by if you'll be in my hood. Give me a call on my cell, I should be home. Good luck.

iamnasra said...

Its wonderful to know that you are are going to be working on your second book

Kai C. said...

i can't wait on your 2nd book

Anonymous said...

I hope the painting gets shown in the gallery.

"To tap your tired soul into eternal rhythm" - My favorite line in the poem

Lyrically speaking said...

Diane Duda: Thank you, I will check it out on ebay

Harlem: Miss Purl thanks for the visit

Iamnasra: Yeah working on the book, lots of goals to accomplish :)

Kai: Thank you

Epsi: Wow, haven't seen you here in a while, nice to hear from you...I didn't get a chance to bring this painting to the gallery but it will be sold at my Art and Poetry event in September

Dancewithme2 said...

Loved the poem. It was, what I like to call, lightly sensual. I felt the delicateness of your words. Very nice.

Blu Jewel said...

i am happy to hear you're working on your second book. i am embarking on my own right now. i may reach out to you for guidance if you don't mind.

this is a wonderful poem and your artwork always makes me smile.

cosmic clown said...

Hey lovely Lyrically urs....lovely thoughts and lovely painting.....
keep on painting...and all the best for ur upcoming book too....:0)
Keep smiling....:)
be happy.....:D

Lyrically speaking said...

Dancewithme: Lightly sensual does best describe this piece, thank you

Blu Jewel: Anytime, don't hesitate to ask, i'm here to help

Cosmic Clown: Thank you, I will keep painting and writing, it keeps me at peace and grounded

Soldier said...

hey cathy,
did u receive my invitation in ur email ?
if not, read it fast !!!

i'm not reading this entry, i want my own copy of your book and i want it from your hands, not amazon lol

so saturday around 3-4pm you betta be available lol

Ali's Zay said...

I Know I’m so wrong
Pa fache avèm cheri
I been gone so long
Pa bezwin fè jaloozi
You were on my mind
M pap jam bliye-ou
You so sweet, so kind
Septam m’ap ave-ou

See how you inspire me? :-)

Ali's Zay said...

Your words, as always I'm like DAYUM! I love zaboka. I know I can't have that, but will I at least get to taste your cooking? I'm craving sauce creole right about now.

Lyrically speaking said...

Soldier, it is on for Saturday, thanks for the invite

Xavier: I forgive