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Monday, August 13, 2007

Why do we die in our sleep?
I died once wide awake at the sound of your voice
Awake with your heart on my chest
The earth rumbled
The way you justified your presence
My flesh as your common ground stammered
We became mathematic on chalkboard
Under a coconut tree that flag us a melody
We chased waterfall with our equation
Mentally yoked with an understanding
Accidentally we discovered
The summer’s grin without touch
© 2007 by C. Delaleu
"At Peace with Myself" painting by C. Delaleu

I miss blogging on a regular *sigh* :( it was so easy back then to jot down my thoughts on paper while riding the train to work then type away at my desk.

Life gets hectic and crazy sometimes, don't you agree? Delaleu is at a point where she writes down reminders to herself cause the hours fly and she's running after the minutes, hours and days.

Geeeshhh...slow down...I just got out of bed :) I get annoyed at how quickly the day ends, I wish I could stretch it out a bit. Is there a way to slow it down? Perhaps someone out there knows the i'm not looking at an easy way to stay young although it would be nice (pills/creams or surgery don't work). I would love to know an easier way to appreciate life a little better without rushing.

I hope my poems offers that kind of relief to other bloggers...this longing to relax with a cup of tea and poetry at your fingertips.


iamnasra said...

How I enjoyed reading your poem


david santos said...

I come to be thankful to you for the work that you have developed in yours blogue and to desire good vacations to you.

Ali's Zay said...

Dear Cathy,

I’ve read your words a hundred times but I can’t wait to see your lips move as you recite your verses. As many times as I’ve heard your voice I’ll be your most attentive listener as you emit eroticisms and gush sensuality. As much as I have felt your vibe, I can’t wait to touch you.



Girl your words flow as a gentle stream. I love it!! Very inspirational. You let the reader see the picture you portray in your words....

Thank you for sharing with us your heart.

IJEOMA said...

"We chased waterfall with our equation"

simply beautiful

Blu Jewel said...

oh my! what a sensual piece. i love it! i can feel the fluid energy with each line.

Mélanie said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me comments . It helps me to find you . I'm very happy that these pictures inspire you because you paint such beautiful things. I can not wait to see the result.
Mélanie xx

Lyrically speaking said...

iamnasra: Nasra, thank you and come back again

David: nice to see you here in my humble home

Xavier: yes, can't wait to also see you perform at next month's event

Aminah: Nothing but love for you...thank you

Ijeoma:thank you, miss reading your work

Melanie: You are truly an inspiration, i'll stop by again and again

Blu Jewel: thank you, come back again

cosmic clown said...

nice poem and thoughts Lyrically....:0)
and very true ...Wish we could all hold back Time for a while stretching at our will....keep on writing and sharing.......
all the best....:0)

Littlemilk said...

Don't worry about the rush Lyrik. Part of it is Amerika. Most of it is New York. Change the place and time in your mind . . . and feel it all slow down.

With much love.


fallen angel said...

"Why do we die in our sleep?
I died once wide awake at the sound of your voice
Awake with your heart on my chest
The earth rumbled
The way you justified your presence..."

DAG! how did i miss this?!?!?